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Quiz 2020

No 35

"Only Connect"


Set by Tony Bell


The second best quiz show on TV is “Only Connect”.

Here are even more Only Connect questions 



Round 1. Connections


Lion.                 Doyle, Hackett, McGuire, Crilly.


Water.               Nh, Ru, Ga, Po.


Twisted Flax.   Panama 2, New Zealand 4, Brazil 27, USA 50.


Eye of Horus.  King Constantine II of Greece,

                         King Felipe VI of Spain,

                         King Harald V of Norway,

                         Prince Albert II of Monaco.


Two Reeds.      1 Carpenter, 2 Grissom, 3 Shepard, 4 Cooper.


Horned Viper.   Garlick, Aching, Ogg, Weatherwax.



Round 2. Sequences


Lion.               Adolf Hitler,

                       Erwin Rommel,

                       Bernard  Montgomery, ....


Water.             1992 Rowing, 1996 Rowing, 2000 Rowing, ....


Twisted Flax.   No, Service, Die, ....


Eye of Horus.  David Earl of Snowdon,

                        Savannah Phillips,

                        Edward Earl of Wessex, ....


Two Reeds.     Gonville and Caius, Pembroke, Clare, ....


Horned Viper. Alan Williams, Peter Tapsell, Gerald Kaufman, ....


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