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              Mastermind Champions

The Winners of the coveted Caithness Glass Bowl and the title MASTERMIND Champions

The first 10

1972 to 1981




Nancy Wilkinson

During World War II, Nancy worked for the intelligence service at Bletchley Park.

In the 1972 Mastermind series her specialised subjects were

French literature, European antiques,

and the history of music 1550–1900.

In 1975 she went on to win a Supermind contest between the first four Mastermind Champions.



Patricia Owen

Patricia reached the final by winning the fourth semi-final for the highest scoring losers. Her win in the final was a decisive one and even more meritorious was that her semi-final and final were recorded on the same night

Her 1973  specialist subjects were

Grand Opera Byzantine Art then Grand Opera again


Elizabeth Horrocks

A teacher and author, Elizabeth was modest about her win, claiming that "the others threw it away".

Her 1974 specialist subjects were

Shakespeare's plays   The Works of J R R Tolkien and

The Works of Dorothy L Sayers


John Hart

John, a Classics Master at Malvern School was the first man to win Mastermind

His 1975 Specialised subjects were

Athens 500-400BC  Rome 100-1 BC then Athens 500-400BC



Roger Pritchard

A civil servent in the Department of the Environment, Roger had won the Brain of Britain title in 1974. He described his Masterrmind win as

"a magnificent inconsequentiality"

His 1976 Specialised subjects were

Arthur Wellesley The 1st. Duke of Wellington

   20th. Century British Warships and The Duke of Wellinton again.


Sir David Hunt

 Sir David Hunt was a retired ambassador who had served as private secretary to both Winston Churchill and Clement Attlee. A second repechage champion, he also won the Champion of Champions tourney for the first 10 Mastermind winners in 1982

His 1977 Specialised subjects were

World War II British Campaigns in North Africa 

World War II Allied campaign in Italy  and the

Roman Revolution 60-14 BC


Rosemary James

A 3rd repechage champion, Rosemary was a Latin and Classical studies teacher at Mount School in York.

Her 1978 Specialist subjects were

Roman & Greek mythology      Works of Frederick Wolfe

then Roman & Greek Mythology again


Philip Jenkins

At 27 Dr.Philip Jemkins became the youngest Mastermind champion at the time. And is now a professor of history at Baylor University in the United States.

His 1979 Specialist subjects were

Christianity AD 30-150   

Vikings in Scotland and Ireland AD 800-1150 

History of Wales AD 400-1100


Fred Housego

Fred Housego was a London Black Cab Taxi driver when he became Mastermind Champion. He thought his fame would be a "nine day wonder"  but he went on to a sucessful career in TV and Radio

His 1980 Specalist subjects were

King Henry II    Westminster Abbey  TheTower of London


Leslie Grout

A teacher at Ottershaw Middle School in Surrey, after 6  unsucessful applications, Leslie had 1 final attempt to become a contender, and became the 1981 champion.

His 1981 Specialist subjects were

St.George's Chapel, Windsor   Burial Grounds of London then St.George's Chapel again.

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