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Quiz 2020


Food & Drink


Set by Mel Kinsey


1/ Whch fast food franchise has the largest number of restaurants in the world?

2/ What is the distinctive characteristic of Seville Oranges?

3/  What is Tofu made of? 

4/  If a dish is described as Dopiaza, which ingredient would you expect to find?

5/ What is mixed with Guinness when poured to create the creamy head?

6/ Which is the main grain used for making Bourbon whiskey?

7/  The towns of Reims and Epemay are the centres of which wine-producing region of France?

8/ What are the main four ingredients of a Waldorf Salad?

9/ What does a Screwdrive become if you add Galliano?

10/ What is measured  using the Scoville Scale?

11/  What do Amstel, Newcastle Brown, John Smith's, Birra Moretti, Cruzcampo, Murphy's and Buckler have in common?

12/ From which country did Pilsner beer originate?

13/ What is the main ingredient of Hummus?

14/ What is the ame of the culinary knife cut in which a food item is cut into long thin strips?

15/  Red Stripe beer is originally from which country?

16/ Which drink was created by the Coca-Cola cmpany in Nazi Germany during World War II to compensate for the inability to import Coca-Cola syrup?

17/ Who said during World War I. "Drink is doing us more damage than all the German submarines put together"?

18/ Who said. "One more drink and i'll be under the host"?

19/ What does VSOP on a Brandy bottle stand for?

20/ From which fruit is Grenadine obtained?

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Designed by Mel Kinsey