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                                              Number 37


                           Questions set by Paul Emerson

                                        Derbyshire Quiz


1. What product is the town of Buxton famous for?

Spa (or mineral water)

2. What is the name of the highest point in Derbyshire?

Kinder Scout

3. Who or what is Blue John? A mineral rich rock patterns or purple and yellow

4. Most Derbyshire villages celebrate what custom annually?

Well Dressing

5. What is the name of the Derbyshire Parish Church that is noted for its crooked spire? 

Church of St Marys and All Saints at Chesterfield

6.What connection has Ladybower reservoir with World War Two ?

It was used as a practice ground by the 617 squadron for the Dambusters Raid

7. Which Derbyshire Village has a connection with the Nursery Rhyme Ring a ring a roses?  Eyam the Plague Village
8. What connection has Chatsworth House with the Mitford Sisters?  ? Deborah Mitford  married Lord Andrew Cavendish younger son of 10th Duke of Duke of Devonshire in 1941

9. In Hathersage which grave can be found said to be associated with Robin Hood?   Little John

10. How did Cromford influence the future of the textile industry ?

Arkwright water powered textile machinery

11. In Derbyshire what route does the Tissington Trail follow?

The former Buxton to Ashbourne railway line

12. What particular building in Buxton reminds you of Bath?

The Crescent

13. Where in Derbyshire does the world`s oldest Club Sheffield FC founded in 1857 currently play?   Dronfield

14. What connection does Derby Football Club with the historical Industry of the area?   Its’nickname the Rams is associated with the woollen industry

15.Reputed to be the oldest hotel in England which historical royal was put under house arrest in the Od Hall Hotel in Buxton 1576-1578?  Mary Queen of Scots


                                      Mastermind Club Quiz
                                               Number 38
                                 Questions set by Mel Kinsey

1. On the TV sitcom The Munsters, what was Lily Munster's maiden name? Dracula
2. What foreign government contributed the greatest amount of money for the relief of victims of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake?      Japan
3. Which is the only U.S. state to produce coffee? Hawaii
4. What famous actress once said, "The less I behave like Whistler's mother the night before, the more I look like her the morning after"?     Tallulah Bankhead
5. The name of what American state capital means "sheltered harbor"?      Honolulu
6. When the bald eagle was first named, what was the meaning of the word "bald'?
It came from 'Piebald' reffering to the birds white tail feathers in contrast to its darker body
7. What two cities were linked by the Orient Express?

Paris & Istanbul
8. What's a "bap"?     A large breadcake
9. How many sides are there to a snow crystal? Six
10. What capital is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world?      Damascus
11. What French city was home to Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, the famous gastronome?     Belley
12. What is philematology?     The study of kissing
13. What is a "tittle"?      The dot over the letters i & j
14. What fruit did early Greek Olympians eat for their health and sometimes even wear as medals?      Figs
15. What was the name of the daughter Lady Emma Hamilton bore Admiral Horatio Nelson?      Horatia
16. What does Yoko Ono's first name mean when translated from Japanese?    Ocean Child
17. What was used to erase lead pencil marks before rubber came into use?    Moist Bread
18. What childhood name was shared by General George A. Custer and Chief Crazy Horse, the Oglala Sioux leader he faced at the Battle of the Little Bighorn?    Curley
19. Where were Panama hats- woven from jipijapa leaves- first made?    Equador
20. The name of what South American capital city means "I see a hill"?      Montevideo

                                       Mastermind Club Quiz
                                                Number 39
                              Questions set by John Savage

1/ An area of which river is called Tail of the Bank?  The Clyde
2/ What is the second highest mountain in Scotland? Ben MacDui
3/ Dunkeld stands on which river?  The Tay
4/ There have been two Battles Of Falkirk, name either year.

1298 & 1746
5/ Outside which castle is there a statue of Flora MacDonald? Inverness
6/ Which mountain, near Oban, contains a power station?

Ben Cruachan
7/ Near which Scottish town was there a Butlin's holiday camp located?    Ayr
8/ Which Scots swimmer won silver at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics? Bobby McGregor
9/ Craigiehall is the Scottish headquarters for which organisation? The Army
10/ Which Scots born actress was nominated for an Oscar 6 times but never won?   Deborah Kerr
11/ Kilrymont was an early name for which Scottish town? St.Andrews
12/ Which iconic memorial is located near Spean Bridge?

The Commando Memorial
13/ Where in Scotland did Pope John Paul II celebrate a mass in June 1982?     Bellhouston Park
14/ Which Scots born rebel leader was executed in the aftermath of the 1916 Easter Rising?         James Connolly
15/ Red Clydesider John MacLean was appointed to which role in February 1918?     Bolshevik Consul in Scotland

                                    Mastermind Club Quiz
                                             Number 40
                             Questions set by Tony Bell

1/ Who is the only surviving actor who played one of "The Magnificent Seven" in 1960?    Robert Vaughan
2/ What was John Wayne's final film? The Shootist
3/ How many roles did Peter Sellers play in "Dr. Strangelove"?
3 (Group Captain Mandrake. President Muffley and Dr.Strangelove)
4/Who played Neil Diamond's father in the 1980 remake of "The Jazz Singer"?    Sir Laurence Olivier
5/ In which fictional town did "It's a Wonderful Life" take place? Bedford Falls
6/ Who was the female lead actor in "Groundhog Day"?

Andie McDowell
7/ Which future Oscar winner appeared in the musical "Bugsy Malone"?    Jodie Foster
8/ Who appeared as his own father in a movie based his war memoirs? Spike Milligan in "Adolf Hitler- My Part in His Downfall"
9/ Which Englishman played a Russian in "2001: A Space Odyssey"?   Leonard Rossiter
10/ How many times has Meryl Streep been nominated for an Oscar?    19 (She won only 3)
11/ Which star of Hammer Horror films appeared in "Star Wars: A New Hope"?    Peter Cushing
12/ "Duel" was the first film directed by a famous director in 1971? Steven Spielberg

                                       Mastermind Club Quiz
                                                Number 41
                            Questions set by Emma McCarthy
                  Questions on Emma's home county of Kent

1. Rochester Castle has three square towers and one round tower, what event led to this unusual feature? During the seige in 1215 King John tried to capture the castle from the rebel barons he built a mine and destroyed one of the towers in order to get it back. He did get it back in the end and by this time engineers had realized that round towers had more strength then square ones because an old medieval tactic was to dig out the four corners of a square tower and it would collapse but with a circular tower there where no corners to dig out.
2. Kent’s motto is ‘Invicta’, who bestowed this title on the county when he was unable to reach his Coronation by troops at Swanscombe? William I
3. Which British military leader died in Walmer Castle in September 1852?    The Duke of Wellington
4. In which year did Kent last win the cricket county championship? 1978
5. And who was the leading wicket taker with 110 wickets?

Derek Underwood
6. What is the county flower of Kent? The Hop
7. Which scientist lived in Down House, in Kent until his death in 1882?    Charles Darwin
8. In Rochester Cathedral there is a plaque to Colonel John R. M. Chard, of the Royal Engineers, for his participation in which battle was he awarded the Victoria Cross?    Rorkes Drift
9. Which town is the county town of Kent? Maidstone
10. In which year was HMS Victory launched following her building at Chatham Dockyard? 1765
11. In which Kentish town is the Turner Contemporary Gallery which opened in 2011?   Margate
12. What distinguishes a Man of Kent from a Kentish Man?
A Man of Kent is East of the River Medway, Kentish Man is West of the river
13. Which female athlete was born in Pembury on 19th April 1970? Kelly Holmes
14. What is the name of the golf club in Sandwich, which last hosted The Open in 2011?   Royal St. Georges
15. Which cabinet minister is the MP for Sevenoaks?

Michael Fallon MP

                                      Mastermind Club Quiz
                                                Number 42
                                Questions set by Maya Davis
                            Metamorphosis quiz – all change

1. In Roman mythology, what was the original name and identity of the god Quirinus? Romulus, one of the twin founders of Rome
2. For what solo instrument did Benjamin Britten write his Six Metamorphoses after Ovid? Oboe
3. In Greek/Roman mythology, what specific change do the seer Teiresias and a woman called Caenis have in common? Changed into the opposite gender; Caenis into a man called Caeneus and Teiresias into a woman and then back into a man
4. In what famous literary work is a weaver partially changed into an animal? Shakespeare A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Nick Bottom the weaver is given an ass’s head
5. What is the name of the central character who is changed into a cockroach in Kafka’s novel Metamorphosis? Gregor Samsa
6. To what did the poet and composer Philip Heseltine change his name? Peter Warlock
7. When Dionysus offered Midas a reward for looking after the drunken Silenus, for what did Midas ask?  That everything he touched should be turned to gold
8. What was being celebrated when Jesus turned water into wine because the host’s wine had run out? A wedding/marriage feast
9. What is the current name of the London Underground station originally called Aldersgate Street? Barbican
10. In Greek/Roman mythology, what form did Zeus/Jupiter adopt in order to seduce Alcmena?

That of her husband Amphitryon/Amphitruo
11. What name is given in Scots folklore to the beings which change from humans to seals? Selkies
12. The Mexican Salamander changes into its fully adult form only if the pond in which it is living dries up. It can live and reproduce for a long time in its immature form. What name is given to the immature form of this amphibian? Axolotl
13. If a piece of music modulates (changes key) from C major to its Relative Minor, into what key has the music modulated? A minor
14. The scientific name of the grey partridge – perdix perdix – refers to the story of the young Athenian turned into a partridge by the gods when his jealous uncle kicked him off the top of the Acropolis. What was the uncle’s name? Daedalus
15. In 1980, which island group’s name was changed to the Republic of Vanuatu?   New Hebrides
16. Which fictional character changed into a black dog on landing at Whitby in a storm? Dracula
17. Who changed into a laurel tree in order to escape the unwanted attentions of the god Apollo? Daphne
18. Who wrote a work called Metamorphosen for 23 solo string instruments?   Richard Strauss
19. What is the last ‘change’ story contained in the Metamorphoses by Ovid?    Julius Caesar into a star
20. Which member of the Bloomsbury Group wrote a novel in which a young married woman gradually turns into a fox?
David Garnett. The book is Lady into Fox

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