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Quiz 2020


Geographical Names


Set by Stewart Cross


1. Which European capital city was known as Pressburg?  

2. By what name was the country of Benin previously known?

3. The French city of Aix-la-Chapelle, no longer in France, is now called what?

4. Luguvalium is the Roman name for which British city?  

5. York was the previous name of which major North American city?  

6. What was the colonial name of Jakarta, capital of Indonesia?  

7. Basutoland has become which modern African country?  

8. Cadman's Cottage is reputed to be the oldest building in which antipodean city?

9. Canton City is the alternative name for which major Chinese city with a population of nearly 13 million?  

10. The Russian city of Molotov was renamed what in 1957?  

11. Lourenco Marques was the old name for which African capital city? 

12. The Indian holy city of Benares has been renamed what?   

13. Astana, the capital of Kazakhtsan has been renamed as what? 

14. Which 2 countries did the Gilbert and Ellice Islands become in 1976?

15. By what alternative and older name, is the Indonesian island of Sulawesi known?   

16. The Venetian town of Ragusa is the old name for which Adriatic city? 

17. Which Balkan city was renamed Uskub by the Ottomans in 1392, a name that was recognised for some time across Europe?    

18. The old Italian port of Leghorn is now known as what? 

19. Copperopolis is the nickname of which British city?  

20. Aquae Sextiae is the Roman name for which French city? 

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