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Quiz 2020


Comics & Graphic Novels


Set by Mel Kinsey


1/  In 'Peanuts', what is the name of the character usually portrayed as sucking his thumb and holding on to his security blanket?   


2/ What is the name of the character in the English version of the comic strip Asterix'? The village fishmonger, he is often seen quarrelling with the blacksmith Fulliautomatix about the state of his fish. It may help you to know his wife is named Bacteria!


3/ Played by Chris Pratt in the 2014 movie `Guardians of the Galaxy', what is the name of the Marvel superhero who was abducted from Missouri as a child in 1988 and raised by a group of alien smugglers called the Ravagers?  


4/ Which American cartoonist created 'Maus', a graphic novel serialized from 1980 to 1991? Recounting the experiences of his father during the Holocaust, it portrays the Jews as mice and other Poles and Germans as pigs and cats.

Art Spiegelman

5/ In the works of the American author Robert E. Howard, what is the name of the homeland of Conan the Barbarian? Located on the main Thurian continent, it is bounded by other lands such as Vanaheim, Aesgaard and Hyperborea.  


6/ Born on the alien Shi'ar throneworld after his parents were abducted, which supervillain in the X-Men universe was born Gabriel Summers? The younger brother of Cyclops and Havok, he shares their ability to manipulate vast amounts of energy, in his case also including magical energy. He shares his name with a Roman deity.


7/ Inspired by a co-worker of Scott Adams at Pacific Bell, what is the name of this character in his "Dilbert' comic strip? Characterized as someone so jaded that he spends all his time gaming the system, he is never seen without his trademark coffee cup, and is described as 'the shell of a long-gone great programmer'.


8/ In the Tokemon Go' game, which character is only available to players in the Australasia region? A female-only species, it is a large, bipedal creature with a thick tail and brown hide. It carries a purple-colored baby in a pouch on its belly.


9/ Which American cartoonist and inventor is famous for his work that depicts elaborate contraptions and devices that are over-engineered to perform simple tasks in a convoluted manner?

Rube Goldberg

10/ Created by Masamune Shirow, which seinen manga series derived its title from a 1967 book on philosophical psychology by Arthur Koestler? A 2017 film adaptation stars Scarlett Johansson as Major Motoko Kusanagi, the cyborg protagonist. 
‘Ghost in the Shell’/ ‘Mobile Armored Riot Police’ or ‘Kokatu Kidotai’

11/ Named after the mother of its founder, which fictional psychiatric hospital located on the outskirts of Gotham City appear in DC comics mainly featuring Batman? Infamous inmates include the Joker, the Riddler, Two-Face and Mr. Freeze?   

 Arkham Asylum

12/ Portrayed by Jennifer Garner and Elodie Yung on film and TV, which Marvel Comics character is a highly-trained assassin who wields a pair of trademark sai blades? A love-interest of Daredevil, she shares her name with a tragic character in Greek myth. 


13/ Created by Alan Moore, Steve Bissette and John Totleben, the fictional occult detective and con-man John Constantine, who first appeared in 'The Saga of the Swamp Thing', was based on the appearance of which pop star (Bissette and Totleben were his fans)?


14/ Created by Philip Francis Nowland in the novella ‘Armageddon 2419 AD', which fictional character fell into a state of suspended animation for 492 years after having been exposed to radioactive gases released from a cave-in at a coal mine?

Buck Rogers

15/ Passing away at the age of 89 in February 2017, which Dutch author & illustrator created the beloved cartoon rabbit Miffy (Nijntje) in 1955?

Dick Bruna

16/ Who was was born ‘one bright spring morning at the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm … one of eight puppies.’?


17/ Alan Scott, Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner are amongst characters to have assumed alter egos as which fictional comic superhero?   

Green Lantern

18/ Which comic strip by Bill Watterson features a boy and his stuffed-toy tiger, and takes its name from a 16th-century theologian and a 17th-century philosopher?

Calvin & Hobbes’ (John Calvin and Thomas Hobbes)

19/ In the comic strip ‘Peanuts’, which character (a boy with short blond hair who usually wears a striped shirt), is distinguished by his skills at playing his toy piano, and is the object of Lucy’s infatuation?   


20/ Which popular Disney character was created by the woodcarver Gepetto, and brought to life by the Blue Fairy?


21/ The 80s pop group Thompson Twins took their name from a pair of characters in which popular comic series?

‘(The Adventures of) Tintin’

22/ Of the three animated singing Chipmunks, who is the one that wears glasses?


23/ Which Marvel superhero was originally a young astronomer named Norrin Radd on the planet Zenn-La?  In order to save his homeworld from the planet devourer Galactus, he agreed to serve as the latter’s herald, roaming the universe to look for planets for it to consume.

Silver Surfer

24/ The talking cat Salem is the pet/ companion of which teenage witch from Archie Comics?   Sabrina


25// First appearing in a September 1969 episode entitled ‘What A Night for a Knight’, which cartoon character got his name from a nonsense vocal line in Frank Sinatra’s 1967 hit song, ‘Strangers In The Night’? He was voiced by Don Messick from 1969 until the latter’s death in 1997.     

Scooby Doo


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