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Quiz 7 



Set by Mel Kinsey

Name the Artist/Band of the following Classic Albums


1/ Ghost in the Machine   (1981)     The Poilce

2/ Surrealistic Pillow     ( 1967)       Jefferson Airplane

3/ Disraeli Gears (1987)                  Cream

4/  At Fillmore East  (1971)              Allman Brothers Band

5/ The Queen is Dead   (1986)          The Smiths

6/ Mellon Collie and the Infinate Sadness  (1995)

                                            The Smashing Pumpkins

7/  Green River  (1969)        Creedance Clearwater Revival

8/ The Piper at the Gates of Dawn    (1967)   Pink Floyd

9/  Fly Like an Eagle   (1976)           Steve Miller Band

10/ Houses of the Holy (1973)               Led Zepplin

11/  Abraxas   (1970)                             Santana

12/  Closer  (1980)                             Joy Division

13/  Version 2.0 (1998)                        Garbage

14/ Master of Puppets  (1986)            Metallica

15/ Darkness on the Edge of Town  (1978)   Bruce Springsteen

16/ Post  (1995)                                           Bjork          

17/ BloodSugarSexMagik   (1991)     Red Hot Chilli Peppers

18/ Disintregation   (1989)                       The Cure

19/ Rhythm Nation 1814 (1989)         Janet Jackson

20/ Elecrtric Warrior (1971)                    T-Rex

21/ Appetite for Destruction (1987)    Guns n Roses

22/ If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears   (1966)

                                                 The Mamas and the Papas

23/ Aqualung (1971)                          Jethro Tull

24/ Tragic Kingdom (1995)                 No Doubt

25/ Automatic for the People  (1992)   R.E.M.

26/ A Rush of Blood to the Head   (2002)  Coldplay

27/ Hysteria  (1987)                            Def Leppard

28/ American Beauty (1970)            Grateful Dead

29/ Jagged Litte Pill   (1995)         Alanis Morrisette

30/ It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back  (1988)

                                                      Public Enemy


Mastermind Club

Quiz 8



Set by Tony Bell


The second best quiz show on TV is “Only Connect”. Here are some Only Connect questions 


Round 1. Connections


 Lion   Harold Wilson, Gordon Brown, Paul McCartney,

Hugh Laurie. James Harold Wilson, James Gordon Brown, James Paul McCartney, James Hugh Calum Laurie. All have James as first name but are known by their middle names.

Water. Enterprise, Rock and Chips, Young Sheldon, Gotham.

All are prequels to TV shows. Enterprise, prequel to Star Trek. Rock and Chips, prequel to Only Fools And Horses. Young Sheldon prequel to The Big Bang Theory. Gotham, prequel to Batman.

Twisted Flax. Te, Ce, Se, He.

Symbols for chemical elements named after solar system objects. Te (Tellurium) - Earth. Ce (Cerium) - Ceres. Se (Selenium) - Moon. He (Helium) - Sun.

Eye of Horus. Geena Davis, Martin Sheen,

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Kevin Spacey.All have portrayed fictional US Presidents on TV. Davis in “Commander in Chief”, Sheen in “The West Wing”, Louis-Dreyfus in “Veep”, Spacey in “House of Cards.”

Two Reeds. Rio de Janeiro, Auckland, Philadelphia, Istanbul.

Previous capital cities. Rio de Janeiro replaced by Brasilia as capital of Brazil. Auckland replaced by Wellington as capital of New Zealand. Philadelphia replaced by Washington as capital of USA. Istanbul replaced by Ankara as capital of Turkey.

Horned Viper. Chesley Sullenberger, Walt Disney, Jim Lovell, Charlie Wilson. Real people portrayed in films by Tom Hanks. Chesley Sullenberger in “Sully”. Walt Disney in “Saving Mr. Banks”. Jim Lovell in “Apollo 13”. Charlie Wilson in “Charlie Wilson’s War.”



Round 2. Sequences



Lion. Los Angeles, Istanbul, Madrid....?

Los Angeles, runner up to Paris in bid for 2024 Olympics. Istanbul, runner up to Tokyo in bid  for 2020 Olympics, Madrid, runner up to Rio de Janeiro in bid for 2016 Olympics. Missing sequence is Paris, runner up to London in bid for 2012 Olympics. 

Water. Spider, Eagle, Aquarius...?  Spider, Lunar Module for Apollo 9. Eagle, Lunar Module for Apollo 11. Aquarius, Lunar Module for Apollo 13. Missing sequence is Falcon, Lunar Module for Apollo 15, next odd numbered Apollo mission.

Twisted Flax. 3001, 2061, 2010...? The Final Odyssey. 2061: Odyssey Three. 2010: Odyssey Two. Missing sequence is 2001: A Space Odyssey. Arthur C. Clarke’s Space Odyssey novels in reverse chronological order.

Eye of Horus. Kelly Holmes, Chris Hoy, Ben Ainslie...?

Carried the Union Flag in the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games. Holmes (2004), Hoy (2008), Ainslie (2012). Missing sequence is Kate Richardson-Walsh, who carried the flag in 2016.

Two Reeds. Clive Lloyd, Clive Lloyd, Kapil Dev...?

Captains of successive Cricket World Cup winning teams. Clive Lloyd (1975 and 1979), Kapil Dev (1983). Missing sequence is Allan Border (1987).

Horned Viper. Bernard Lee, Robert Brown, Judi Dench...?

Actors who played “M” in EON James Bond films in chronological order. Lee, Brown, Dench. Missing sequence is Ralph Fiennes.



Mastermind Club

Quiz 9



Set by Mel Kinsey



1. What are the three main rivers in Lancashire   Ribble, Wyre and Lune

2. Which Lancashire born engineer invented the Spinning Jenny in the 18th Century?   James Hargreaves
3. In which Lancashire town was the Cooperative Movement founded?  Rochdale
4. Brian Gamlin of Bury, Lancashire, introduced what innovation into the game of darts?  The odd numbering system in 1896
5. In which Lancashire town is the Nutters Dance performed every Easter Sunday?    Bacup
6. Name the Lancashire town where the first test tube baby was born?     Oldham
7. Which town in Lancashire was called Marsden prior to 1805?
8. In which town in Lancashire would you find the Thwaites brewery?   Blackburn
9. Liquorice, capsicum, eucalyptus and menthol are the main ingredients of which well- known edible product first made in Fleetwood, Lancashire in the late 19th century?          
Fishermans Friends

10. In which city is the University of Central Lancashire? Preston
11. Lancashire’s Industrial Landscape was often the subject for which Famous Artist?  L.S.Lowry
12. From which Lancashire town do the Verve come from? Wigan
13. Which Lancashire town boasts itself as the birthplace of the tee-total movement?   Preston
16. Which fruit has the varieties Lord Kitchener, White Lion and Lancashire Lad? Gooseberry

17. Which Lancashire town was officially known as Poulton le Sands untill 1870?  Morcambe
18. Which Lancashire town was designated a new town in 1961 to relieve overcrowding on Merseyside? Skelmersdale
19. Which Lancashire town became future leader Winston Churchill’s first seat as an MP in 1900?  Oldham
20. On which English course is the Lancashire Oaks run? Haydock Park

21. Born in Lancashire in 1904 which comedian became a jockey and was later awarded the Order of Lenin? George Formby
22. Manchester United were originally known as Newton Heath, a team formed by employees of which company in 1878? Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Company
24. Which England soccer manager was born in Burnley, Lancashire?  Ron Greenwood
25. The Hatchet was a magazine produced for the supporters of which Lancashire football club?  Bury
26. Which chart topper started life at Leigh, Lancashire as Clive Powell?   Georgie Fame
27. Which comedy double act worked as welders in a Lancashire factory before forming a singing duo called The Harper Brothers?
Cannon & Ball
28. The English novelist Dorothy Sayers shares her middle name with which Lancashire town?  Leigh

29. Who played Raquel Watts nee Wolstenholme in Coronation Street?  Sarah Lancashire

30. The famous “Six Before Breakfast” awards in which half a dozen Victoria Crosses (VCs) were eventually handed out in recognition of the bravery shown by the 1st Battalion, the Lancashire Fusiliers. Took place in which campaign? Galipolli

Mastermind Club

Quiz 10



Set by Maya Davis


1. Where has Hope replaced Dippy?   Hintze Hall of the Natural History Museum. The cast of a diplodocus skeleton known as ‘Dippy’ has been replaced by a blue whale skeleton. The latter has been named ‘Hope’.
2. Which is the only Gilbert and Sullivan opera with no spoken
Trial by Jury
3. The Long Man of Wilmington in Sussex is one of only two ancient chalk figures in the UK depicting a human figure. Which is the other?   The Cerne Giant, near Cerne Abbas in Dorset)
4. Where did the wrong red envelope cause confusion in February 2017?  At the Oscars, when Warren Beatty was given the wrong envelope and announced the wrong Best Picture.
5. The German name for this musical instrument is ‘zink’. What is it called in English?  Cornett/Cornetto; ‘cornet’ won’t do, as this is a completely different instrument so I couldn’t accept that misspelling.
6. Which UK institution has the motto ‘Nullius in verba’? The RoyalSociety; usually translated as ‘take nobody’s word for it’.
7. Which operatic character is the long-lost son of Bartolo and
Figaro in Mozart’s opera, ‘Marriage of Figaro’
8. What was discovered as the result of an anonymous letter to Lord Monteagle early in the 17th century?     Barrels of gunpowder in thecellars of the Houses of Parliament – the so-called ‘MonteagleLetter’ resulted in the foiling of the Gunpowder Plot of 1605).
9. In which fictional school, whose creator died in 2017, did Class 2B include Toots, Smiffy and Plug? Bash Street – created by Leo Baxendale for The Beano
10.Which British monarch had a name suggesting his main adviser might have been a small mythical being?  Alfred the Great – aelf =‘elf’ + ‘rede = advised
11.Which is the only narrator of a Canterbury Tale not to have been oneof the original pilgrims who set out from the Tabard Inn? The Canon’s Yeoman
12.Which instrument plays the initial solo in Rossini’s ‘William Tell’ overture?  Cello; the famous bit which starts with the trumpets  comes later.
13.Which country’s national airline is named after a mythical bird?    Indonesia – Garuda
14.An old dial telephone is permanently exhibited at the church of St. Stephen Walbrook, London. What does it commemorate? Thefounding of the Samaritans in 1953 by the Rev. Chad Varah; it was the original telephone he used at the church.
15.What is generally believed to have been the cause of death of the brother of Edward IV and Richard III in 1478? Drowning – allegedly in a butt of malmsey – George Duke of Clarence
16.The title of D. H. Lawrence’s novel ‘The Plumed Serpent’ is a
reference to which ancient Mexican deity?
The serpent-god

17.Which composer, organist and choirmaster of Chichester Cathedralwas repeatedly disciplined for drunkenness and bad behaviour, including urinating on the Dean from the organ loft during Evensong? Thomas Weelkes
18.What is the easternmost station on the new Elizabeth Line?
19.Which fictional character is named after the author of a guide to the birds of the Caribbean? James Bond
20.Celia Birtwell, the textile designer, appears in a painting by David Hockney with her then husband and their pet. What was the pet’s name? The painting is called ‘Mr & Mrs Clark and Percy’. Celia Birtwell says that the cat in the painting is actually their other cat Blanche – so either answer will do, and brownie points to those who mentioned both


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