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Quiz 2020

No 37

General Knowledge


Set by Mel Kinsey

1. Convallaria majalis is the botanical name for which low-growing perennial plant? 


2. In 1970, which Canadian-bred, Irish-trained thoroughbred became the first horse for 35 years to win the English Triple Crown of the 2,000 Guineas, Derby and St Ledger? 


3. The ports of Tyre and Sidon are located in which country? 


4. Harry Hole is the main character in a series of crime novels written by which Scandinavian author? 


5. Angel Falls in Venezuela and the Tugela Falls in South Africa are the world's two highest natural waterfalls. In which country is the Tres Hermanas Falls, the world’s third-tallest waterfall? 


6. So called because it contained four ducal seats, which English county has an area called the Dukeries? 


7. Which Emperor of Rome, the founder of the Flavian dynasty, consolidated Roman rule in Germany and Britain and reformed the army and brought prosperity to the empire? 


8. According to Greek mythology, which three sisters, the daughters of the sea deities Ceto and Phorcys, had hair made of living, venomous snakes, as well as a horrifying visage that turned those who laid eyes on them to stone?


9. Which was the first Asian country to host the Commonwealth Games? 


10. Approximately 6,585 days after an eclipse of the sun or moon, the sun, moon and earth return to the same relative positions in space, and another eclipse occurs. This repeating nature of eclipses was known in ancient times. What name is given to this cyclical repetition of eclipses? 


11. ‘April is the cruellest month’ is the opening line of which famous poem, first published in 1922? 


12. The title of which 1937 novella by John Steinbeck was taken from a line from a 1785 poem? 


13. Former first lady Hillary Clinton, was senator of which US state from 2001 to 2009?


14. The breakup of which European country in the 199D’s is sometimes referred to as “the velvet divorce”?


15. TheNeiper River flows over 1000 mile sinto which sea? 


16. The Peacock Throne, created in the 17*‘ century, was used by the rulers of which empire?


17. In boxing what weight division comes between light heavyweight and heavyweight?


18. What is the name of the eponymous Barber of Seville in Rossinis’s comic opera? 


19. Which former Gloucester and England wicket keeper became a full time artist after he retired in 2004? He has his own gallery in Chipping Sodbury?


20. Following the Limehouse Deciaration in which year were the S D P formed?


21. The Swedish pop singer Marie Fredrikson died in December 2019. What was the name of the duo she appearedin?


22. What wild animal is the early 19th century poet Lord Byron said to have kept whilst studying at Cambridge?


23. What common herb is mixed with lemon zest and garlic to make a classic gremolata, a garnish or accompaniment to certain meat and seafood dishes?


24. Loretta Lyn is the sister of which other country singer?


25. Zachariah Janssen is credited with the invention of which piece of scientific equipment? 


26. The Human League released a song “Don't you want me baby” and it was used in an advert in 2001 for a TV commercial. What make and model of car was advertised?


27. I was born in 1946, fourth of twelve children. I have been married to Carl Dean for 53 years. l have had 23 singles  reach the top of the UScharts and have composed over3000songs. I founded a charity library which provides books for pre-school children and as of December 2019 the charity had sent out over 130 million books. l was headline act at Glastonbury in 2014. Who am l?


28. I was bom in 1937 and I am an actor, director and film maker. Some of my most known films are Easy Rider, A Few Good Men and As Good As It Gets. l am the most nominated actor in Academy history with 12 awards and I have won 3 Oscars. Who am I? 


29. “Somewhere only we know" by Lily Allen released in 2013 and "Your Song” by Ellie Goulding released in 2010 were used in Xmas advertisements for which company? 


30. 80% of the world’s production of which metal is used in the production of catalytic converters for cars? 


31.  Late musician Walter Becker was lead guitarist in which American rockband? 


32 Who plays the Union leader Jimmy Hoffa in the 2019 American epic crime film"The Irishman"? 


33. What name is given to the Nordic dish consisting of salmon cured using salt, sugar and dill? lt is served thinly sliced accompanied with a dill and mustard sauce.


34. The Revolutionary Leader Toussaint Louverture was a key figure in establishing the independence of which modern Caribbean nation? 


35. Which drummer died in October 2019 aged 80? He was hailed as a ground breaking artist and was a member of “BlindFaith" and "Hawkwind amongst other bands


36 Who was Prime Minister of the UK  during the abdication crisis of1936? 


37. In English football which player is the PremierLeague's all time top foreign goalscorer?


38. “NessunDonna"is an aria from which opera? 


39. Who broke the 100 metres world record at the1988 Olympics but later disqualified for doping? 


40. Which 6th century Lidian king, noted for his vast wealth,was defeated by the Persians in 546BC?


41. The Beagle Channel forms part of the border between Argentina and which other country?


42. The Orange/Chestnut Revolution of 2004 and 2005 almost brought which country to Civil War? 


43. Which actor plays Frank "The Irishman” Sheeran in the epic film of the same name? 

44. What is the favourite food of the cartoon cat Garfield?


45. In Greek mythology which personification of aryba whirlpool lurked opposite the sea monster Cilla to drown unwary travellers in the Straits of Messina?  


46. This is the opening line to which novel "My father's family name being Pirrip and my Christian name being Philip, my infant tongue could make of both names nothingg longer or more explicit than Pip". Name book and author?  


46. Which is the smallest city in England by population?  


47. Which Rugby Union international player holds the record as the highest ever point scorer in the Six Nations with 557 points?


48. The UK Post Office was renamed in 2002 in what was generally considered an unsuccessful attempt to rebrand it. The new name was abandoned 16 months later. What was the name?  


49. First held there in 1927, which New Jersey golf club has hosted a record 9 U.S Open Championships?  the last was in 2016.


50. What spiral galaxy also known as M31 is about two and a half million light years away from earth? It is the nearest large galaxy to our own. 


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