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    Quiz 2021

    No 4

    Classical Byways


                                   Set by Maya Davis

                             More Classical Byways

1/   What might a Roman have classified as ‘Setine’,      ‘Caecuban’ or ‘Falernian’?    


2/  Apart from attending drama performances at its theatre, for what other purpose did ancient Greeks visit the religious precinct at Epidaurus?


3/ What was the Roman name of the Spanish city of Zaragoza?     

4/  Whose main palace was at Pella?

5/ What did the 20th Legion Valeria Victrix and Richard III of England have in common?


6/ What did the god Hermes, then still a baby, make using stolen cattle and a dead tortoise?

7/ For what purpose might an ancient Roman visit a Lupinar?

8/ Where in particular would Greeks have seen the inscriptions ‘Know Yourself’ and ‘Nothing in Excess’?

9/ According to tradition, the 5th and 7th kings of Rome weren’t Romans by birth. Where were they from?

10/ What mythical creatures are painted on the wall either side of the ceremonial throne in the main throne room of the Minoan palace at Knossos?

11/  What relation was Pliny the Elder to Pliny the Younger?

12/ When the Athenian comic dramatists mentioned ‘Onion-Head’ in their plays, to which politician were they referring?

13/ Whom had Julius Caesar defeated when he sent his famous message ‘Veni, vidi, vici’?


14/ Which London main line stations are nearest to a church whose architectural features include a replica of the Caryatid Porch of the Erechtheum in Athens?

15/ Two of the members of the Second Triumvirate were Octavian (later Augustus) and Marcus Antonius. Who was the third, described by Shakespeare as ‘A slight unmeritable man, meet to be sent on errands’?

16/ Who allegedly regularly told whom ‘Come back with your shield or on it.’

17/ Who designed the Labyrinth in which the Minotaur was imprisoned?


18/ Which real-life Gaulish chieftain, who organised resistance to Caesar, appears several times in the Asterix books?

19/ Which cinema chain is named after a small auditorium in Athens?

20/ Which constellation is named after the mother of Andromeda?

21/ In which opera, based on a 19th century French play and first produced in 1900, does the final act take place on what was originally the Mausoleum of Hadrian in Rome?

22/ Oedipus was king of which Greek city?

23/ When would a Roman woman have her hair arranged in 6 plaits, the partings being made by the point of a spear?

24/ What did Quinctilius Varus lose in Germany during the reign of the emperor Augustus?

24/ Le Rouet d’Omphale (= Omphale’s Spinning-Wheel) by Camille Saint-Saens is an orchestral work based on one of the lesser-known stories about which mythical hero?


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