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Quiz 2020


Fauna & Flora


Set by Mel Kinsey


1/ Which primate of the subfamily Cebinae is so-named because of the resemblance of the hairs on its head to that of a religious headpiece?  


2/  Deriving from a chance remark by a 19th-century English lawyer about the challenges its unique structure would pose to certain tree-dwelling animals, what common name is given to Araucaria araucana, an evergreen native to Chile and Argentina? 


3/ Named after a Russian geographer-explorer, this rare and endangered subspecies of wild horse was at one time extinct in the wild, but has since been reintroduced into its native habitats in which Asian country?    

4/ Named after an American zoologist, which principle holds that animals living in cold climates have smaller or shorter appendages (e.g. ears, legs, tails etc) than their warm-adapted relatives?    


5/ Also known as the desert lynx, which member of the cat family has a name which means 'Black Ear' in Turkish - a reference to the long black tufts at the back of its ears? Found in Africa, the Middle East and South Asia, its powerful hind-legs enable it to leap high into the air to catch low-flying birds.   


6/ Also known as the wishbone, what is the anatomical name of this forked bone, formed by the fusion of the two clavicles and found in birds & some other dinosaurs? It functions to strengthen & stabilize the thorax during the rigors of flight.  


7/ What six-letter name refers to any of several Australian lizards of the genus Varanus? Carnivorous and generally capable of climbing trees, they feature prominently in Aboriginal mythology and Australian folklore.  


8/ Which family of bony fish is characterized by the presence of two dorsal fins and a series of finlets behind the rear dorsal fin? Including mackerels, tunas and many important food fishes, it gives its name to a particular form of food poisoning believed to result from histamine formation due to the decaying flesh of the fish. 


9/ What eight-letter term refers to the ventral (bottom) part of the shell of a turtle, tortoise or terrapin? The same word can also mean an ornamental front piece of a woman's bodice, or a metal breastplate won under a coat of mail.


10/ Its name deriving from Japanese, what group of plants in the genus Pueraria are climbing or coiling perennial vines noted for the speed and extent in which it covers trees, shrubs and even man-made structures? Native to much of Asia, it is a useful livestock fodder as well as an attractive ornamental.    


11/ Having the binomial name Leopardus wiedii, which small cat native to Central and South America is very similar to the ocelot, but with a shorter head and longer tail & legs? It is one of the only two cat species (the other being the clouded leopard) which possess enough ankle flexibility to climb down a tree head-first.   


12/ Belonging to the order Paramelemorphia, which small insectivorous marsupial native to parts of Australia and New Guinea has a rat-like appearance but has a long pointed head and snout? An anthropomorphic example named Crash is the protagonist of a popular video game franchise that originated on the Sony PlayStation in 1996.   


13/ Also known as the nutria or river rat, which semiaquatic rodent originally native to South America is the only member of the family Myocastoridae? It is valued for its fur, which is used in the fashion industry.  


14/ Which colourful bird found across Afro-Eurasia, noted for its distinctive crown of feathers and characteristic call (from which it derives its name), is also the national bird of Israel?  


15/ Native to eastern and southern Africa, which antelope of the genus Tragelaphus has two species (the Greater and Lesser)? They are characterized by horns that usually possess two to two and a half twists. 


16/ What name is given to the two-lobed structure that is attached to the end of the filament and together forms the stamen (or male reproductive part of the flower)? It contains microsporangia, within which pollen are produced.   

17/ Including species such as the dugong, manatee and the extinct Steller's sea cow, which order of aquatic herbivorous mammal derives its name from a group of dangerous creatures in Greek myth?    


18/ In biology, what name is given to a plant that grows on another for support, but unlike a parasite does not derive any moisture or nutrient from its host? Examples include mosses, algae and ferns.   


19/ Named the `Klingon newt' due to its distinctive skull shape and ridges on its back, this animal is amongst 163 new species discovered in the forested regions of which major river, as announced by the World Wildlife Fund in December 2016?  


20/ Belonging to the genus Rissa, which coastal-breeding seabird ranges in the North Pacific, North Atlantic and Arctic oceans? It derives its name from the shrill calling sound it makes.  


21/ Which member of the Crocodilia order, native to the northern Indian subcontinent, is noted for its elongated snout that is adapted for catching fish? Its name derives from the Hindi for an earthen pot, which the swollen boss at the end of its snout resembles.


22/ Also known as the Bjelkier, which large herding dog takes its name from a nomadic reindeer-herding people from Siberia? They were used by Fridtjof Nansen on his polar expeditions.   


23/ Which two-word name  is given to more than 500 species of beetles of the Carabidae family, so named because of the ability to eject a hot noxious chemical spray from the tip of their abdomen when disturbed?   


24/ The Humboldt, Adelie, Gentoo and Macaroni are species of which bird, of the family Spheniscidae?  


25/ Which word in botany refers the collective term for all the petals of a flower, and is also the name of a best-selling automobile (car) model? 


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