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                                      Mastermind Club Quiz
                                                  Number 13
                                    Questions set by Tony Bell

(Tony has set these questions around his various House moves over the past years)

1/ Bank Quay station is in which English town?


2/ Which English city hosted its only Test match in 1902?

3/ Which seaside resort is associated with Squires Gate airport?

4/ Which town provided the first winners of the English Football League?    
5/ In which University town did Stephen Hawking study for his doctorate?  

 6/ Which French city is capital of the Hérault département?

7/ In which University town did Stephen Hawking study for his first degree?     
8/ In which German city was the element Phosphorus discovered?


9/ In 1963 Kings College, University of Durham, became an independent University in which city?    
10/ Which English town was home to Wilderspool stadium               


                                     Mastermind Club Quiz
                                                 Number 14
                                         Set by Mel Kinsey
     This was a picture quiz featuring 21 English Cathedrals. However the images were deleted in error and therefore not available .....sorry

                                       Mastermind Club Quiz
                                                Number 15
                                Questions set by Mel Kinsey

1/ What was founded in 1953 by Chad Varah?    

2/ Who wrote the original tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears?

3/ Marilyn Monroe sang 'Happy Birthday, Mr. President' celebrating President Kennedy's birthday; what age was he due to celebrate?

4/ On what scale does a zero mean a person is exclusively heterosexual and a six a person is exclusively homosexual?

5/ Who is played in the 2004 BBC TV movie Hawking by Tom Ward and in the 2014 movie The Theory of Everything by Christian McKay?      

6/ The Annual Golden Spurtle is the World Championships in making what?       

7/ What does the word 'gnosis' mean in Greek?

8/ Guldize is the harvest festival of people living in what part of Britain?    

9/ To an Australian, what is an 'esky'?

10/ Which mineral has a hardness of nine on Mohs scale?

11/ What does the Mongolic word 'dalai' mean, as in Dalai Lama?

12/ Which famous American was born in Duluth, Minnesota, in May 1941?    

13/ What is a qirt?

14/ Who played the character Charlie Sage in Carry on Sergeant?

 15/ What did American architects Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Griffin design in Australia  

16/ "The Curse of Scotland" is a nickname used for which playing card?    
17/ Captured in North Vietnam, American POW Jeremiah Denton repeatedly blinked his eyes in Morse Code during a forced 1966 television conference spelling out what word?   

18/ Branded the 'eternal Booker bridesmaid', who was shortlisted five times for the Man Booker prize between 1973 and 1998 but never won?      

19/ Which movie was John Wayne making when he won an Oscar for 'True Grit'?    

20/ Which Oxford college did Margaret Thatcher attend?

                                        Mastermind Club Quiz
                                                  Number 16
                                     Questions set by Tony Bell


1/ Australian cricket captains of the 1970s.

2/ Princess and Farmboy, science-fiction movie series (F).

3. British Olympic Gold medallist rowers, 1992.

4/ Seattle psychiatrists (F).

5/ Compilers of records.

6/ American aviators 1903.

7/ New York chef and palaeontologist (F)

8/ Long jumpers, 1983 World athletics championships.

9/ WWII German anti-Nazi resistance leaders.

10/ English broadcaster/TV executive and actor/film director.

11/ Comic-strip psychiatrist and pumpkin lover (F).

12/ English football players, 1966.

13/ Massachusetts witches (F).

14/ Scottish tennis players.

15/ Scots-Icelandic broadcaster and comedy producer.

                                         Mastermind Club Quiz
                                                    Number 17
                                  Questions set by John Savage

20 questions which have a connection with John either through work, play or residency.

1/ Which Scottish Town is home to the Kelpies?

2/ Near which major Scottish town was William Wallace born (allegedly)?   

3/ What is the County Town of Somerset?

4/ Which cathedral was burned by Alexander Stewart, The Wolf Of Badenoch?          


5/ In which year was the Battle Of Dunkeld?

6/ RAF Cranwell is in which English county?

7/ Which Scottish town was a centre for linoleum manufacture?

8/ Feldwebel Wolfgang Rosterg was murdered in which British P.O.W. camp?   

9/ In which current Scottish town is there a monument marking the start of the Roman, Antonine Wall?

10/ Piers Gaveston was governor (briefly) of which Yorkshire castle?   

11/ Which British landmark was opened on 14 May 1894?

12/ St Mary's Lighthouse is located to the north of which English town?    
13/ Albert Dock Liverpool houses a statue to which singer?

14/ Brother Walfrid is accredited with the foundation of which sporting organisation?     

15/ McCaig's Folly is in which Scottish town?    

16/ Portobello is a suburb of which UK city?

17/ Mary Queen Of Scots was born in which Scottish palace

18/ Abbotsinch Airport is now known as what? 

19/ Inverness Cathedral is named after which saint?

20/ Which English 17th Century politician gives his name to a Scottish sporting arena?

                                        Mastermind Club Quiz
                                                   Number 18
                                  Questions set by Mel Kinsey

1/ Which battle of 1571 marked the end of the Ottoman naval supremacy in the Mediterranean?

2/ The National Diet is the parliament in which country?

3/ Who wrote the 2012 Booker Prize winning book Bring Up the Bodies?
4/ How many cantons make up Switzerland?

5/ Which country only switched to the modern Gregorian Calendar on January 1, 1927?     
6/ Which animal is represented by the Oboe in Peter and the Wolf?

7/ Which American news anchorman of the 1960s and 1970s was often cited as 'the most trusted man in America'?

8/ In horse racing, which is the last of the five classics to be run each year, and its distance is also the longest?

9/ What nationality was Carlos Caszely who received the first ever World Cup red card in 1974?   

10/ Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is the fear of what?

11/ Which biblical measurement was approximately 18 inches?

12/ Father Christmas is known as Pai Natal in which European country?
13/ "Angels on horseback" are oysters wrapped with what?

14/ Which planet has a solar day of approximately 24 hours and 39 minutes, known as a sol?

15/ Which country accounts for 70% of the world's platinum production?

16/ Who played Hefina Headon in the 2014 film Pride?


17/ In 2012, who resigned as Conservativethe MP for Corby to spend more time with her family in New York City?

18/ David Beckham wore the number 23 shirt at Real Madrid in honour of which sporting legend?

19/ Which family lives at 742 Evergreen Terrace?

20/ James Brine died in Ontario, Canada, in 1902 - he was a member of which group?


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