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The Winners of the coveted Caithness Glass Bowl and the title MASTERMIND Champions

The second 10

1982 to 1992


Due to a change in broadcast schedules, Mastermind has no 1982 champion. A Champion of Champions tourney was held between the first 10 champions. Sir David Hunt was the winner of the title


Chris Hughes

Chris worked as a train driver and railway worker. He was the winner of the International Mastermind trophy in 1983 and Brain of Britain in 2005. He is one of only five people ever to have won both Mastermind and Brain of Britain.

Chris is now a regular team member on the BBC quiz show Eggheads.

His 1983 Specialists subjects were

British Steam Locomotives 1900-1963

The Flashman Novels

then British Steam Locomotives 1900-1963 Again


Margaret Harris


A deputy head teacher from Southmpton, Margaret was another repechage champion. Her final score of 38 was the highest until 1986.

Her 1984 Specialised subjects were

Cecil Rhodes  The Postal history of South Africa  then

Cecil Rhodes again


Ian Meadows

Ian Meadows was dubbed 'a drop out' when he became Mastermind Champion. even though working as a hospital driver in his native Leicester,  he had taken a degree in History at Cambridge. He was the first champion to kiss the Caithness glass bowl, an action critisised by some, but they did not know how much winning Mastermind meant to him.

His 1985 Specialist subjects were

The English Civil War 1642-47  

The History of Astronomy/ Cosmology upto 1700

then The English Civil War 1642-47   again

The 1987 to 1992 Champions will be added at a later date

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