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Mastermind Club Quiz 2017

Number 25


Questions set by Mel Kinsey


A set of questions with a Railway theme

1. Which rail station has a record 67 platforms?
2. Who was the famous passenger on 'the sealed train' in 1917?
3. In which cities would one find the following railway stations?  
    a. Casa Voyageurs
    b. Ramses
    c. Atocha
    d. Vitebsk
    e. Penn Station
    f. Gare du Nord
4. On what is Mr. Ratchett, or Cassetti, murdered?
5. In song, who serves on the Danville train? 
6. The three worst rail accidents in terms of passenger deaths occured on the following days. Name the countries.   (the dates may help your train of thought)
    a. Dec 26, 2004
    b. June 6, 1981
    c. Dec 12, 1917
7. What was 'hobo' singer Lecil Travis Martin's stage name?
8. With a train passing through every 13 seconds during peak hours, which railway station has the most traffic in the world?
9. In a Burt Bacharach song, what "took you away, away from me"?
10. The following words are from which 'train' songs? 
    a. Train whistle blowing, makes a sleepy noise, underneath the blankets, go all the girls and boys
    b. Wrong way on a one way track
    c. She sent me a railroad ticket to take me to her lovin arms
    d. He takes me to a movie or to a restaurant
    e. Pick up my bag, run to the station, railman says you got the wrong location
    f. Then it comes to be that soothing light at the end of the tunnel is just a freight train coming your way
    g. Down around the corner half a mile from here
    h. You know I'm loaded, railroaded, I'm explosive, I'm a locomotive
    i. Get your bags together, go bring your good friends too
    j. The next stop we make will be England
    k. When I was young I spent my summer days playing on the track
    l. Look a yonder comin
    m. And the sons of Pullman porters and the sons of engineers ride their fathers magic carpets made of steel  

Mastermind Club Quiz 2017

Number 26

Questions set by Mel Kinsey


A quiz on American literature


1/ A Farewell to Arms' is based on Hemingway's own experience as what in World War I?

2/ What is a novel by Herman Melville and an opera by Benjamin Britten?

3/ In which Tennessee Williams play do you meet Big Daddy?

4/ Holden Caulfield appears in which, once controversial, novel?

5/ Where are most of Pearl S. Buck's novels set?

6/ What is the setting for Hemingway's 'The Old Man and the Sea'?

7/ Who wrote 'The Maltese Falcon'?

8/ In which Arthur Miller play do you meet Willy Loman?

9/ Who wrote,'Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?'?

10/ Where were Robert Frost's poems first published?

11/ Which dramatist wrote 'Long Day's Journey Into Night'?

12/ Which poet spent time in a US mental hospital after supporting Mussolini and the Fascists in World War II?

13/ Who died at the age of 44 with his novel 'The Last Tycoon' unfinished?

14/ Who coined the phrase 'the lost generations'?

15/ Whose most famous novel is 'The Carpetbaggers'?

16/ Which US-born novelist lived much of his life in France and England and became a British citizen in 1915?

17/ Who wrote the short story 'I Robot' in 1950?

18/ Who wrote the 'Leatherstocking' tales of frontier life with their hero Natty Bumpo?

19/ Whose novels are about social conditions in his native California?

20/ Who wrote plays with a political theme such as 'The Little Foxes'?

21/ Whose real name was Samuel Langhorne Clemens?

22/ Which character appears in all nine of Raymond Chandler's novels?

23/ Against what is Hemingway's 'For Whom the Bell Tolls' set?

24/ Which US poet married Ted Hughes, later poet laureate?

25/ Which Norman Mailer novel is based on a protest march?

26/ Which Arthur Miller play is a comment on McCarthyism?

27/ Which screenplay did Miller write for his wife Marilyn Monroe?

28/ What is L. Frank Baum's most famous story?

29/ What type of writing is Paul Theroux associated with other than novels?

30/ Who wrote the story of Rip van Winkle?




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