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Quiz 2020

No 28

 General Knowqledge


Set by Mel Kinsey



1/  Found chiefly in Britain and France, what is or was a dolmen? 

Megalithic tomb with a large flat stone laid on upright ones

2/  Which American movie director and producer is best known for directing the Godfather trilogy and the Vietnam war epic Apocalypse Now? 

Francis Ford Coppola

3/   Founded as an imperial menagerie in 1752, which European capital city is home to the oldest continuously operating zoo in the world? 

Vienna  (Tiergarten Schönbrunn) 

4/  Since the early 17th-century there have been four Provinces of Ireland. Ulster is one, what are the names of the other three? 

Connacht, Leinster and Munster

5/   Which science fiction novel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, first published in 1912, features the characters Edward Malone, a young reporter for the Daily Gazette and the notorious Professor Challenger? 

The Lost World

6/ Who, in 1978, was the first female newscaster of ITV's News at Ten?

Anna Ford

7/ First minted in the reign of Edward VI, which British coin ceased to be legal tender on June 30, 1980? 


8/  In which country was the Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky assassinated in August 1940? 

Mexico  (Coyoacán, Mexico City) 

9/   Which British Conservative politician was born in Aberdeen on August 26, 1967 and originally named Graeme Logan? 

Michael Gove  (at the age of four months he was adopted by Ernest and Christine Gove, by whom he was brought up )

10/ What are the names of both of the only two females to have held the position of Director General of MI5? 

Stella Rimmington  (1992 to 1996) and Eliza Manningham-Buller(2002 to 2007) 

11/  Which American author won the 1962 Nobel Prize in Literature ‘for his realistic and imaginative writings, combining as they do sympathetic humour and keen social perception’? 

John Steinbeck

12/  In a standard year of 365 days, January begins on the same day of the week as which other month? 


13/  Which 1960s Supermarionation television series featured the character Brains? 


14/  Life Among the Lowly is the subtitle of which anti-slavery novel, first published in 1852? 

Uncle Tom's Cabin 

15/  In which year was the British Labour party founded?


16/   Although initially promoted as a sequel, Go Set a Watchman, published in July 2015, is now accepted as being a first draft of which 1961 Pulitzer Prize– winning novel? 

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee 

17/  In Hinduism, what is the name of the terrifying goddess of creation, destruction and time who is commonly presented as dark and violent? She is the wife of Siva and malevolent form of Devi. 


18/  Which British ‘soap’ actor was convicted of the murder of a taxi driver he was attempting to rob in Osnabrueck in 1966 and sentenced to life imprisonment, although he only actually served 10 years? 

Leslie  Grantham  – he was released from prison in 1977 

19/ Which footballer, the sixth highest goal scorer in English League history (330), played for the following clubs in his professional career: Newport County, Oxford United, Liverpool, Real Sociedad and Tranmere Rovers (in that order)? 

John Aldridge

20/  The name of which lively Brazilian dance that is similar to the samba, is derived from the Portuguese for ‘new trend’ or ‘new wave’? 

Bossa Nova

21/  On which part of your body would you have been most likely to have worn a peruke?   

The Head  (it was a wig for men that was fashionable in the 17th and 

18th centuries) 

22/  Which book written by American author and relationship counsellor John Gray has sold more than 15 million copies and, according to a CNN report, was the ‘highest ranked work of non-fiction’ of the 1990s, spending 121 weeks on the best-seller list? 

Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

23/  Which multiple award-winning Alan Bennett play, later made into a film, is set in the fictional Cutler's Grammar School in Sheffield? 

The History Boys

24/  Founded in Manchester in 1909 by Sir Edward Hulton, what was the name of the tabloid newspaper that closed and merged with the Daily Mail in 1971? 

Daily Sketch

25/ Which Italian composer wrote the tragic opera in three acts Lucia di Lammermoor, which was loosely based upon Sir Walter Scott's historical novel The Bride of Lammermoor? 

Gaetano Donizetti

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