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                                                 Number 51

                                 Questions set by Maya Davis


1. Fictionally, in 1963, who was Susan Foreman’s grandfather? 


2. A record set on Islay in 1923 was very publicly not broken in January 2016. What record and where exactly in the UK was it not broken?


3. What is measured on the Torino scale? 


4. Which opera by Monteverdi is based on works by the Roman historian Tacitus and the biographer Suetonius?


5. What name is given to the disorder whose sufferers believe that they are dead?


6. Which item of stationery is known in French as un trombone?


7. In 2016, who was immortalised in bronze without his duck, and where?


8. How did Ravenscar in North Yorkshire feature in the manufacture of textiles until 1871?


9. A psalm translated in 1567 by Archbishop Matthew Parker, set to music by Tallis, provided the theme for a string fantasy by Vaughan Williams.  What is the number of the psalm in a standard Old Testament and what number was the tune in Tallis’s settings?


10. Which disease is caused by the organism sometimes known as Hansen’s bacillus?


11. What opera connects Alexander Graham Bell and the French composer Poulenc?


12. The tree salix alba var ‘caerulea’ is traditionally used to manufacture what sporting items?


13. Where would you find Mordor Macula?


14. ‘Kettledrums’ in English, ‘timpani’ in a standard orchestral score – but what are they in German?


15. Which painter was the grand-daughter of Fragonard and the sister-in-law of Manet?


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