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Quiz 2020


Jane Austen and Her Works


Set by Mel Kinsey


1/ What is Mr. Darcy's annual income?  

2/ Who is he oldest woman in a Jane Austen novel, to find a husband?

3/  What character owns the estate Combe Magna?

4/  In the novel Emma, what is the name of  Mr. Woodhouse's apothecary?

5/  How old is Catherne Morland at the begining of Noerthanger Abbey?

6/  In Pride and Predjudice which is the tallest Bennet daughter? 

7/  How many novels did Jane Austen publish during her lifetime?

8/  In the novel Emma what is Mr.Woodhouse's other daughters name? 

9/  Besides London what is the primary setting of  Sense and Sensibility?

10/ In Pride and Predjudice how many reasons does Mr.Collins have for wanting to marry, when he makes his first proposal?  

11/ What family own the Abbey, that gives the novel  Northanger Abbey its title? 

12/ From which Jane Austen novel does this quotation come from:

"A ladies imagination is very rapid, it jumps from admiration to love, in a moment"

13/ In the novel Emma what is Mrs.Elton's maiden name/?

14/  In the novel Persuasion, what are the names of the Musgove sisters?

15/ In Pride and Predjudice what was the name of Georgina's former governess, who conspired with Mr. Whickham? 

16/ In the novel Mansfield Park what Shakespeare play does Henry Crawford read out loud  to Fanny? 

17/ What pen name did Jane Austen use?   

18/  In the novel Sense and Sensibility  for how long are Lucy and Edward secretly engaged, before Elenor learns of their engagement?

19/  Which Jane Austen character says the following quotation, "If I loved you less, I might be able to talk about it more"? 

20/ In the novel Pride and Predjudice where is the first Ball held?

21/ In the novel Emma what is the age difference between Mr.Knightley and Emma?

22/  In the novel Mansfield Park  how many siblings does Fanny have?

23/  How does Captain Wentworth sign his letter to Ann in the novel Persuasion?

24/ Which two Jane Austin novels were published after her death?

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