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Quiz 7 


Set by Mel Kinsey

Name the Artist/Band of the following Classic Albums


1/ Ghost in the Machine   (1981)

2/ Surrealistic Pillow     ( 1967)

3/ Disraeli Gears (1987)

4/  At Fillmore East  (1971)

5/ The Queen is Dead   (1986)

6/ Mellon Collie and the Infinate Sadness  (1995)

7/  Green River  (1969)

8/ The Piper at the Gates of Dawn    (1967)

9/  Fly Like an Eagle   (1976)

10/ Houses of the Holy (1973)

11/  Abraxas   (1970)

12/  Closer  (1980) 

13/  Version 2.0 (1998)

14/ Master of Puppets  (1986)

15/ Darkness on the Edge of Town  (1978)

16/ Post  (1995)

17/ BloodSugarSexMagik   (1991)

18/ Disintregation   (1989)

19/ Rhythm Nation 1814 (1989)

20/ Elecrtric Warrior (1971)

21/ Appetite for Destruction (1987)

22/ If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears   (1966)

23/ Aqualung (1971)

24/ Tragic Kingdom (1995)

25/ Automatic for the People  (1992)

26/ A Rush of Blood to the Head   (2002)

27/ Hysteria  (1987)

28/ American Beauty (1970)

29/ Jagged Little Pill   (1995)

30/ It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back  (1988)


Mastermind Club

Quiz 8


Set by Tony Bell


The second best quiz show on TV is “Only Connect”. Here are some Only Connect questions 


Round 1. Connections


 Lion   Harold Wilson, Gordon Brown, Paul McCartney,

Hugh Laurie.

Water. Enterprise, Rock and Chips, Young Sheldon, Gotham.

Twisted Flax. Te, Ce, Se, He.

Eye of Horus. Geena Davis, Martin Sheen,

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Kevin Spacey.

Two Reeds. Rio de Janeiro, Auckland, Philadelphia, Istanbul.

Horned Viper. Chesley Sullenberger, Walt Disney, Jim Lovell, Charlie Wilson.


Round 2. Sequences


Lion. Los Angeles, Istanbul, Madrid....

Water. Spider, Eagle, Aquarius...

Twisted Flax. 3001, 2061, 2010...

Eye of Horus. Kelly Holmes, Chris Hoy, Ben Ainslie...

Two Reeds. Clive Lloyd, Clive Lloyd, Kapil Dev...

Horned Viper. Bernard Lee, Robert Brown, Judi Dench...


Mastermind Club

Quiz 9


Set by Mel Kinsey



1. What are the three main rivers in Lancashire?

2. Which Lancashire born engineer invented the Spinning Jenny in the 18th Century?

3. In which Lancashire town was the Cooperative Movement founded?

4. Brian Gamlin of Bury, Lancashire, introduced what innovation into the game of darts?

5. In which Lancashire town is the Nutters Dance performed every Easter Sunday?

6. Name the Lancashire town where the first test tube baby was born?

7. Which town in Lancashire was called Marsden prior to 1805?

8. In which town in Lancashire would you find the Thwaites brewery?

9. Liquorice, capsicum, eucalyptus and menthol are the main ingredients of which well- known edible product first made in Fleetwood, Lancashire in the late 19th century?

10. In which city is the University of Central Lancashire?

11. Lancashire’s Industrial Landscape was often the subject for which Famous Artist?

12. From which Lancashire town do the Verve come from?

13. Which Lancashire town boasts itself as the birthplace of the tee-total movement?

16. Which fruit has the varieties Lord Kitchener, White Lion and Lancashire Lad?


17. Which Lancashire town was officially known as Poulton le Sands untill 1870?

18. Which Lancashire town was designated a new town in 1961 to relieve overcrowding on Merseyside?

19. Which Lancashire town became future leader Winston Churchill’s first seat as an MP in 1900?

20. On which English course is the Lancashire Oaks run?

21. Born in Lancashire in 1904 which comedian became a jockey and was later awarded the Order of Lenin?

22. Manchester United were originally known as Newton Heath, a team formed by employees of which company in 1878?

24. Which England soccer manager was born in Burnley, Lancashire?

25. The Hatchet was a magazine produced for the supporters of which Lancashire football club?

26. Which chart topper started life at Leigh, Lancashire as Clive Powell?

27. Which comedy double act worked as welders in a Lancashire factory before forming a singing duo called The Harper Brothers?

28. The English novelist Dorothy Sayers shares her middle name with which Lancashire town?

29. Who played Raquel Watts nee Wolstenholme in Coronation Street?

30. The famous “Six Before Breakfast” awards in which half a dozen Victoria Crosses (VCs) were eventually handed out in recognition of the bravery shown by the 1st Battalion, the Lancashire Fusiliers during which campaign?

Mastermind Club

Quiz 10


Set by Maya Davis

  1. Where has Hope replaced Dippy?
  2. Which is the only Gilbert and Sullivan opera with no spoken dialogue?
  3. The Long Man of Wilmington in Sussex is one of only two ancient chalk figures in the UK depicting a human figure. Which is the other?
  4. Where did the wrong red envelope cause confusion in February 2017?
  5. The German name for this musical instrument is ‘zink’. What is it called in English?
  6. Which UK institution has the motto ‘Nullius in verba’?
  7. Which operatic character is the long-lost son of Bartolo and Marcellina?
  8. What was discovered as the result of an anonymous letter to Lord Monteagle early in the 17th century?
  9. In which fictional school, whose creator died in 2017, did Class 2B include Toots, Smiffy and Plug?
  10. Which British monarch had a name suggesting his main adviser might have been a small mythical being?
  11. Which is the only narrator of a Canterbury Tale not to have been one of the original pilgrims who set out from the Tabard Inn?
  12. Which instrument plays the initial solo in Rossini’s ‘William Tell’ overture?
  13. Which country’s national airline is named after a mythical bird?
  14. An old dial telephone is permanently exhibited at the church of St. Stephen Walbrook, London. What does it commemorate?
  15. What is generally believed to have been the cause of death of the brother of Edward IV and Richard III in 1478?
  16. The title of D. H. Lawrence’s novel ‘The Plumed Serpent’ is a reference to which ancient Mexican deity?
  17. Which composer, organist and choirmaster of Chichester Cathedral was repeatedly disciplined for drunkenness and bad behaviour, including urinating on the Dean from the organ loft during Evensong?
  18. What is the easternmost station on the new Elizabeth Line?
  19. Which fictional character is named after the author of a guide to the birds of the Caribbean?
  20. Celia Birtwell, the textile designer, appears in a painting by David Hockney with her then husband and their pet. What was the pet’s name?


Mastermind Club

Quiz 11

Set by Mel Kinsey

Science and Nature


1/ A pioneering method for calculating a sequence of Bernoulli numbers in the 1840s has what significance for the digital age?

2/ What is particularly common to the topics of photoelectric effect, Brownian motion, special relativity, and mass–energy equivalence? Just saying Einstein won't do!


3/  The Russian scientist Vasili Samarsky-Bykhovets has what pioneering connection with the periodic table of elements?


4/ What short-named body can be called the most geologically active place of the Solar System as the tidal forces of its mother planet cause its solid surface to bulge up by as much as 100 meters?


5/  When Nixon was president, Sample 70017 was cut into fragments and distributed to all U.S. states and 135 countries around the globe as a goodwill gesture. What is it?


6/ 1. The A is the outermost of the large, bright ones.

2. The B is the largest, brightest, and most massive.

3. The C is wide but faint and located inward of the B.

4. The D is the innermost and is also very faint.

5. The E is the second outermost and is extremely wide.

6. The F is the outermost discrete one and very active.

7. The G is very thin and faint and is halfway between the F and the E.

What are we talking about?


7/ In mathematics, what object commonly seen in video games with secret getaways is used to describe a function that is easy to compute in one direction but very hard to compute the opposite way?


8/ Anna Bertha who exclaimed "I have seen my death!" after seeing her photograph taken by her husband in 1895 was married to whom?


9/ In a Oct, 2014 interview to The Guardian, Prof. Peter Piot said the following. What's the missing word?

"In 1976 I discovered ... - now I fear an unimaginable tragedy."


10/ What striking wildlife form mostly endemic to a large island gets its name from specimens prepared by traders without wings and feet lending to a belief that they are creatures that originated in an other-worldly place?


11/ Maria, the heroine of the 1941 novel Storm by George Rippey Stewart, was the first of sorts in what practice streamlined from 1953 on?


12/ Wardenclyffe Tower in Shoreham, New York was designed by which genius who intended to showcase it for demonstrations of wireless power transmission?


13/ The Bortle scale on which areas away from human habitation unsurprisingly receive high ratings and which is of particular interest to amateur astronomers is concerned with what property?


14/ In a letter written in 1924, who wrote "You will be interested to hear that I have found a Cepheid variable in the Andromeda Nebula" and transformed our view of the universe forever?


15/ In 2007, Lisa Nowak drove 900 miles to attack another lady in a fit of lovers jealousy. It was initially reported that she wore a Maximum Absorbency Garment to avoid restroom stops.

What was Lisa Nowak's professional role that made the story newsworthy?


16/ Most of the discoveries of exoplanets thus far are due to the work of NASA's space laboratory named appropriately for which 17th century scientific great?


17/ Oklo in Gabon, Africa is the only known place in the world where what reaction occurs naturally?


18/ The Flammarion engraving that can be frequently seen on book covers sought to illustrate what belief system?


19/ Awarded to people in the medical field, what American awards are considered the country's equivalent of the Nobel Prize in that area?


20/ Using two copper devices called the Magdeburg hemispheres, a certain German scientist proved the concept of what in 1656?


21/ In a 1995 book, authors Charles Mann and Mark Plummer argue that we have to realize we cannot save every species and must prioritize. They called the book whose choice?


22/ A steel sphere filled with sodium housed at the University of Maryland seeks to register the flipping of what physical property that is of enormous significance to mariners, among others?


23/ If the Solvay Conferences of the early 1910s set the tone for 20th century physics, the Dartmouth Conferences of 1956 have similar importance for what field of science?


24/ What is the name of the six-letter ore from which niobium and tantalum are extracted and whose mining is said to have fueled many modern day African conflicts?


25/ What is the subject of the illustration commonly called March of Progress that was commissioned by Time-Life Books and drawn by Rudolph Zallinger in 1965?


Mastermind Club

Quiz 12

Set by Mel Kinsey


1/ What psychological phenomenon states that when two people live in close proximity during the first years in the life of either one, they are desensitized to sexual attraction?


2/ What present-day tradition that is a favorite among the working class originated in the U.S. Navy in the 1920s where it was a slang for a scheduled entertainment period?


3/ If someone wants to be called a 'hafiz' or 'hafith' by Muslims, they must possess an incredible memory. Why?


4/ What is the Japanese practice of 'jigai' that is the female equivalent of a more gory procedure prescribed for males?


5/ What is the term for the fine pattern of cracks formed on old paintings, which is sometimes used to detect forged art as it is a hard-to-forge signature of authenticity?


6/ The name of what mythical medieval land of plenty where the harshness of peasant life does not exist is commonplace in medieval Goliard verse?


7/ What cultural symbol of Mexico is said to represent both the Virgin Mary and the Aztec goddess Tonantzin?


8/ A snare is tied near the base of a bird's throat, which allows the bird only to swallow small fish. When the bird tries to swallow a large fish, the fish is caught in the it's throat and when it returns to the fisherman's raft, he helps the bird to remove the fish. Historically in China, Japan and Macedonia, the fishing skills of which bird have been put to good use this way?


9/ Alluded to by Alexander Pope in his An Essay on Criticism, in Greek mythology it was believed that drinking from what body of water would bring you great inspiration?


10/ What is the illustrated manuscript produced by Celtic monks around 800 AD that has been described as the zenith of Western calligraphy and illumination?


11/ The medieval practice of appointing a cardinal who was a nephew of a pope gives us which English word that means bestowing favors to relatives/friends?


12/ What is the Japanese equivalent of the Chinese art of penjing?


13/ In Irish, Icelandic, and Scottish mythologies, selkies are creatures that are capable of taking what form apart from human?


14/ The temple of the Hindu god Lord Venkateshwara in Tirupathi, India holds what distinction?


15/ What valuable commodities were called as 'sweat of the sun' and 'tears of the moon' by the Incas?


16/ What monument was described by the poet Rabindranath Tagore as "a teardrop on the cheek of time"?


17/ What measures 15 feet × 29 ft and can be found in the back halls of a dining hall at the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan, Italy?


18/ What is the name of the ritual practiced by some Bedouin tribes for the purpose of lie detection in which the accused is asked to lick a hot object?


19/ Western Red Cedar trees are typically used by the indigenous cultures of the Pacific Northwest coast of North America to carve what distinctive artifacts?


20/ What is the name of the water management system developed in ancient Persia that is used to provide a reliable supply of water in hot and arid climates?


21/  Typically worn in rural areas while hunting, what type of hat became a stereotypical head wear of a detective because of its association with Sherlock Holmes?


22/ What item of clothing invented in 1946 was named after the site of a nuclear weapons test on the reasoning that the burst of excitement it would cause would be like a nuclear device?


23/ Until the 80s, visitors to Disneyland would purchase books of coupons that were in different alphabetical denominations with the highest one being the most expensive and reserved for the most popular rides.

What expression for a thrilling situation originates from this practice?


24/ What is the name given to a sculpted female figure serving as an architectural support taking the place of a column or a pillar?


25/ The Ouroboros, one of the oldest mystical symbols in the world was the inspiration behind the discovery of the structure of the Benzene molecule. How is it represented?



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