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Quiz 2020

No 35

"Only Connect"


Set by Tony Bell




The second best quiz show on TV is “Only Connect”. Here are even more Only Connect questions 


Round 1. Connections


Lion.                 Doyle, Hackett, McGuire, Crilly.

                         Characters in “Father Ted”.

                         Mrs Doyle,

                         Father Jack Hackett,

                         Father Dougal McGuire,                   

                         Father Ted Crilly.


Water.               Nh, Ru, Ga, Po.

                         Symbols for chemical elements named after                          countries.


                         Nh, Nihonium/Japan.

                         Ru, Ruthenium/Russia.

                         Ga, Gallium/France.

                         Po, Polonium/Poland.


Twisted Flax.   Panama 2, New Zealand 4, Brazil 27, USA 50.


                         Numbers of stars on current national flags                         of these countries.


Eye of Horus.  King Constantine II of Greece,

                         King Felipe VI of Spain,

                         King Harald V of Norway,

                         Prince Albert II of Monaco.

                         European royalty who have competed in                            the Olympic Games. Constantine. Felipe                            and Harald competed in Sailing,

                         Albert competed in Bobsleigh.


Two Reeds.      1 Carpenter, 2 Grissom, 3 Shepard, 4 Cooper.   




                         Thunderbird 1 piloted by Scott Tracy,       

                         named after Mercury astronaut Scott Carpenter.


                         Thunderbird 2 piloted by Virgil  Tracy                                  named after Mercury astronaut Virgil Grissom.


                         Thunderbird 3 piloted by Alan Tracy                          named after Mercury astronaut Alan Shepard.


                         Thunderbird 4 piloted by Gordon Tracy,

                         named after Mercury astronaut Gordon Cooper.


Horned Viper.  Garlick, Aching, Ogg, Weatherwax.

                         Surnames of witches in Terry Pratchett’s   

                         “ Discworld” stories.




Round 2. Sequences


Lion.               Adolf Hitler,

                       Erwin Rommel,

                       Bernard  Montgomery, ....

                       Mentioned in titles of successive volumes                        of Spike Milligan’s war biography.


                      Volume 1: Adolf Hitler, My Part In His Downfall

                      Volume 2: Rommel, Gunner Who?

                      Volume 3. Monty, His Part In My Victory.


                       Next in sequence is Benito Mussolini. Volume 4                          Mussolini, His Part In My Downfall.


Water.      1992 Rowing, 1996 Rowing, 2000 Rowing ...                   

                      Sports of British Flag Bearers in successive

                      Olympic Opening Ceremonies.                  


1992 Steve Redgrave,

1996 Steve Redgrave,

                                2000 Matthew Pinsent.


               Next in sequence is 2004 Judo, Kate Howey

carried the British Flag in 2004.


Twisted Flax.   No, Service, Die, ....


                        Dr. No, first Sean Connery James Bond film.


                        On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, First and                           only George Lazenby James Bond film.


                        Live And Let Die, first Roger Moore                  

                        James Bond film.


                         Next in sequence is The Living Daylights,         

                        first Timothy Dalton James Bond film.



Eye of Horus.  David Earl of Snowdon,

                        Savannah Phillips,

                        Edward Earl of Wessex, ....


                        Earl of Snowdon is 20th in line of succession                           for the British throne,


                        Savannah Phillips is 15th in line,


                        Earl of Wessex is 10th in line.


                         Next in sequence is Prince Louis  of                          of Cambridge 5th in line of succession.


Two Reeds.     Gonville and Caius, Pembroke, Clare, ....


                        Gonville and Caius (1348) is the 4th oldest         

                        college of the University of Cambridge.


                        Pembroke (1347) is the 3rd oldest college of the                         University of Cambridge.


                        Clare (1326) is the 2nd oldest college of the     

                        University of Cambridge.


                         Next in sequence is Peterhouse (1284)

                         the oldest college of the University of                              Cammbridge.



Horned Viper. Alan Williams, Peter Tapsell, Gerald Kaufman,


                                         Successive “Fathers of the House” of the                                    British  House of Commons.


                         Next in sequence is Kenneth Clarke, “Father 

                         of the House” until the 2019 General Election.



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