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                                                Number 49


                                  Questions set by Tony Bell


Which countries have won the most Olympic Gold medals in the     following sports



Field Hockey - INDIA 8 gold medals
Ice Hockey - CANADA 13 gold medals
Sailing - GREAT BRITAIN 25 gold medals
Alpine Skiing - AUSTRIA 34 gold medals
Fencing - ITALY 48 gold medals
Judo - JAPAN 34 gold medals
Table Tennis - CHINA 24 gold medals
Figure Skating - USA 15 gold medals
Short Track Speed Skating - SOUTH KOREA 21 gold medals
Cycling - FRANCE 41 gold medals
Cross-Country Skiing - NORWAY 40 gold medals
Bobsleigh - GERMANY 10 gold medals


                                   Mastermind Club Quiz

                                            Number 50


                            Questions set by Les Morrell

1. Which river passes through Madrid?  Manzanares

2. On which exact date was the Lusitania sunk?

Friday 7th May 1915

3. Who fouled Bobby Moore in the 1996 FIFA World Cup Final leading to the award of the free kick which set up Hurst's first goal? Wolfgang Overath

4. Who first coined the phrase "ignorance is bliss"?   Thomas Gray

5. In ten pin bowling what are three strikes in a row called? Turkey

6 Which New Testament Gospel book is not considered synoptic? John

7. 10 previous winners of the F.A.Cup were in the draw for the 2016/2017 First Round, name 7 of them. Charlton Athletic, Sheffield Utd, Portsmouth, Coventry City, Bradford City, Bury,Bolton Wanderers, Blackpool, Notts County and MK Dons (accept AFC Wimbledon but technically incorrect)

8. Who in 1955 became the last woman to be hanged in the UK? Ruth Ellis

9. The games at which Shropshire village were studied by De Coubertin and partially inspired the modern Olympics?

Much Wenlock

10. Mr Tulkinghorn appears in which Dickens' novel?

Bleak House

11. In which month of 1939 did the Spanish Civil War end?  April

12. In the epic 2010 Wimbledon match between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut, how many games were played in total? 183

13. Who wrote Death in Venice? Thomas Mann

14 Whose death was caused by falling off the Lady Ghislaine and drowning in 1991? Robert Maxwell

15. What is the state capital of North Dakota? Bismark

16. Which is the largest lizard on earth? Komodo Dragon

17. With a population of c 325000 which city is Lithuania's second largest? Kaunas

18. 1 .2 ,3 ,6 ,28- what number comes next in this sequence?

496 (perfect numbers)

19 Who is Shirley Williams' famous mother? Vera Brittain

20. In which bar of the Rover's Return, Coronation St did Ena Sharples, Minnie Caldwell and Martha Longhurst regularly drink? The Snug


                                       Mastermind Club Quiz

                                                 Number 51


                                  Questions set by Maya Davis


1. Fictionally, in 1963, who was Susan Foreman’s grandfather? 

The Doctor, played by William Hartnell

2. A record set on Islay in 1923 was very publicly not broken in January 2016. What record and where exactly in the UK was it not broken?   Longest consecutive number of days of rainfall in the UK; not broken in Eglwyswrw in Pembrokeshire when it stopped raining 3 days short of the 89th day.  Record set in Eallabus on Islay

3. What is measured on the Torino scale? 

Risk of earth impact by a space body – e.g. an asteroid striking Earth

4. Which opera by Monteverdi is based on works by the Roman historian Tacitus and the biographer Suetonius? 

L’Incoronazione di Poppaea

5. What name is given to the disorder whose sufferers believe that they are dead? Cotard’s Syndrome, sometimes also called ‘walking corpse syndrome.’

6. Which item of stationery is known in French as un trombone? Paper clip

7. In 2016, who was immortalised in bronze without his duck, and where?   Sir Nigel Gresley at King’s Cross station; a duck originally included in the design of his commemorative statue – an allusion to his record-breaking steam engine Mallard -  was removed because some people thought it was inappropriate. There were a lot of protests!

8. How did Ravenscar in North Yorkshire feature in the manufacture of textiles until 1871?   A lum mines – until the invention of synthetic alum in 1855 and then aniline dyes, alum was used in the manufacture of dyes. The Ravenscar alum mine closed in 1871

9. A psalm translated in 1567 by Archbishop Matthew Parker, set to music by Tallis, provided the theme for a string fantasy by Vaughan Williams.  What is the number of the psalm in a standard Old Testament and what number was the tune in Tallis’s settings? Psalm 2; no 3 – Why fum’th in fight/Why fum’th in sight

10. Which disease is caused by the organism sometimes known as Hansen’s bacillus? Leprosy

11. What opera connects Alexander Graham Bell and the French composer Poulenc?  La Voix Humaine, which consists of one side of a telephone conversation

12. The tree salix alba var ‘caerulea’ is traditionally used to manufacture what sporting items?  Cricket bats; it’s often called the Cricket Bat Willow.

13. Where would you find Mordor Macula?

On the surface of Pluto’s moon Charon

14. ‘Kettledrums’ in English, ‘timpani’ in a standard orchestral score – but what are they in German?   Pauken

15. Which painter was the grand-daughter of Fragonard and the sister-in-law of Manet?  Berthe Morisot


16. Which heraldic tincture shares a name with a rare relative of the Pine Marten and an endangered African antelope?  Sable

17. Where has Orchid joined Plum and Peacock, and what was removed? Dr Orchid has replaced Mrs White in the game Cluedo, which also includes Professor Plum and Miss Peacock

18. After a radio interview in the USA, the announcer claimed – falsely - that his interviewee had in fact been the conductor Edwin McArthur using an alias. The interviewee, who had been born in Mexico and died in 1980, was famous at the time as accompanist to a rather unusual singer.  What was the interviewee’s name and McArthur’s alleged alias?  Cosmé McMoon – accompanist to Florence Foster Jenkins. And for those who are interested- his birth name was Cosmo McMunn

19.  In Greek mythology, which flower has the word for ‘alas’ on its petals, to commemorate the dead young man whom Apollo had turned into this flower?  Hyacinth; Apollo had killed Hyacinthus accidentally when a discus was blown off-course.

20. About which poet did G. K. Chesterton say ‘He could not think up to the height of his own towering style’?  Tennyson









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