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                                           Mastermind Club Quiz
                                                    Number 44
                                    Questions set by Maya Davis
                                          Classical music quiz

1. What is the function of the right pedal on a normal upright piano?

2. Borodin, Cui and Rimsky-Korsakov are three of the Russian composers known collectively as the ‘Mighty Handful’. Name either of the other two.

3. Which actor wrote and starred in a play called Beethoven’s Tenth in which the recently dead Beethoven arrives in Heaven and discovers he’s regained his hearing?

4. What type of musical instrument is a ‘Father Willis’?

5. Which piece of 20th-century orchestral music is sometimes referred to as ‘Crescendo for orchestra’?

6. The overture to Rossini’s opera La Gazza Ladra is a popular opening work in classical concerts, possibly based on the source of a poem in R.H. Barham’s Ingoldsby Legends. What is the English translation of the opera’s title?

7. Apart from the National Anthem, for which piece of music has it become customary for a British concert audience to stand, following the (alleged) mistake of an English monarch?

8. To what note is the lowest string on a viola normally tuned?

9. What was the original title given by Beethoven to his only opera?

10. The tune to Hark, the Herald Angels Sing is adapted from a choral work by which composer?

11. Which popular 7-movement orchestral work by Gustav Holst ends with a wordless female-voice chorus gradually fading away?

12. Tom Lehrer wrote a song about a female composer associated with a number of prominent men, including the architect Walter Gropius, whom she married after the death of her first husband. Who was she and what was the name of that first husband?

13. What are known collectively as ‘The 48’?

14. Who composed the music used for the cartoon ballet featuring crocodiles, hippos and other animals in Disney’s Fantasia?

15. Which 20th century British composer, associated later in life with religious music, wrote a cantata called The Whale?

16. The French composer Erik Satie wrote a piece intended to be played over 24 hours by a relay of pianists. What is its title?

17. Samuel Barber’s Adagio for strings also exists in a choral version. What is the choral version called?

18. Which work by Brahms is based on the tunes of medieval student songs, including Gaudeamus igitur as its final theme?

19. Who founded the West-East Divan Orchestra?

20. ‘I am determined to die in the pub’ is a translation of the opening line in Latin of the final verse of a poem by the Archpoet of Cologne. In which work did Carl Orff set that verse – and a few others from the same poem - to music?

                                       Mastermind Club Quiz
                                                  Number 45
                                Questions set by John Savage

                                 A 1970's Music Quiz from John

1: Which No.1 Hit act featured a mother and son in the line up?

2: Which Opportunity Knocks winner had a hit with Mother Of Mine?

3: Who had a 1970 hit with Liquidator?

4: Brian Connolly, lead singer with Sweet, was half brother to which Scottish actor?

5: Which city did Michael Nesmith sing about in1977?

6: Which soup was in the title of a 1975 hit?

7: The shortest title of a No 1 hit reached the top during the decade. What was its name?

8: Which song was knocked off No.1 by a song whose title could be found in the previous song's lyrics?

9: Tam Paton managed which 70's mega band?

10: What was the last UK No1 single of the decade?

11: On Top Of The Pops, which No1 had vocal assistance by a ventriloquist's dummy?

12: New Rose by The Dammed has the "record" of being which first?

13: Which band, who had a hit in 76, was partly named after a Southend On Sea attraction?

14: In 1979, two back to back No1 songs were performed by artists originally named Gary Webb and Harry Webb; name either of their performing names.

15: Which 79 hit is considered to have introduced Hip Hop music to the world?

                                        Mastermind Club Quiz
                                                  Number 46
                                  Questions set by Maya Davis

Surprise, surprise – a quiz about all sorts of unexpected things and paradoxes

1. C. S. Lewis’s autobiographical work ‘Surprised by Joy’ shares a title with a poem by which English poet?

2. In which 19th century musical work is a main character confronted by his former employer pointing out that his date of birth – 29th February – provides a legal paradox relating to his employment status?

3. Sildenafil, originally marketed as a drug to treat cardiovascular diseases, is now better known for an unexpected side-effect which has changed its usage. What is the usual name of this drug?

4. In which play do two victorious military commanders receive some unexpected news on what is described in the stage directions as ‘a heath’?

5. What was the surprising outcome for Leda when she gave shelter to a swan? (

6. What is paradoxical about the Paradoxical Frog?

7. The UK television series ‘Tales of the Unexpected’ consisted largely of adaptations of short stories for adults by an author better known for children’s books. Which author?

8. Who wrote the ‘Surprise’ symphony?

9. What, according to Monty Python, does nobody ever expect?

10. Which philosopher’s nine paradoxes included the statement that a tortoise, given a start of 100 metres, would never be overtaken by Achilles in a race?

                                      Mastermind Club Quiz
                                                  Number 47
                                   Questions set by Mel Kinsey

           This quiz features 60 questions on the year 2015

January 2015

1/ Which French satirical magazines headquarters was attacked by terrorists on the 7th which led lto the death of 12 people including the editor ?

2/ On the 1st, which country became the 19th member of the Euro Zone?

3/ On the 1st The Eurasian Economic Union came into effect, creating a political and economic union between which 5 countries?

4/ Which Arabic leader died on the 23rd ?

5/ On the 26th, who became the Church of England’s first Woman Bishop and in which church did the ceremony take place?

February 2015

6/ The painting “When Will You Marry” sold for $300m (£197 million) the highest price ever for a work of art, who was the artist?

7/ At the Academy Awards ceremony held on the 28th, who won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in The Danish Girl?

8/ The highest bid in the Indian Premier League auction was 1,600 Lakh for Yuvraj Singh from which team?

9/ The New England Patriots beat which team on the 3rd, 28-24 to win Super Bowl XLIX?

10/ Whose album Shadows in the Night went straight to Number 1 in the album charts on the 14th?

March 2015

11/ On the 31st a new interoceanic canal was announced in which country?

12/ From the 3rd to the 6th, which city hosted the World Track Cycling championships?

13/ “Lay me down” by Sam Smith was at Number 1 in the Uk charts for 2 weeks in March, which other artist is featured on the song ?

14/ Which film sequel starring Judi Dench, Maggie Smith and Bill Nighy was released on the 9th?

15/ The new headquarters of which organisation was officially opened in Frankfurt on the 15th?

April 2015

16/ On the 11th which horse won the Grand National and who was the winning jockey?

17/ Which German Nobel Lauriate died on the 15th, aged 87?

18/ The hand written lyrics of which song sold for $1.2 million on the 5th?

19/ A number one across the globe, what is the title of the album released on the 10th by the American Punk band “All Time Low” ?

20/ World Taekwondo champion Aaron Clark defected to which country on the 17th

May 2015

21/ At the Billboard Music awards, which artist won 8 awards including Top Artist and best album for 1980?

22/ Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn announced that she had split from which famous sportsman?

23/ As part of a settlement involving copyright infringement lawsuits, which streaming music service closed down in May 2015?

24/ Which constituency was the first to declare its result in the 10th of May UK General Election?

25/ On the 22nd, which country became the first in the world to legalise same sex marriage, by popular vote?

June 2015

26/ On the 17th the US Treasury department announced that whose image on the $10 note, will be replaced by that of a woman?

27/ On the 19th The right-wing Venstre block won the 2015 General election in which European country

28/ On the 7th the AKP party led by President Erdogan lost its majority in which countries elections?

29/ Which team won its first NBA title for 40 years on the 16th?

30/ Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was sentenced to death on the 24th for his part in which atrocity?

July 2015

31/ Which two countries contested the Women’s World Cup Final in Canada on the 5th and which player scored an hat-trick in the first 15 minutes of the match?

32/ Which US State removed the Confederate flag from the Statehouse after flying it for 54 years?

33/ Who was the British humanitarian who died on the 1st aged 106. He was best remembered for the organization of the rescue of 669 children from Czechoslovakia at the beginning of World War 2 ?

34/ Which station won the Arqiva Commercial Radio Awards “Station of the Year” presented on the 5th

35/ On the 8th Anthony Jenkins was sacked as the Chief Executive of which bank?

August 2015

36/ The street artist Banksy opened a "Dismaland" a temporary art project on the 28th in which seaside resort?

37/ On the 30th, which artist won four of the ten categories she was nominated for at the MTV awards?

38/ On the 15th the US flag was raised for the first time in 50 years in which country?

39/ Released on the 14th, who is the director of “The Man From UNCLE”?

40/ The Chinese science fiction author Liu Cixin won the prize for best novel for The Three-Body Problem at which awards held in Spokane, Washington?

September 2015

41/ Which Baseball legend who coined the phrase “it ain’t over til its over” died on the 22nd aged 90?

42/ Which show won a record 12 Emmy’s at the 67th Emmy Awards Show?

Who replaced Tony Abbott as Prime Minister of Australia on the 15th?

44/ Who scored his 500th career goal in a Champions league victory over Malmo on the 31st?

45/ Which Automaker was alleged to have been involved in worldwide rigging of diesel emissions tests, affecting an estimated 11 million vehicles globally.

October 2015

46/ On the 4th, who became the first Premier League manager to be sacked?

47/ The Mann Booker prize was awarded to which author and for which novel, on the 13th?

48/ Announced on the 9th, who won the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize?

49/ On the 23rd the most intense hurricane ever recorded in the Western Hemisphere and the second strongest worldwide, with winds of 215 mph and a pressure of 872 mbar was given which name ?

50/ The 2015 Baseball World Series began on the 27th, between which two teams?

November 2015

51/ On the 10th, which library acquired its twelve millionth book, a unique copy of Shelley's subversive Poetical Essay on the Existing State of Things by a "Gentleman of the University of Oxford", published in 1811?

52/ Who won the 2015 Turner Prize announced on the 15th ?

53/ Which University was named “University of the Year” by the Times higher Educational magazine, on the 26th?

54/ On the 11th, Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor died, aged 61. He was the drummer with which Rock group?

55/ The Children’s BAFTA awards were held on the 22nd. Which movie won the best film category?

December 2015

56/ Impeachment Proceedings against President Rousseff begin on the 3rd. In which country?

57/ The 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference, began on the 12th in which city?

58/ On the 13th, in which country did women vote for the first time?
Saudi Arabia

59/ Which couple won the 2015 Strictly Come Dancing “Glitter Ball” on the 19th?

60/ Who was at number one in the UK charts on Christmas Day 2015, and with which song?


Mastermind Club Quiz

Number 48

                                         Questions set by Mel Kinsey

1/ Wembley finally hosted an FA Cup final in 2007, but which two teams were the last to compete in the FA Cup final at the old Wembley?

2/ What is the collective term for a group of racoons?

3/ What is the collective term for a group of racehorses?

4/ To the nearest whole number, what percentage of the Earth's atmosphere is nitrogen?

5/ Which two European capital cities are closest together?

6/ In the film `Cannonball Run` what was the name of the super-hero played by Dom DeLuise?

7/ In what year was the country of Siam renamed Thailand?

8/ In what year did Rio de Janeiro cease to be the capital of Brazil?

9/ What is the capital of Tajikistan?

10/ What is the name of the plain that was once the chief industrial region of the USSR?

11/ Which Oscar winning actress played Stella Bridger in the 2003 remake of the Italian Job?

12/ Charles Fleischer voiced the title character in which 1988 film?

13/ In what year did the first colour supplement to a Sunday newspaper appear?

14/ Which Oscar winning screenplay writer also co-wrote the screenplay for the movie Superman 2?

15/ In 1985, which entertainer made the first ever mobile phone call in Britain?

16/ By what name is singer Pauline Matthews better known?


17/ Kosciusko is the highest mountain in which country?

18/ In the 1966 World Cup, matches were played at two London venues. Wembley was one, but what was the other?

19/ What was the name of King Henry VIII`s older brother?

20/ Who did Ted Turner, the media tycoon, marry in 1991?

21/ How old is Juliet when she dies in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliett?

22/ Who created Wikipedia on the World Wide Web?

23/ Which three letters did SOS replace as a Morse mayday signal?

24/ What does digamy mean?

25/ What is the name of the famous statue by Edvard Eriksen, unveiled on the 23rd August, 1913?

26/ What does the word `pop` refer to in Pop Goes The Weasel?

27/ Which Scottish actress played the TV character Supergran?

28/ In TV show Button Moon, what was the name of Mr Spoon`s daughter?

29/ Donald Trump was born in New York City. Name the other four Presidents born in New York State.

30/ On the MOH scale of mineral hardness, Talc is rated as 1, which mineral with an absolute hardness of 3 is rated 2?


Mastermind Club Quiz

Number 49

Questions set by Tony Bell


  Which nations have won the most gold medals in the following

                          Olympic Sports (prior to Rio 2016)


Field Hockey
Ice Hockey
Alpine Skiing
Table Tennis
Figure Skating
Short Track Speed Skating
Cross-Country Skiing





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