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Quiz Number 13


Questions set by Maya Davis


                                       Where Am I?

Below are cryptic clues to the names of places in England. Identify them. The clues may refer to the whole name or different elements in the name. If in doubt go with how the place name is normally pronounced (that’s why I’m not touching Barnoldswick!)

  1. Where a Beatrix Potter character might sleep.
  2. Seaside atmosphere.
  3. The answer to a question about restoring some historic country cottages.
  4. The monarch of entrances.
  5. Evidence of an unappetising meal.
  6. Easily eradicated by good-quality soap or washing powder.
  7. How to stop your carpets from being stolen?
  8. A mirror for Poe’s bird.
  9. Fleecy edging on your picture frame.
  10. Go on – say something!
  11.  Brightly-coloured Porsche.
  12. Polluted Scottish stream?
  13. Advice for retiring apiarist with just one queen left?
  14. Heavy crockery suggests an addition.
  15. Make people envious.
  16. How you know when wasps have invaded the barn.
  17. Henry VII’s fundraiser getting wet and muddy.
  18. Writes illustrated book on social insects?
  19. A member of the Drones Club.
  20. Hang out your washing securely by the sea.


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