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Quiz 2019 

 Number 19

A Quiz on The Academy Awards


Set by Mel Kinsey

1/ Who are the only two persons to be awarded an Academy Award and a Nobel Prize?

2/  Who was the oldest actor to win an Academy Award?

3/ What was the first (and to date only) American G Rated, General audience Film to win the Best Picture Academy Award?   

4/ Which film has had the most Academy Award nominations, without being nominated for Best Picture? 

5/ Who is the only person to have won 4 acting Academy Awards? 

6/ Who are the only two people to have won an acting Academy Award posthumously?

7/ Who is the oldest person awarded an Academy Award? 

8/ Who holds the record for receiving as well as being nominated for the most Academy Awards?

9/ Who has had the most Academ Award nominations in an acting category?

10/ Who has had the most Academy Award nominations for Best Actor / Supporting Actor? 

11/ Which are the only 3 films to have won the Oscar "Big 5" Best picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Screenplay?

12/ Who are the only two people who have refused to accept an Academ Award?

13/ Who is the youngest person to win an acting Academy Award?

14/ How many films have won all four Academy Awards in the Acting Category?

15/ Who received the most acting nominations without a win/

16/ Who are the only two people to be nominated as Producer, as Director, as writer and as Actor, all in the same film/

17/ Which two films received the most Academy Award nominations with 14?

18/ Which three films share the record for the most Academy Awards with 11?

19/ Which is the only film to win in every category it was nominated for?

20/  Who has won most Best Director Academy Awards

21/  Who are the only actors to have won the Best Actor Academy Award,  two years in succession.

22/   Which actress holds the record  for winning an Academy Award with the shortest on screen time?

23/  Which two films hold the record for the most  Academy Award nominations, but no wins?

24/  Which film has the distinction of winning the most Academy Awards, without winning the award for Best Picture?  

25/ Who was the first female to win the Best Director Academy Award?


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Quiz 2019 


Number 1


A Quiz on The Academy Awards


Set by Mel Kinsey

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