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Quiz 2020

No 10


Set by Stewart Cross


1. Which 19th Century art movement named after a forest village, had Millet, Daubigny and Troyon amongst its members?


2. Which artist's real name was Michelangelo Merisi?

3.Which deaf-mute 17th century Dutch artist is best remembered for winter scenes?

4. Which Italian sculptor designed the Fountain of the 4 rivers in the Piazza Navona, Rome?

5. Which 20th century Russian born French artist painted 'The Village and I'?

6. Which Italian artist did Vasari credit with introducing oil painting to Italy?

7. Which Polish born French artist was born Balthasar Klossowski de Rola?

8. Which 19th century British landscape painter died at the age of 25 of TB?

9. Which American female artist became an exhibitor with the Impressionists after a close friendship with Degas?


10. Which French artist was much admired by Turner, who made it a condition of leaving certain paintings to the nation that they would hang next to his work?

11. 'Venus, Cupid, Folly and Time'in the National Gallery as generally regarded as the masterpiece of which artist?

12. Where in Warwickshire is the collection founded by Peter Moores that focuses on Neapolitan and early German art in particular?

13. Which 13th century Italian artist has had a very rare work discovered recently in a French house?

14. Who designed the dome of Florence Cathedral?

15. Which French artist was a member of the Pont-Aven school, alongside Gauguin?

16. Which 16th century German artist painted the spectacular 'Battle of Issus' that hangs in Munich?

17. Which French artist is generally regarded as the bridge between Impressionism and Cubism?

18. Who created the massive volume, 'The Birds of America'?

19. Which artist, the nephew of Canaletto, painted many paintings of Dresden that were used to help reconstruct the city after WW2?

20. The poster for the National Gallery's new exhibition that no-one will see, features Titian's 'Rape of Europa'. In which city would you normally find it?







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