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Quiz 2020

No 22

Musical Characters


Set by Maya Davis

Musical characters.    
This quiz is about ‘people’ (either real or fictional) who feature

in music of all kinds.

1/ Amyntas wandered up and down in his search for a missing shepherdess. What was her name?

2/ Who sang about her innkeeper friend Lillas Pastia? 

3/ June 13th is celebrated in Dublin as the day commemorating the central figure of a ballad about a street trader who died of fever.  Who was this?

4/ 640 in Italy, 231 in Germany, 100 in France, 91 in Turkey.  What and according to whom?

5/ What was the occupation of ailurophile Pat Clifton?

6/ The fictional composer P.D.Q. Bach was the most well-known alter ego of which American musicologist and comedian? 

7/ ‘He did labour/After the tabor/ For to dance/ then into France.’  Whose dancing did Weelkes celebrate in these lyrics?

8/ In which musical stage work does Hanna Glawari appear? 

9/  One of the brothers Marco and Giuseppe Palmieri was mistakenly identified as the rightful ruler of Barataria. What, according to the title of the work in which they appear, was their original profession?

10/ Which sequence of musical tributes, all with the same refrain, includes reference to an enigmatic person known by the nickname ‘Bonny-Boots’.

11/ In which opera does Jenik apparently sell his girlfriend Mařenka?

12/ Which musical’s minor characters include Andrew Carnes, Gertie Cummings and Ali Hakim?

13/ Which Beatles song takes its title and theme from an inscription on a gravestone?  

14 In Verdi’s Rigoletto, what is the profession of Sparafucile?

15/ Greaseball, Rusty and Pearl are all characters in a well-known musical. What sort of characters are they?

16/ ‘Remember me, but ah! Forget my fate.’ Whose fate?

17/ Who caught the 08.21 to London every day but returned home every evening prepared to shoot people? 
18/  In a one-act opera by Leoncavallo based on an actual crime, the most famous aria is sung by the leading character Canio. What is Canio’s profession?

19/ Which singer/songwriter’s works include songs about a hobo called Anderson McCrew (renamed ‘Andrew’ in the song), Fred Astaire, Vincent van Gogh and Buddy Holly, among others?

20/ In Shakespeare’s Othello, Desdemona sings part of a song which she remembers her mother’s lovelorn maid singing. What was the maid’s name?

21/ Whose list of ideal food included pease-pudding, saveloys, jelly, custard and sausages with mustard?

22/  Which operatic character tells us that her real name is Lucia?

23/ Pamina is one of the main characters in an opera by Mozart. Which character in that opera is her mother? The Queen of the Night in

24/ A song by Harry B Norris composed in 1900 features someone who takes his name from an up-market shopping arcade in Piccadilly. What is the title of the song?

25/ Who praised his lover’s beauty to guitar accompaniment during a 366 (or 367)-day sea voyage in a small green sailing boat, and who was his audience?


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