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                                         Mastermind Club Quiz
                                                  Number 25
                            Questions set by Stewart Cross

1.Which artist said, 'if only these Venetians could draw'?

2.Who fled the French Revolution and became a successful portrait painter in Russia before moving to Rome?

3.Who was questioned by the Inquisition over a 'Last Supper'?

4.Who died on a beach of malaria whilst returning to Rome to seek pardon for a murder committed some years earlier? 

5.Who fled from a new regime in Spain and died in Bordeaux?

6.Who was the sister-in-law of Manet?

7.Whose friendship with Joshua Reynolds led to her being elected as a founder member of the Royal Academy?

8.Who painted many of the Genoese aristocracy on a visit in the 1620s?   

9.Which Dutch landscape painter was a mute?

10.Who made his home in Vence, where he decorated the local chapel?   

11.Who in 1772 sailed with Captain Cook to Antarctica as a draughtsman?   

12.Who was raped in her father's studio by a fellow artist?

13.Who painted George Washington over 120 times?

14.Who burned all his nude studies fater hearing Savanarola preach?     

15.Whose set of 12 apostles are to be found a long way from home, in the church of San Francisco, Lima?   

16.Who in 1958, designed a tiled wall for the Unesco building in Paris?     

17.Who voted for the execution of Louis XVI?

18.Who was the brother-in-law of Andrea Mantegna?

19.Which Dutch genre painter was unusually (on both counts) Catholic innkeeper?   

20.Who was a schoolfellow of Zola     

                                       Mastermind Club Quiz
                                               Number 26
                                 Questions set by Maya Davis

1. Each of The Three Fates made the decisions about when and how a human was destined to die. Each of the Fates had her own role; what was the role of Lachesis? 

2. What was unusual about Jason’s’ tutor Chiron?
3.Heracles’ father was the god Zeus. Who, according to the ancient Greeks, was his mother?   

4. When Odysseus first returned to Ithaca in disguise after the Trojan War, he was immediately recognised by Argus. Why didn’t Argus give him away?  

5. What three creatures made up the Chimaera?

6. Which Greek god has a name which also translates into English as ‘Unseen’?

7. What question was the soothsayer Teiresias able to answer diplomatically when asked by both Zeus and Hera?

8. And why was he the ideal person for them to ask?

9. What generic name is given to nymphs whom the Greeks believed lived in the mountains?    

10. What ‘reward’ was given to King Midas for judging a musical contest involving the god Apollo?

11. Whom did Theseus and his friend, the Lapith king Peirithous, unsuccessfully attempt to kidnap from the Underworld?

12. Who was the Greek goddess of the hearth?
13. Whose death was Achilles avenging when he killed Hector in the Trojan War?  

14. Who built the Labyrinth in which the Minotaur was kept?

15. Which constellation is supposed to represent Callisto, a mortal attendant of Artemis who became pregnant by Zeus?

16. Callisto is also the name of one of the four ‘Galilean’ moons of Jupiter named after mortals seduced or abducted by Zeus. To abduct which one did Zeus disguise himself as an eagle?

17. Who was the Greek goddess of victory?    

18. Where was the stone known as the Omphalos, which marked what the Greeks believed was the centre of the known world?

19. What did Rhea give Cronos to swallow instead of her last-born child?    

20. In Athenian coinage, what was the cost of crossing the river Styx?  
                                       Mastermind Club Quiz
                                                  Number 27
                                   Questions set by Tony Bell

lInternational actors quiz. Which male actor from one country played a character from another country on TV or in movies?

1. German playing a Spaniard - Sitcom 1975,1979

2. Canadian playing an American - Science Fiction TV series and movies 1966-1994

3. Englishman playing a Frenchman - Science Fiction TV series and movies 1987-2002 

4. Australian playing a Scotsman - Spy movie 1969

5. Australian playing a Scotsman - Historical drama movie 1995

6. Egyptian playing a Russian - Historical drama movie 1965

7. Russian playing a Thai - Musical movie 1956

8. New Zealander playing a Russian - Spy TV series 1983

9. Englishman playing a Belgian - Detective movie 1978

10. Englishman playing an Indian - Historical movie 1982

                                  Mastermind Club Quiz
                                          Number 28
                            Questions set by Mel Kinsey
                                          Canada Quiz

1/ Canada was formally declared a Confederation on the 1st July 1867, whichfour provinces made up the new confederation?

2/ Who became the first Prime Minister of Canada?

3/ Who founded Quebec City on 1608 ?    

4/ Both the commanding Generals at the Battle of Quebec on 13th September 1759 were killed during the battle, name them

5/ Wayne “The Great” Gretzky, born in Branford, Ontario is the only professional Ice Hockey player to have his number retired by the NHL. What number did he wear throughout his career? 

6/ Located in The Yukon Territory at a height of 19,551ft which is the highest mountain in Canada?     

7/ The name Canada comes from the Iroquoian word Kanata what does this mean?   

8/ Montreal International Airport is named after which Canadian Prime Minister?    

9/ In 1969 which Canadian club became the first Major League Baseball franchise outside the United States? they re-located to Washington DC in 2005.   

10/ Fought between 9th and 12th April 1917, which battle between four divisions of Canadian Corps and three divisions of the German Sixth Army, resulted in 10,602 Canadian casualties?  

11/ The Stanley Cup, the major trophy of Professional Ice Hockey is named after Lord Stanley of Preston, Governor General of Canada. In which Canadian City is Stanley Park?      

12/ Which Canadian won the US Masters golf in 2003?

13/ Which Canadian author won the 2000 Booker Prize for The Blind Assassin?   

14/ Which sport was invented by Canadian James A Naismith in 1891?    

15/ Which Canadian Jazz singer is married to Elvis Costello?

16/ Which is the newest, largest, northernmost, and least populous territory of Canada ? It was separated officially from the Northwest Territories on April 1, 1999     

17/ At 2635 miles, which is the longest river in Canada?

18/ Born July 24, 1982, in Winnipeg, Who won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar in 1993 for her debut role in The Piano.?

19/ The Canadian Football League’s major trophy first played for in 1910 is named after which Governor General in office between 1904-1911?     

20/ Whose image is on the Canadian $20 note?

                                           Mastermind Club Quiz
                                                     Number 29
                                        Questions set by Tony Bell

                 British athletes at the Olympic Games 1896-2012

1/Athens 1896. Launceston Elliott won the first British Olympic gold medal in which sport?   

2/ Paris 1900. Great Britain defeated which country to win the only Olympic gold medal in cricket?!    

3/ St. Louis 1904. British born Thomas Hicks won which event for the USA?      

4/ London 1908. Wyndham Halswelle beat how many other runners in the final of the 400m?

5/ Stockholm 1912. Edith Hannam won two gold medals in which sport?   

6/ Antwerp 1920. Which rower won the first of his five medals at five consecutive Olympics?   

7/ Paris 1924. Harold Abrahams and Eric Liddell were immortalised in "Chariots of Fire". How many medals did they win in 1924?  

8/ Amsterdam 1928. Ellen King won two silver medals in which sport?     

9/ Los Angeles 1932. Which father of a famous actress won the first of his two Olympic medals?

10/ Berlin 1936. Which son of a famous explorer won a bronze medal in sailing?    

11/ London 1948. Which father of a famous actor won a gold medal in rowing?    

12/ / Helsinki 1952. Who represented Britain at light-heavyweight boxing?   

13/ Melbourne 1956. Which British gold medallist was reinstated after disqualification?    

14/ Rome 1960. Allan Jay won two silver medals in which sport?

15/ Tokyo 1964. Which British athlete won gold, silver and bronze medals.

16/ Mexico City 1968. When David Hemery won the 400m hurdles gold medal David Coleman infamously commentated "Who cares who's third". Which British athlete finish third?  

17/ Munich 1972. Which Italian born Judoka won a bronze medal for Britain and would later go on to win gold and silver medals for France?

18/ Montréal 1976. How many medals were won for Britain by females?

19/ Moscow 1980. Which of the 5 British gold medallists only won one medal in 1980.  

20/ Los Angeles 1984. Which married couple won athletics medals?        

21/ Seoul 1988. Which British medallist originally won a bronze medal before being upgraded to silver?


22/ Barcelona 1992. Which pair of brothers beat another pair of brothers to win a gold medal? 


23/ Atlanta 1996. Who partnered Neil Broad to win silver medals in the men's doubles tennis? 


24/ Sydney 2000. Who was the only British athlete to win two medals?  


25/ Athens 2004. Which British equestrian won his gold medal on his return to the UK? 


26/Beijing 2008. Who won a gold medal in cycling 4 years after winning a silver medal in rowing?

27/ London 2012. Who finally won a gold medal after silver medals in the three previous Olympics? 


                                      Mastermind Club Quiz

                                               Number 30


                                Questions set by Maya Davis

        The Remarkable (but still sometimes Rotten) Romans


Whom, according to legend, did the shepherd Faustulus take home and bring up?


What relation was Augustus Caesar (= The Emperor Augustus) to Julius Caesar?  


For what crime were convicted criminals executed by being sewn up in a sack with a dog, a cockerel and a viper and thrown into the Tiber?

How did a tortoise feature in the Roman army?


Who wrote two letters describing the eruption of Vesuvius?


Apart from Pompeii and Herculaneum, which other settlements were buried in the eruption?  


What important symbol of Rome’s permanence was guarded by the Vestal Virgins? 


The terms Caecuban and Falernian were used by the Romans as names of the best examples of what consumable substance? 


Where did the Emperor Claudius order the construction of a lighthouse? 


What sort of criminal would normally be executed by being thrown off the top of the Tarpeian Rock?  


Of what was Pomona the goddess? 


Which Emperor had a nickname derived from an item in the soldier’s outfit he was given as a child? 


Which Emperor was so upset at the death of his young lover Antinous that he made him into a demigod? 


To a Roman soldier, what were ‘lilies’?


What was manumission?


Who wrote the comedy on which Shakespeare’s ‘A Comedy of Errors’ is based? 


Which famous Roman author and lawyer had a surname derived from the Latin word for ‘chick-pea’?    


The town now known as Cirencester (Roman Corinium) was the main training centre in Britain for what kind of artist?


What type of everyday objects included items called dupondius, dodrans and as?    






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