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"IT’S CATCHING ON! Regular Regional meetings have been held for some years in London, Manchester and the North-East. The practise has now spread to what many insist is the nation’s Capitol of Quizzing, Liverpool.

The inaugural meeting was held on Wednesday 25 April 2012, at the temporary venue of Costa Coffee in Lime Street Station. This venue was chosen not for its glamour or atmosphere, but because it was accessible and not intimidating for members looking for people they did not already know.

We now meet at 6:00pm in the foyer of the Liner Hotel, Lord Nelson Street, just up from Lime Street Station, and usually eat there, but are always open to recommendations of other good restaurants. The meeting is quarterly, third Wednesday in January, April, July and October. Regional meetings are a good way of keeping in touch with other members. Because we have all been through the Mastermind Experience we find that in some ways we are on the same wavelength as other members, regardless of differences in age, profession and background. I realise that such meetings will only appeal to the more sociable members, but there seem to be plenty of those :-) , which makes for an enjoyable evening with interesting conversation and good company.

Do contact me if you would like to know more about the meetings.

Glenys Hopkins"
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