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Mastermind Club Quiz 2017

Number 19


Questions set by Maya Davis

                            Ancient myths and legends quiz

  1. Which Egyptian god was regarded by the Greeks as equivalent to Hermes?  Thoth
  2. Which Greek goddess was associated with the peacock? Hera
  3. What was the name of the shepherd who brought up Romulus and Remus after they’d been saved from starvation by the she-wolf?  Faustulus
  4. Which fossil creatures are named after the symbol of the Egyptian god whose shrine Alexander the Great visited in Egypt? Ammonites – he visited the oracle of Zeus-Ammon; Ammon was associated with the ram and often depicted – as was Alexander after the visit – with rams’ horns round his ears
  5. In Norse mythology, Heimdall was the guardian of Bifrost. What was Bifrost? The rainbow bridge between the human world and the world of the gods.
  6. In Greek mythology, how is the feeding of the infant Zeus by the goat Amaltheia commemorated in the night sky? By the Milky Way, which symbolises the non-stop flow of milk needed to feed Zeus
  7. What was the name of the island ruled by Odysseus? Ithaca
  8. In Slavonic mythology, who lives in a hut which travels around on fowl’s legs? The witch Baba Yaga
  9. Which Egyptian deity was represented as a hippopotamus standing upright?  Ta-Uret/Taueret
  10. Which Norse goddesses were the equivalent of the Greek and Roman Fates?  Norns
  11. What name did the Romans add to the name of the goddess Sul when they built a temple at Bath?  Minerva
  12. The god of the Underworld was called Dis in Latin, and one of his Greek names was Ploutos - usually Anglicised as Pluto.  What do both of these names mean? They both mean ‘wealth’ – referring to gold and silver which could be mined from the depths of the earth
  13. Who was the Roman god of boundaries?  Terminus
  14. According to Geoffrey of Monmouth, which legendary figure, whom he also called ‘Ambrosius’, was believed to have been fathered on a mortal woman by a demon?  Merlin
  15. Which novel by D. H. Lawrence takes its title from an ancient Mexican god? The Plumed Serpent – the normal appearance of the god Quetzalcoatl
  16. When the Greek god Zeus was caught in flagrante by his wife Hera with the princess Io, how did he hide Io from Hera? They were near a herd of cows, so he turned her into a cow and hid her in the herd
  17. And what went wrong? Hera sent a gadfly to drive the ‘cow’ away from the area and Zeus couldn’t find her to turn her back into a human
  18. Who was the Roman goddess of the hearth?  Vesta
  19. And what is the connection between that goddess, the planet Venus and a way of starting a fire? If Venus appeared in the morning sky, it was called Lucifer –‘light-bringer’. Both ‘Lucifer and ‘Vesta’ were early kinds of match
  20. In Greek mythology, who was killed by the giant scorpion represented in the night sky by the constellation Scorpi ? Orion

Mastermind Club Quiz 2017

Number 20


Questions set by Gavin Fuller


1 Ogier the Dane, Archbishop Turpin of Reims and Baligant, Emir of Babylon, are all characters in which epic poem? The Song of Roland

2 Whose 1942 painting Nighthawks is unusual for the painter as it features four people, his works usually featuring fewer than that?

Edward Hopper

3 The Lost Stradivarius and The Nebuly Coat are two of John Falkner’s three published novels. Which work, published in 1898, is the third?


4 What is the name of the human-lilke inhabitants of the land of the Houyhnhnms, discovered by Captain Lemuel Gulliver in 1711?  Yahoos

5 Of which short-lived painter did Turner observe that if this painter had lived, he would have starved?   Thomas Girtin

6 Which musician exerted an unwholesome influence over singer Trilby O’Ferral?   Svengali

7 Which poem was sparked by the premature death of Arthur Henry Hallam?   In Memorium A.H.H by Alfred Lord Tennyson

8 Spencer Gore, son of the first Wimbledon Men’s Singles champion, was the first president of which artistic group? The Camden Town Group

9 What part of Elfride Swancourt’s anatomy provided the title of an 1873 novel?  (A Pair of) Blue Eyes by Thomas Hardy

10 Which Shakespeare play ends with Alcibiades reading the title character’s epitaph and promising to bring peace to that character’s home city?   Timon of Athens

11 Which Dominican-born writer published nothing between 1939 and 1966, when she wrote a prequel to Jane Eyre?

Jean Rhys (Wide Sargosso Sea)

12 Which artistic method was brought to England by Prince Rupert of the Rhine?   Mezzotint

13 Who is the father of Guinevere, who gave the Round Table to King Arthur as a wedding present?  King Leodegrance of Cammilard

14 In which land are Quadling Country, Winkie Country and Gillkin Country to be found?   The Land of Oz

15 The Goldfinch is a well-known work by which painter, who perished in a Delft gunpowder magazine explosion?  Carel Fabritius

16 “Beneath those rugged elms, that yew-tree’s shade, Where heaves the turf in many a mouldering heap, Each in his narrow cell for ever laid, The rude Forefathers of the hamlet sleep”. What was the name of the village in which these lines were written?  Stoke Poges (where Thomas Gray wrote Elegy written in a Country Churchyard, from which these lines come)

17 In which book is blind monastic librarian Jorge di Burgos a muderer?  The Name of the Rose (by Umberto Eco)

18 Elizabeth Siddal and Jane Morris were favourite models of which artist?  Dante Gabriel Rossetti

19 Who is the master thief turned master detective in a series of stories by Maurice LeBlanc, some of which include a character called Herlock Sholmes?    Arsen Lupin

20 Which famous painting includes a King and queen reflected in a mirror?  Les Meninas By Diego Velazquez




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