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To celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the founding of The Mastermind Club, a lunch was held at The Phoenix Palace restaurant in London on Saturday 12th of October.

Thirty members of the club attended, including Alan Blackburn, Susan Jenkins, Angela Alves and Margery Elliot who were all present at the inagural meeting in 1978.

Club members Victoria Mackenzie, Phillida Grantham, Patricia Cowley, Ken Emond,

Ray Ward and Glenys Hopkins

Club members Sue Jenkins, Angela Alves, Edward Towne and Kevin Ashman

Club members Rachel Leonard, Margery Elliott, Paul Emerson and John Rand

Philida Grantham & Patricia Cowley

Sue Jenkins, ?. Angela Alves, Edward Towne

Rachel Leonard , John Rand, Mrs Rand, Tony Dart & Margaret Dart

Kevin Ashman

Rachel Leonard, Margery Elliot & Paul Emerson

Mel Kinsey, Robert & Susan Leng

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