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Quiz 2020

No 27

Fictional Animals


Set by Maya Davis


Literary Lions and other fictional animals


1/  Which fictional lion is named after an old Turkic word for ‘Lion’? 


2/  In a story by Roald Dahl, the eponymous character’s parents were killed by a rhinoceros which had escaped from a zoo. What is the story called?


3/ A fictional detective called Thursday Next owns a pet called Pickwick. What species is Pickwick?


4/  A novel by the Czech writer Tesnohlídek, serialised in a Brno newspaper with illustrations by Stanislav Lolek became the basis for an opera by a Czech composer about its heroine Bystrouška.  Give one of the usual English titles of the opera.


5/  What was the name of the villainous Penguin in the Wallace & Gromit cartoon The Wrong Trousers


6/  In which Shakespeare play does Proteus’ servant Launce own a dog called Crab? 


7/  What sort of army was led by General Woundwort?


8/  In the original novel by Felix Salten, what species of deer is Bambi? 


9/  Which Dickens character owned a dog called Bull’s-Eye?


10/ In Walter de la Mare’s poem Five Eyes, set to music by C. Armstrong Gibbs, to which creatures do the five eyes belong?


11/  In Gerald Durrell’s novel Rosy is my Relative, what sort of creature is Rosy?


12/  Which farmyard creature and his wife are the central characters in Chaucer’s The Nun’s Priest’s Tale?


13/ Which fictional aristocrat owned a prize pig called Empress of Blandings?


14/ In 1935 Alfred Bestall took over the writing and illustrating the Rupert Bear strip in the Daily Express from Rupert’s original creator. Who originally created Rupert in 1920?


15/ In T. H. White’s The Sword in the Stone, what is the name of Merlin’s owl?   


16/ William Horwood’s ‘Duncton’ books centre on which species of British mammal?


17/  Lottie the Otter is introduced in David Benedictus’ 2009 sequel to a series of stories first published in the 1920s. Which series?


18/   In The Legend of Tsar Saltan, by Rimsky-Korsakov, the Tsar’s son is changed into an insect and flies away, giving rise to a famous instrumental interlude. What insect?


19/  Who created a poetry-writing cockroach called archy and the alley-cat mehitabel, neither of whom could use the upper-case letters on the typewriter? 


20/ In whose trilogy of modern Gothic novels was Lord Groan pecked to death and eaten by owls?


21/  Which comic strip character owns a dog called Gnasher?


22/ Which fictional Spaniard owned a horse called Rosinante


23/ The pet of an eponymous Dickens character was called Grip. Whose pet and what was it?


24/  Who created a forgetful cat called Mog, and also a much larger cat which accepted an invitation to tea?  


25/  According to Hilaire Belloc, who ran away from his nurse on a trip to the zoo and was eaten by a lion called Ponto?


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