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Quiz 2020

No 9



Set by Mel Kinsey


1/  The Strait of Otranto separates which two countries?


2/ Which is the smallest independent country in South America?


3/  How many points of the compass are there?


4/  Which Spanish region has the same name as a region of eastern Europe spanning south-eastern Poland and western Ukraine?


5/  With which countries does Spain have a land border (i.e. there is a border post)


6/ Valentia Island is of the coast of which European country?


7/ Which country had, until 2011, a flag with only a solid colour?


8/  Where are the Tivoli Gardens?


9/  Abuja is the capital of the seventh most populous country in the world, which?


10/ Which river flows through the Grand Canyon?


11/ Which African city derives its name from "Three Cities"


12/  Port Moresby (Pot Mosbi) is the capital city of which country?


13/ Which country has 37 official languages, more than any other? ( the first languge mentioned in the constitution and the most widely spoken is Spanish)


14/ Out of the ten most populous islands i the world, only two are outside Asia, can you name them?


15/ Where would you find the letters BCE ,ECB, EZB , EKT, and EKP together?


16/ The Merlion, an imaginary creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish, is used as the mascot of which island nation?


17/ How is French Somaliland now known?


18/  Which three countries have a flag which is simply a circle on a solid background?


19/ The Gulf of Bothnia lies between which two countries?


20/  Yellowstone National Park is located mainly in Wyoming but also extends into which two other states?


21/  The Juan de Fuca Strait seperates which two countries?


22/ Which European capital city is served by Schwechat airport?



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