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Quiz 2020


Cryptic Animal & Vegetable Quiz


Set by Maya Davis

Below are clues to the names of  plants, vertibrates or invertabrates,

Can you work them out?

1 Tintin's fishy friend

2.Darwin’s dog.

3.Say farewell to Mr Mc Cartney’s midnight vocalist.

4.This car roars and bites in the South American jungle.

5.One of Charles, George, Henry or Edward (or Harald or Cnut) participates in an angling contest.

6.William, in short, is angry.

7.Primate sounds like the kind of sleepiness or inactivity you might feel after a sunbathe or soothing massage.

8.Is this cat guilty of dishonourable behaviour?

9.An associate of Neddy and Eccles.

10.Sounds like the weather forecast, darling.

11.FLOTUS told to fly home.

12.Accountants would love this reptile.

3.Half a native of Skara Brae.

14.Aberdonians and Glaswegians experience deep longing for a tree.

15.Island group in the Caribbean gives a reptile.

16.A rodent used for opening or closing?

17.Mr Coogan’s bird.

18.Put a handle on this fish to help with your D.I. Y.

20.A digital fruit guarantees 24-hour health.

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