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Quiz Number 19


Questions set by Tony Bell

Round 1. Connections


Lion.        Prelude to, and Empire, Second, Forward the.

 Titles of Isaac Asimov Foundation novels missing the word “Foundation”. Prelude to Foundation, Foundation and Empire, Second Foundation, Forward the Foundation.  

Water.       Heat, Brow, Lair, Hatcher.

Surnames of recent British Prime Ministers missing one letter. HeatH, BrowN, BLair. THatcher.

Twisted Flax.     Antony Armstrong-Jones, Hugh Laurie, Dan Snow, Matthew Pinsent.

All competed in the University Boat Race.

Eye of Horus.      Tuvalu, Hawaii, Manitoba, Australia.

All have British Union Jack as part of their flag.

Two Reeds.     John Conteh, Clement Freud, Christopher Lee,

Paul McCartney.

All photographed on the cover of the Wings Album “Band on the Run.”

Horned Viper.   Haiti and Liechtenstein, Ireland and Ivory Coast, Chad and Romania, Monaco and Indonesia. 

Each pair of countries has similar national flags.



Round 2. Sequences


Lion.          Ireland, Spain, Belgium....

Nationalities of the last 4 Presidents of the International Olympic Committee. Ireland (Lord Killanin). Spain (Juan Antonio Samaranch). Belgium (Jacques Rogge). Missing sequence is Germany (Thomas Bach).

Water.      Ceres, Pallas, Juno....

1st 4 asteroids to be discovered. Ceres 1st, Pallas 2nd, Juno 3rd. Missing sequence is Vesta 4th.

Twisted Flax.       The, Two, The Third....

Title of “Blackadder” TV series in chronological order missing the words Black and Adder. The Black Adder. Blackadder Two. Blackadder The Third. Missing sequence is (Blackadder) Goes Forth.

Eye of Horus.      Sergeant, Nurse, Teacher....

Titles of first 4 “Carry On” films in chronological order. Carry On Sergeant, Carry On Nurse, Carry On Teacher. Missing sequence is Carry On Constable. 

Two Reeds.     James Lovell, David Scott, Eugene Cernan....

Backup commanders of successful Apollo moon landing missions. James Lovell (Apollo 11), David Scott (Apollo 12), Eugene Cernan (Apollo 14). Missing sequence is Richard Gordon (Apollo 15).

Horned Viper. Scotland, Australia, England....

Birth countries of actors who played James Bond in EON films in chronological order. Sean Connery born in Scotland, George Lazenby born in Australia, Roger Moore born in England. Missing sequence is Wales, where Timothy Dalton was born


Mastermind Club

Quiz Number 20



Questions set by Mel Kinsey

A set of questions on famous Treaties


1/ What were the two main wartime conferences between the "Big Three" (Stalin, F.D.Roosevelt & Churchill) which led to a series of agreements on post-WW2 Europe and set the tone for the Cold War?

Tehran (1943) Yalta (1945) 

2/ What name is given to a series of protocols of 1899 and 1907 named for a Dutch city, that sought to build on the Geneva Conventions?

The Hague Conventions

3/ The Simla Agreement of 1972 that followed a war whi9ch led to the creation of a new country, was signed between which two countries?

Pakistan and India (The new country was Bangladesh)

4/ The Treaty of Lausanne of 1923 led to the recognition of which sovereign country as the natural successor state of a long lasting Islamic entity?     Turkey  (The Ottoman Empire)

5/ Which 1955 East European agreement was more or less an answer to the formation of NATO?   The Warsaw Pact

6/ What term is given to the collective treaties of 1648 that ended two major European wars, The 30 Years war and The 80 years war?

Peace of Westphalia

7/ The Treaty of Trianon that ended the First World War and caused the dissalution of a noted empire, defined the modern borders of which land locked European country?  Hungary

8/ Name the two foreign ministers who signed a treaty in 1939 that established peace between Germany and the Soviet Union ? It was famously violated by Operation Barbarossa when Germany invaded the Soviet Union.   (Vyacheslav Molotov & (Joachim von) Ribbentrop

9/ The Dayton Agreement of 1995 ended which bitter European conflict?

The Bosnian War

10/ What name was given to the series of agreements signed on 8th April 1904 between the United Kingdom and France, marking the start of the alliance against Germany and Austria-Hungary? Entente Cordiale

11/  The Treaty of portsmouth of 1905 ended which war?

The Russo-Japanese War (1904-5)

12/ GATT, which took effect in 1948 and lasted until 1994 was replaced by which organisation in 1995?  World Trade Organisation

13/ What were the names of the "Big Four" leaders, who led the negotiations for the Allies at the treaty of versailles?  Woodrow Wilson, David Lloyd George, Georges Clemenceau and Vittorio Orlando

14/ Which famous declaration that ultimately led to the formation of Israel  was incorporated into the Sevres peace treaty with the Ottoman Empire and the mandate for Palestine following the First World War ?    The Balfour Declaration 

 15/  The treaty of Tordesillas of 1494 divided the world between which two countries?     Spain and Portugal 

16/ Which city gives its names to several important treaties including one in 1783 to end the American Revolutionary War, one in 1898 that ended the Spanish/American war , one in 1856 to end the Crimean War and 1815 following Napoleons defeat at Waterloo?     Paris

17/ What was the 1848 treaty between the United States and Mexico that gained the US the areas of California and what are now New Mexico, Arizona,Utah,Wyoming and Colorado?

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

18/ The proposal made by President Woodrow Wilson at the Treaty of Versailles is known as what?     The Fourteen Points

19/ The Treaty of Ghent ended which 19th century war? 

The War of 1812

20/ The Adams-Onis Treaty of 1819, not only settled the border dispute between the US and Spain, but also ceded which territory to the United States?   Florida 



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Quiz Number 21


Questions set by Tony Bell


A quiz based on Only Connect

Round 1. Connections


Lion. Viola, Sheldon Cooper, Luke Skywalker, Fred Weasley.

Fictional characters who are twins. Viola from Shakespeare’s ‘Twelfth Night’ has a twin brother called Sebastian. Sheldon Cooper from ‘The Big Bang Theory’ has a twin sister called Missy. Luke Skywalker’s twin sister in ‘Star Wars’ is Princess Leia. Fred Weasley in ‘Harry Potter’ has a twin brother called George.


Water. Discovery, Enterprise, Endeavour, Atlantis.

Names of NASA Space Shuttles.


Twisted Flax. James Monroe, George Washington, Duke of Wellington, King George III.

All have capital cities named after them. Monrovia (Liberia), Washington D.C. (USA), Wellington (New Zealand), Georgetown (Guyana).


Eye of Horus. Dolphin Island, Imperial Earth, Rendezvous with Rama, Childhood’s End.

Titles of Arthur C. Clarke science-fiction novels.


Two Reeds. The Short and Straight Road, All You Need is Hate, Tomorrow, An Easy Nights Day.

Beatles song titles with opposite words. The Long and Winding Road, All You Need is Love, Yesterday, A Hard Days Night.

Horned Viper. British citizens born in the USA.


Horned Viper. Bill Bryson, Terry Gilliam, Boris Johnson, Meghan Duchess of Sussex.

British citizens born in the USA.



Round 2. Sequences


Lion. Pirmin Zurbriggen, Bill Johnson, Leonhard Stock,....

Winter Olympic Gold medallists in men’s downhill skiing in reverse chronological order. 1988 Pirmin Zurbriggen (Switzerland), 1984 Bill Johnson (USA), 1980 Leonhard Stock (Austria). Missing sequence is 1976 champion Franz Klammer (Austria).


Water. Water begetter, The Sun, Stone,....

Etymology of the names of the first 4 elements. Water begetter - Hydrogen. The Sun - Helium. Stone - Lithium. Missing sequence is the mineral Beryl - Beryllium.


Twisted Flax. North East Fife, Sheffield Hallam, Westmorland and Lonsdale,....

Constituencies of the last 4 Liberal Democrat leaders. North East Fife - Menzies Campbell, Sheffield Hallam - Nick Clegg, Westmorland and Lonsdale - Tim Farron. Missing sequence is Twickenham - Vince Cable.

Eye of Horus. Breaking Bad,The High Chaparral, Northern Exposure,....

TV shows set in last 4 USA states admitted to the Union. Breaking Bad - New Mexico (47), The High Chaparral - Arizona (48), Northern Exposure - Alaska (49). Missing sequence possible answer Hawaii Five-O - Hawaii (50).


Two Reeds. Queen Adelaide, Prince Albert, Queen Alexandra,....

The last 4 foreign born consorts of British Monarchs in chronological order. Queen Adelaide (William IV) born in Germany. Prince Albert (Victoria) born in Germany. Queen Alexandra (Edward VII) born in Denmark. Missing sequence is Prince Philip (Elizabeth II) born in Greece.


Horned Viper. Robert Wise, Nicholas Meyer, Leonard Nimoy,....

Directors of the first 4 ‘Star Trek’ movies. Robert Wise (Star Trek: The Motion Picture), Nicholas Meyer (Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan), Leonard Nimoy (Star Trek III: The Search For Spock). Missing sequence is Leonard Nimoy (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home).



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