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Quiz Number 13


Questions set by Maya Davis


                                       Where Am I?

Below are cryptic clues to the names of places in England. Identify them. The clues may refer to the whole name or different elements in the name. If in doubt go with how the place name is normally pronounced (that’s why I’m not touching Barnoldswick!)

  1. Where a Beatrix Potter character might sleep.
  2. Seaside atmosphere.
  3. The answer to a question about restoring some historic country cottages.
  4. The monarch of entrances.
  5. Evidence of an unappetising meal.
  6. Easily eradicated by good-quality soap or washing powder.
  7. How to stop your carpets from being stolen?
  8. A mirror for Poe’s bird.
  9. Fleecy edging on your picture frame.
  10. Go on – say something!
  11.  Brightly-coloured Porsche.
  12. Polluted Scottish stream?
  13. Advice for retiring apiarist with just one queen left?
  14. Heavy crockery suggests an addition.
  15. Make people envious.
  16. How you know when wasps have invaded the barn.
  17. Henry VII’s fundraiser getting wet and muddy.
  18. Writes illustrated book on social insects?
  19. A member of the Drones Club.
  20. Hang out your washing securely by the sea.


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Quiz Number 14


Questions set by Mel Kinsey


1/ Most mosques in the world contain a niche in a wall that indicates the qibla. What is it?


2/ What breed of dog was a favored imperial pet in ancient China?


3/ Auguste Rodin's famous sculpture The Thinker was originally meant to depict whom?


4/ What is the correct term for a tomb or monument erected in honor of those whose remains are elsewhere?


5/ In the US, baseball parks are often designed so that the batter is facing east, in order that the afternoon sun does not shine in his eyes. This means that left-handed pitchers are always throwing from a particular direction. What term for a left-hander originated from this practice?


6/ The Temple of the Tooth which houses the only surviving relic of Buddha (a tooth) is located in the city of Kandy in which Asian country?


7/ During the canonization process of the Roman Catholic Church, what was the lawyer who argued against the canonization of a candidate called?


8/ Made famous by the movie Midnight Express, what is the punishment of 'falaka' or 'bastinado'?


9/ In Greek mythology, Achilles' mother dipped him in a river and held him up by his ankle which remained dry and thus vulnerable. Name the river.


10/ The name of what eponymous color is derived from an artist's use of brownish orange, especially for the hair of his early portraits of courtesans?


11/ What word meaning a person devoted to luxury is derived from the name of an ancient Greek city that was noted for the pleasure-seeking habits of its inhabitants?


12/ In 1940, U.S. paratroopers at Fort Benning saw a biopic before their first mass jump and started a certain trend. Who was the subject of the picture?


13/ Two Belgian Malinois dogs called Hurricane and Jordan were in the news in 2014 for tackling an intruder at what location?


14/ Since doctors are meant to 'cure all', the first line of the Hippocratic oath appropiately mentions what other goddess along with Apollo, Aesculapius & Hygeia?


15/  The nymph Caissa created in the 16th century poem has come to be regarded as the goddess for which popular passtime?


16/ Biycle mechanic Charlie Taylor is best known for his collaboration with which two gentlemen in the early 20th century?


17/ The legendary Pera Palace Hotel in Istanbul, was built in 1892 for passengers who arrived in the city by which specific form of transport?


18/ What annual observation started in 1889 by members of the Second International who wanted to commemorate the Haymarket riot in Chicago in 1886?


19/ What organization which operates with the slogan "The Opinion and The other Opinion" started in 1996 with a loan of

500 million Qatari ryals?


20/ The Berne Convention of 1886 was an international agreement that established rules governing what?


Mastermind Club


Quiz Number 15


Food & Drink

Questions set by Mel Kinsey



1/ Château de Pitray, Château Mouton Rothschild, and Château Pape-Clément that attract tourists in a particular area of France are all famous what?


2/ The traditional recipe of what sea-food dish strongly associated with Marseilles calls for the use of rascase (scorpion fish) and at least two other types of Mediterranean fish? 


3/ In the fruit with the scientific name Citrus Sinensis, the protuberance at the blossom end is compared to what human body part?


4/ A flatbread called injera that is traditionally eaten in Ethiopia is made from the flour of what grain that is now being called as the new quinoa?  

5/ Compiled in the late 4th or early 5th century AD and sure to delight gourmets, what is Apicius?


6/ The consumption of Touareg tea which is tea flavored with which herb is widely prevalent in several Arab countries?


7/ Talking against the new Healthcare Bill, Judge Antonin Scalia said in 2012 that it is akin to forcing people to buy what food item? (hint:George H. W. Bush wouldn't approve)


8/ A 2002 book subtitled The Much Lamented Death of Madam Geneva is a detailed account of the craze for what libation that overtook 18th century England?  


9/ What concept of the food industry involves cooking sealed food at lower temperatures but for a long time?


10/ Englishman Albert Howard who had publications like Manufacture of Humus by the Indore Process among others is considered a pioneer of what?


11/ A favorite measure of dieters in the present times, what index indicates how quickly blood sugar levels rise after eating a particular type of food? 


12/ In a native American legend, corn, beans and what other crop make up the triage called the three sisters owing to the practice of growing them together?


13/ What cocktail made with lemon juice, cointreau, gin and a dash of certain color is also the name of a luxury transport of South Africa?


14/ What fast-food ubiquity that chef Bourdain once called "the most disgusting thing he ever ate" comes in bone, ball, bell, and boot shapes?


15/ The Cypriot dish ambelopoulia that is the subject of much controversy in the country is made from what?


16/ In 2011, the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion upended the Naga Bhut Jolokia for what culinary distinction?


17/ What is the only South American region in the list of 9 names selected by a project called 'Great Wine Capitals'?


18/ The 18th century English nobleman John Montagu who was so fond of gambling that he played even while eating was the earl of what town in Kent?


19/ The 'culinary triangle' concept proposed by anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss discusses what three basic types of cooking of meat?


20/ If 'single malt' describes a whisky made at one distillery, what is the word for a wine that is made from a single grape type?


Mastermind Club


Quiz Number 16



Questions set by Mel Kinsey



1/ Vehicles from which country use the international registration letters WG?


2/ What was Elton john's first US No1 hit?


3/ Which celebrity was born in Craigton Rd. Eltham in 1903?


4/ In which English city is the Burrows Toy Museum?


5/ What was Oliver Reed's real first name?


6/ In which Woody Allen movie did Madonna play a trapeze artist?


7/ From 1903 to 1958 , every Pope-bar-one took which name?


8/ In which US state is John F. Kennedy buried?


9/ Which US No 1 single came from Diana Ross's platinum album Diana ?


10/  what was the title of Kitty kelly's book about Elizabeth Taylor?


11/ Which country does the airline Sansa come from?


12/ Who drew Felix the cat?


13/ In which English city was Cary Grant born?


14/ Who wrote the lyrics to "Je ne regette rien"?


15/ What is Mel Gibson's middle name?


16/ In which country was Julie Christie born?


17/ Sculptor Drederic Auguste Bartholdi based the face of the Statue of liberty on whom?


18/ Which group made albums.Bare Trees and Penguin?


19/ Which lady was taking driving lessons in Bob Newharts classic sketch?


20/ Which writer said "Where large sums of money are involved. it is advisable to trust nobody"?




Mastermind Club


Quiz Number 17



Questions set by Mel Kinsey


1/  One of Hollywood’s most notorious rivalries, to which actress was Bette Davis referring when she said "She slept with every male star at MGM except Lassie"?   


2/ What was the name of the American doctor who in 2011 was sentenced to four years in Jail after being convicted of the involuntary manslaughter of pop star Michael Jackson ?


3/ Who is the only English Footballer to have scored in the FA Cup Final, the League Cup Final, the Champions League final and the UEFA cup Final? 


4/ In 2000, Operation Palliser was a large scale intervention by British Forces in the civil war of which country?  


5/ What was the capital city of the Kingdom of Saxony which was in existence between 1806-1918?   


6/  Born in 1797, which composers major works include the “Tragic Symphony”, “Gretchen at the Spinning Wheel” and a Fantasy in C known as “The Wanderer”?  


7/ Which British singer released UK No 1 album In the Lonely Hour, and 2014 No 1 singles Money on My Mind and Stay With Me?   


8/ Newmarket racecourse straddles Suffolk and which other county?


9/ What was the name of the British law brought into play in the early 20th Century to prevent prisoners from going on hunger strike? The law allowed the released of convicted criminals until they had eaten, at which point they would be returned to prison.


10/ "In oder to make ice,fill the trays with water" was one of the many party tips in the much ridiculed 2013 book "Celebrate" by which "celebrity" author?


11/  With a name meaning “Rightful King”, which figure was considered as the first Emperor in History and established the capital of his Empire at Akkad?   


12/ Two countries share a land border with Ecuador. Colombia is one, what is the other?


13/ Nomophobia is the fear  of being without or losing what?


14/  What name is given to the period in Amish culture in which young people are permitted to leave their strict live for a period of time in order to decide on their faith? 


15/ Team Europe plays Team America for the Weber Cup in which sport or game?


16/ Which musical, first performed off Broadway in 1971, and in London starring Julie Covington and David Essex, is comprised of a series of parables based on the Gospels? 


17/  Reprimanded for labelling the Bay City Rollers “Musical Garbage” . Who is the current host of “Sounds of the Seventies” on BBC Radio 2?    


18/ Which Canadian province has shores on four of the five Great Lakes 


19/ What word derived from the Italian for 'charcoal' is used as the name of a creamy pasta sauce usually made with eggs, cheese, black pepper and pork?  


20/ From 1997 to 2010 only three Labour politicians were  members of the Cabinet. Two were Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling, who was the other?


Mastermind Club


Quiz Number 18


Norse Mythology

Questions set by Mel Kinsey


1/ Who was the most famous of the Norse heroes, his story is that of the hero of the Nibelungenlied?  

2/ Who was the most beloved of the Norse Gods; his death was the first of the disasters which fell upon the Gods. He was killed with the mischief of Loki?   

3/ Who lived in the golden palace called Gladsheim; he eats nothing and two wolves crouch at his feet. On his shoulders perch two ravens who fly each day through the world and bring him back news of all that men do - one is named Thought (Hugin) and the other Memory (Munin)? 

4/ What were the magical inscriptions whose knowledge was won by Mimir the wise and learnt by Odin?  

5/ What in Norse mythology was the realm of men?   

6/ Niflheim was the world of the dead, who was the  Goddess of the Dead?  

7/ Who was the Norse Goddess of Love and Beauty? Freya

8/ What was thehome of the gods?  

9/ What term was used for a member of a group of poets?   

10/ What name is given to thehall of the chosen dead?


11/ According to Norse mythology man was created from which tree? 

12/ Likewise, which tree was woman created from? 

13/ What name is given to the three sisters who made one of threads for every life; they are the counterparts of fates in Greek myth?  


14/ What was the name of the eight-legged horse of Odin? 

15/ What drink did Odin steal from the Giants, and whoever tastes it becomes a poet?  

16 / Which tree,  an immense ash tree that is central in Norse cosmology, as it supports the universe? 

17/ What eventit is popularly known as Day of Doom, it is a series of future events, including a great battle foretold to ultimately result in the death of a number of gods?






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