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What is the common name for the fast growing , twining plant “Ipomoea”?     Morning Glory or Bindweed
What was the name of the British working-class movement that was established in 1838, whose demands included votes for all men? The Chartists
What is stored in a Leyden jar?      (Static) Electricity
In 2008 who won an Oscar for his role as the ruthless assassin Anton Chicure in No Country for Old Men? Javier Bardem
"Better to die than be a coward” is the motto of which famous fighting force?     The Ghurka Regiment
The ring-ousel belongs to which family of birds? Thrush
What was the original title of Jane Austen's novel, Pride and Prejudice? First Impression
Which element was originally called hydrargyrum? Mercury
Who was king of England in the year AD1000? Ethelred II
What type of animal is a Markhor? A wild goat
Who played Guenevere alongside Richard Burton in the original stage musical Camelot?      Julie Andrews
What in meteorology is measured in Oktas? Cloud cover (0 oktas is completely clear to 8 oktas, completely overcast)
What country's flag (bizarrely) has a garden hoe and a Kalashnikov rifle inside a star?    Mozambique
Which Italian author published Pinocchio in 1880?  Carlo Collodi
Who wrote the book The Color Purple, which was also made into a film by Steven Spielberg? Alice Walker
Andros, at 1600 sq. miles is the largest of which group of islands ? The Bahamas
The cocktail “a Moscow Mule” is vodka mixed with what?

Ginger Ale
Wembley and which other stadium held the Semi Finals in the 1966 World Cup ?      Goodison Park, Everton
Chemakum, Akkadian, Carian, Illinois, Cumbric and Hadramautic
are all examples of what?     Extinct Languages
"Time and Material by Robert Hass and "Failure by Philip Schultz both won what in 2008?     The Pulitzer Prize for Poetry
Which oil tanker ran aground off the coast of Brittany in 1978?

The Amaco Cadiz
In dry desert climates rivers may not flow for many years on end, after a storm they may flow for only a few days or even hours, By what name is this type of river known?     Ephemeral
"People everywhere, A sense of expectation hanging in the air, Giving out a spark, Across the room your eyes are glowing in the dark" are the first lines of which song”?    Voulez-Vous by Abba
What is the official name of the Columbus Archipelago?

The Galapagos Islands
For which crime was Konrad Kujau jailed in 1984?

Forging the Hitler Diaries
Sold for $63.5 million in 2006, who was the artist of the 1955 abstract painting “Police Gazette” ? William de Kooning
Which magazine publishes lists of the World’s richest men, models, sportsmen etc.? Forbes
In 1997, which was first official Children in Need single?

Perfect Day by Lou Reed
Bob Larkin in 1957, Janet Treggoran in 1963 and Mark Hebden in 1994 all have what in common? They were all characters "Killed Off" in The Archers
What name is that of an Arian Christian Germanic people who maintained a North African kingdom in the 5th and 6th centuries and who, under their king Gaiseric, sacked Rome in 455? Vandel
Which bird, related to moorhens,coots and rails differs from them because it lives on dry land? Corncrake
How many time zones are there around Planet Earth? 24
Who was the first US President to be impeached? Andrew Johnson
Who were the two protagonists at the battle of Blood River in 1836?
The Voortrekkers and The Zulu Nation
What is the name given to a certain species of bat owing to the shape of the ridge on it's nose ? The Horseshoe Bat
The first two perfect numbers are 6 and 28, what is the third? 496
Chang Kai Shek International Airport is situated in which capital city? Taipei
Who played the part of Alfie in the 1975 film Alfie Darling?

Alan Price
Who gave his name to an air-brakes for railways which he invented when aged 16?      George Westinghouse
Rijsttafel is a rice-based mixed dish from which country? Indonesia
Which novel by Sir Walter Scott is subtitled Or the Astrologer?

Guy Mannering
Sometimes known as the white whale, Delphinapterus leucas belongs to the bottle-nosed family of whales; how is it more generally known? Beluga
Ash Wednesday is so-called because ashes were sprinkled over the heads of penitents. From what were the ashes produced?

The palms left from the previous Palm Sunday
Which letter of the alphabet is used as a symbol in chemistry for the quantity of heat entering a system, and in physics as a symbol for electrical charge? Q
Which city on the river Tagus, once the capital of Castile, and later of Spain, is the capital of the Castile-La-Mancha region? Toledo
To which poet was Palgrave's Golden Treasury dedicated?

Alfred Lord Tennyson
Who was the last monarch to use Hampton Court as an official residence? George II
Which middle-eastern country derives its name from the Hebrew for white, a probable reference to the snow-capped peaks of the country? Lebanon
Which popular card game of the 19th century, and still played today, had a predecessor called Spade the Gardener?

Happy Families
Who coined the term “Dinosaur”? Robert Owen
Which is the only country that is a member of OPEC and the Commonwealth? Nigeria
In which film did Johnny Depp make his movie debut?

A Nightmare on Elm Street
In which part of the body are the crypts of Lieberkuhn?

The Intestines
Which American inventor was noted for his work on steamboats, submarines and inland waterways? Robert Fulton
Which of the twelve tribes of Israel was named after the eldest son of Jacob and Zilpah?     Gad
Which plant blooms for just a single night each year?
Queen of the Night (or Honolulu Queen or Princess of the Night)
What fruit is traditionally contained in a ‘Courting cake’? Strawberries
How many plays did William Shakespeare write?
38 (some dispute on this question, but 38 seems to be the accepted answer)
The Gabelle Tax prevalent in France from the 15th century up to the French Revolution, was a tax on what? Salt
What name, coined by John Stuart Mill, describes an imaginary society whose evil qualities are meant to serve as a moral or political warning? Dystopia
Where in Britain did the future King William III land in 1688? Brixham, Devon
Which poet laureate wrote crime novels under the pen name Nicholas Blake?     Cecil Day-Lewis
The Bridge of No Return’ is situated between which two countries?
North and South Korea
Apart from Venice, which other Italian city also had a doge? Genoa
In which English county are St.Cuthbert’s head and Thirlwall Castle? Northumberland
Which gas is produced as a by-product of natural gas production? Helium
Which event was first held in 1956 at the Teatro Kursaal in Lugano, Switzerland?    The Eurovision Song Contest
Billy Corgan is the mainstay and lead singer of which band?

The Smashing Pumpkins
What is the common name given to Group 13 elements in the periodic table?  The Boron Group
The Skeleton Coast is a feature of which African country? Namibia
The French town of Amiens stands on which river? The Somme
The biography of which famous person begins with the line “If your great aunt happens to be Ellen Terry, and your grandmother the greatest Shakespearian actress in the whole of Lithuania, you are hardly likely to drift into the fish trade”? Sir John Gielgud
The Augusta National golf course used to feature on the 17th fairway a tree dedicated to which American President? Dwight Eisenhower
Which film director and creator of TV programmes such as ‘Family Guy’ and ‘American Dad’ hosted the 2013 Oscar ceremony?

Seth McFarlane
“He turned away to give them time to pull themselves together; and waited , allowing his eyes to rest on the trim cruiser in the distance” is the closing line of this book? Lord of the Flies by William Golding
Which singer had a backing band called The Famous Flames? James Brown

The world’s largest bull ring is in which city? Mexico City

In 1999, which Scotsman became the Secretary General of NATO? George Robertson

A coleopterist is interested in what type of creatures? Beetles

The soundtrack to which film holds the record for the most weeks at the top of the UK album charts? South Pacific (115 weeks)

Castlebar is the biggest town in which Irish county? Mayo

Hangul is the alphabet used in which language? Korean

What is the smallest independent state in South America? Suriname

Iorwerth is the welsh equivalent of which name? Edward

Caprica was the prequel to which science fiction series? Battlestar Galactica

the Lance Todd trophy, is awarded to the man of the match at the Rugby League Cup Final, what nationality was Lance Todd A New Zealander

In 1934, Charles Laughton became the first Briton to win the Oscar for Best Actor for his role in which film? The Private Life of Henry VIII

The Polish currency the zloty is divided into 100 what? Groszy

What is a shtreimel? A hat worn by Orthodox Jews

The Duchess of Kent Challenge Cup is awarded to the winners of which event at Wimbledon? The Ladies’ Doubles Championship

Which area of grassland translates into English as ‘endless plains’? The Serengeti

Who resigned as Foreign Secretary in 1982 after the invasion of the Falkland Islands?

Lord Carrington

Which three US states are officially known as commonwealths? Massachusetts, Virginia and Kentucky

What is the capital of East Timor Dili

The slave trade was abolished under which British Prime Minister?

William Wyndham Grenville

‘A lot can happen in the middle of nowhere’ is the tag line to which Coen Brothers film?


‘Forward’ is the motto of which English city? Birmingham

Uxoricide is the killing of what relative? Wife

Which band took its name from a slang name for a German brothel? Joy Division

What is the fruit Granadilla more commonly known as? Passion Fruit

Who succeeded Richard Whiteley as the host of Countdown? Des Lynham

The so called Wonga Coup was a plot to overthrow the government of which African country? Equatorial Guinea

Who was the oldest monarch to ascend the British throne? William IV

Which two countries joined the European Economic Community on the same day as the UK? Republic of Ireland and Denmark

Which animated baddie was the alter ego of Sylvester Sneekley? The Hooded Claw

Anjou Rose wine comes from which region of France? Loire Valley

In 1997 Jenny Shipley became the first female Prime Minister of which country?

New Zealand

In finance, what does the acronym NASDAQ stand for?

National Association of Securities Dealers Automatic Quotation

Who was the central character of Martin Amis’s 1984 novel Money? John Self

What is the name of the cartoon character who appears on the box of the board game Monopoly? Rich Uncle Pennybags

Which planet in the solar system has the most moons? Jupiter

Which US politician was Lyndon Johnson describing when he said “He couldn’t walk and chew gum at the same time”? Gerald Ford

What was the name of the Russian nuclear submarine that sank with all hands in the Barents Sea in august 2000? Kursk

Which is the only city in the UK whose name is spelt using only letters from the first half of the alphabet? Lichfield

Who was MP Tom Watson addressing when he said “You are the first Mafia boss in history to not know he was running a criminal enterprise”? James Murdoch

Which actor replaced John Nettles in the lead role in Midsomer Murders? Neil Dudgeon

In geometry , an icosahedron has how many faces? 20

What is the smallest county in the Republic of Ireland? Louth

Which US state is known as “The Sunflower State”? Kansas

Which directors films include Contagion, Solaris and The Good German?

Steven Soderberg

How much time do MP’s have to vote after the division bell is rung? Eight Minutes

“The truth is, if old Major Dover hadn’t dropped dead at Taunton races Jim would never have come to Thursgood’s at all” is the opening line of which novel?

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy by John Le Carre

Priapus was the Greek god of what? Fertility

Celine Dion represented which country in the 1988 Eurovision Song Contest?


In 2005 Hilary Sparling won the Whitbread Prize for her biography of which artist?

Henri Matisse

Who was the first actor to play Dr.Who who was born after the show first aired in 1963?

Christopher Eccleston

Prokofiev’s opera The Gambler was based on a story by which author?

Fyodor Dostoevsky

Which actress provided the voice for ET? Debra Winger

What is the only line on the London Underground that intersects all the other lines?

Jubilee Line

On what part of the body would a finnesko be worn?

On the feet (It is thermal boot made from Reindeer skin and fur)

The oldest surviving UK newspaper is published in which city?

Belfast (News Letter first published in 1737)

Which Hollywood star had an audition to join the pop group Boyzone? Colin Farrell

What is a pangram? A sentence using every letter of the alphabet at least once

Which French author declined the Nobel prize for literature in 1964? Jean-Paul Satre

In which country is government policy based on Gross National Happiness? Bhutan

"United in Diversity" is the motto of which organisation? The European Union

Which poet’s epitaph reads “Here lies one whose name was writ in water”? John Keats

Three Presidents of the USA died on the 4th of July, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson both died on that date in 1826, who was the third? James Monroe in 1836

What was the name of the iPad newspaper launched in 2011 by Rupert Murdoch?

The Daily

The three Bronte sisters all died of which disease? Tuberculosis

Which Christian group was founded by John Thomas in the mid-19th century?

The Christadelphians

Which European country went without a government for a record breaking 589 days in 2010 & 2011? Belguim

The largest dam in the world the Itaipu Dam, lies between which two South American countries? Brazil & Paraguay

The Golden Bear award is given to the best film at which film festival? Berlin

Who was the first presenter of Top Gear? Angela Rippon

Which sweets were invented by Forrest Mars Sr. and Bruce Murrie? M & M's

The Brannock device is used to measure what? Feet (Shoe sizes)

 Crab, the only dog to feature in a Shakespeare play, appeared in which play?

The Two Gentlemen of Verona

What is the capital of the Canadian province of New Brunswick? Fredricton

What is the only film to win the Best Picture Oscar without featuring a single female speaking role? Lawrence of Arabia

Who was the Roman goddess of sorcery and witchcraft who haunted crossroads and graveyards? Trivia

Merle is another name for which bird? Blackbird

Which TV comedy was set in East Hampton Hospital Trust? Green Wing

From 1779 to 1961, which Assay office had three wheat sheaves with sword as its assay mark? Chester

Which website was founded by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim in 2005


Which Nobel prize-winning economist wrote “There’s No Such Thing As a Free Lunch”?

Milton Friedman

Which American singer reached number 2 in the UK charts in 2010 with, I Need a Dollar? Aloe Blacc

What was the first National Park to be created in Britain? The Peak District in 1951

John Francis Wade wrote the words and music to which famous Christmas carol?

Oh Come All Ye Faithful

In which European city would you find Guell Park? Barcelona

What is the smallest country in mainland Africa? The Gambia

Mercalli is a unit used to measure what? Earthquakes

In 1964, which actor and comedian became the first man to appear on the cover of Playboy magazine? Peter Sellers

A castor was a hat made from the fur of which animal? The Beaver

What was the last novel written by Thomas Hardy? Jude the Obscure

What is the only letter that doesn’t feature in the periodic table? J

Which monarch founded the Order of the Garter? Edward III

Who was the first woman to be elected to the British Parliament?

Constance Georgine Markievicz

What was the name of the plot to assassinate members of Lord Liverpool’s cabinet and then declare a republic? The Cato Street Conspiracy

Eric Bishop is the real name of which Oscar-winning actor? Jamie Foxx

Who was the third candidate together with George H W Bush and Bill Clinton in the 1992 US Presidential election? Ross Perot

Who played Dennis Thatcher in the 2011 film The Iron Lady? Jim Broadbent

Amos Hart, Kitty Baxter and Mary Sunshineare characters in which musical? Chicago

Zhong Yu is the Mandarin for which English word? Finally

What is the meant by the name of the flower saxifrage, which grows in cracks in rocks?

Stone Breaker

Yabusame is the Japanese version of which sport?

Archery ( The contestants fire at targets from a trotting horse)

William of Orange, making his bid for the throne, landed at Brixham. Where did he set up his headquarters? Exeter

Who composed the chamber opera The Turn of the Screw? Benjamin Britten

Who was the hero who went mad outside Troy, slaughtering first a herd of sheep then himself? Ajax

With which English county was the regiment The Green Howards particularly associated?

Yorkshire (The regimental HQ was in Richmond)

Aboard which ship did Lord Kitchener lose his life in 1916? HMS Hampshire

When offered his freedom his answer was always “If you set me free today, I will preach again tomorrow” Who was he? John Bunyan

Pinchbeck is an alloy of copper and what else? Zinc

Tara, the legendary place of the Coronation of Irish kings is in which county? Meath

Who was the poet who perfected “Sprung” and “Counterpoint” rhythms?

Gerard Manley Hopkins

Which country administers the territory known as The Ross Dependency?

New Zealand

Charles I, King of France, was known as “the Bald” and Charles II as “the Fat”. What was Charles III nicknamed? The Simple

Who created the American comic strip character Li’l Abner? Al Capp

In which city would you find The Jacques Cartier bridge? Montreal

Which Shakespearian character spoke these lines, “Cowards die many times before their deaths. The valiant never taste death but once"? Julius Caesar (Act II scene 2)

Historically, what was the Heptarchy?

The seven kingdoms in which Anglo-Saxon England was divided (East Anglia, Essex, Kent, Mercia, Northumbria, Wessex and Sussex)

Who succeeded Archbishop Makarios as President of Cyprus? Spyros Kyprianou

The General Strike of 1926 was called in support of which union?

The National Union of Mineworkers

Which country declared itself an independent republic on 17th June 1944?

Iceland (Ruled by Denmark until then)

Three-quarters of the world breeding population of a sea bird is concentrated round the British Isles: which species? The (North Atlantic) Gannet

According to Jewish folklore, who was the first woman? Lilith

Who was the first of the Lancastrian kings? Henry IV

Whose debut novel was set in San Francisco and written entirely in verse?

Vikram Seth (The Golden Gate)

Which company produced the world’s first commercial jet airliner?

De Havilland (The Comet)

What shape is the large DNA molecule? Double Helix

Who in mythology was the father of the Nine Muses? Zeus

What instrument has an Italian name that means ‘bundle of sticks’? Bassoon (Fagotto)

Who assassinated Jean Paul Marat? Charlotte Corday

Which English composer was a pupil of John Blow and became organist of Westminster Abbey in 1679? Henry Purcell

A Miss Glover of Norwich invented a system of musical notation, about 1845.What was it called? Tonic Sol-Fa

On the 22nd of April 1964 Greville Wynn , sentenced in Moscow for spying for the UK, was exchanged for which Soviet spy? Gordon Lonsdale

Which game was patented by Major Walter Wingfield under the name of Sphairistike?

Lawn Tennis

At which battle of 1620 were the Bohemian Protestant reformers decisively defeated by combined Catholic forces, marking the end of Bohemian period of the Thirty Years War?

The Battle of the White Mountain (or white Hill)

Pongo pygmaeus’ is the Latin name for which primate, which is found in the wild in Malaysia predominately? Orang-utan

Sodium and which other metallic element were first isolated in 1807 by Sir Humphry Davey? Potassium (or Kalium)

Which song from the musical Cats is based mainly on T.S.Eliot’s poem ‘Rhapsody on a Windy Night’? Memory

Who painted Flood at Port Marley in 1876, in which the houses are reflected in floodwater? Alfred Sisley

By what name was the 1930’s New York gangster Arthur Flegenheimer, better known?

"Dutch" Schultz

Which famous rocker released the album Greetings from Ashbury Park?

Bruce Springsteen

Which actor made his final screen appearance in 1984 in the film 1984? Richard Burton

Which mountain range lies in the north of Spain, west of the Pyrenees?

The Cantabrian Mountains

Which medieval cathedral has the widest nave of all French cathedrals? Chartres

Which two countries fought against Russia in the Livonian War of 1558-83?

Sweden and Poland

Who was the first high jumper to clear eight feet? Javier Sotomayor of Cuba

What branch of medicine did Er’s Dr. Douglas Ross aka George Clooney specialise in?


Which impresario is famous for staging the musicals Cats,Les Miserables and Miss Saigon? Cameron McIntosh

The world’s first motorway opened in 1924, in which country?

Italy (The Milano-Laghi motorway (connecting Milan to Varese)

Whose gravestone bears the words ‘His sins were scarlet but his books were read’

Hilare Beloc

Which Dublin building was founded by Queen Elizabeth I and houses the Book of Kells?

Trinity College

Which Shakespeare play did Catherine the Great translate into Russian under the title ‘What is it Like to have Linen in a basket? The Merry Wives of Windsor

For which 1979 film was Peter Sellers nominated for an Oscar in the Best Actor category? Being There

What was Thomas Hardy’s first published novel? Desperate Remedies in 1871

In 1937 American Engineer Chester Carlson invented a process called xerography, What is its more common name? Photocopying

Which Archbishop of Canterbury was executed during the English Civil War in 1645?

William Laud

In which town were Tsar Nicholas II and his family executed during the Russian Revolution? Ekaterinburg

In architecture, what classical name is used for a column which is carved into the shape of a female figure, clad in long robes? Caryatid

By the terms of the 1559 Act of Supremacy, instead of becoming Supreme Head of the Church of England. Queen Elizabeth I became its Supreme …what? Govenor

Monte Cinto, which reaches a height of 2,710 metres, is the highest point of which Mediterranean island? Corsica

In which winter sport is a match or tournament known as a bonspiel? Curling

In which village near Rotherham was the British Steel Corporation coking plant that was the scene of a violent confrontation between police and striking miners in June 1984?


Which treaty gave Britain official possession of Gibralter? The Treaty of Utrecht in 1713

In astronomy , what name is given to the darkest part of the shadow cast by the earth or moon in an eclipse?

The Umbra. (As distinct from the penumbra, the lighter outer edge of the shadow)

Who wrote the musical Annie Get Your Gun? Irving Berlin

Which were the first Olympic Games that featured competitors from all five continents?

Stockholm in 1912

In the TV sit-com Rising Damp what was the first name of Rigsby? Rupert

What are the two middle names of Queen Elizabeth II? Alexandra Mary

Matilda of Boulogne was the wife of which King? Stephen

McKinley Morganfield is the real name of which legendary Blues singer?

Muddy Waters

”If you really want to hear about it, the first thing you’ll probably want to know is where I was born, and what my lousy childhood was like, and how my parents were occupied and all before they had me, and all that David Copperfield crap, but I don’t feel like going into it, if you want to know the truth.” Is the opening line of which novel?

Catcher in the Rye by J.D.Salinger (1951)

Didactics is the art and science of what? Teaching

Which actor played Arthur Miller in the 2011 film, My Week With Marilyn?Dougray Scott

In Doctor Who, what do the initials TARDIS stand for?

Time And Relative Dimension In Space

Keshan Disease is caused by a deficiency of which element? Selinium

Which two American states have borders with eight other states?

Tennessee and Missouri

Vincent d’Onofrio was asked to gain over 60 pounds in order to play a leading role in which Stanley Kubrick film? Full Metal Jacket

What name was popularly given to the Progressive Party founded by Theodore Roosevelt when he ran for President in 1912? "The Bull Moose Party"

On 6th May 1840, the Post Office issued two adhesive postage stamps for general use. One was the Penny Black, what was the other? Twopenny Blue

Who wrote the Booker prize-winning novel "The Line of Beauty"? Alan Hollinghurst

Which 18th Century painter was the first President of the Royal Acadamy?

Sir Joshua Reynolds

The Sejm is the lower house of the parliament of which country? Poland

What was the name of the diner in the TV series Happy Days? Arnold's

8/ Which Sunday newspaper was launched on 2nd May 1982? The Mail on Sunday

What is the next name on this list…John Heenan, Basil Hume, and Cormac Murphy-O’Conner? Vincent Nichols (The Catholic Archbishops of Westminster)

In computing what do the initials GIF stand for? Graphics Interchange Format

In which US city would you travel on a transport system called BART?

San Francisco (Bay Area Rapid Transport)

Opened in 1959, what is the oldest motorway service station in the UK? Waford Gap

What is the capital of Equatorial Guinea? Malabo

In 2005, the Tulip Revolution occurred in which former Soviet Republic? Kyrgyzstan

What is the ball on the top of a flagpole called? A Truck

What flower’s name derives from the Turkish word for turban? Tulip

What is the name of the symbol & ? Ampersand

Which comedian said “Money can’t buy you friends but you can get a better class of enemy? Spike Milligan

On which racecourse is the Welsh Grand National run? Chepstow

20/ Posthumously awarded a Pulitzer Prize, which Tennessee born author is famous for “Let us Now Praise Famous Men”, a collaboration with the photographer Walker Evans?

James Agee

Appearing with Charlie Chaplin in “The Kid”, which actor played Uncle Fester in the 1960’s TV version of “The Addams Family” Jacky Coogan

In which European city would you find the Alte Pinakothek art gallery? Munich

Sharing an Oscar for best Screenplay, which writer, in 1938 became the first person to win a Nobel Prize and an Oscar? George Bernard Shaw

Which English Baroque Architect , considered part of a triumvirate with Hawksmore and Vanburgh, is best known for designing Birmingham Cathedral and the north elevation of Chatsworth? Thomas Archer

“Sonnets from the Portuguese” are a book of poems by which poet?

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Which animal is found on the British Pathe logo? A Cockerel

In the 18th century, some captured officers would give their word of honour that they would commit no further acts of war after their release. What was the name for this promise? Parole

In which popular 2003 film does Billy Bob Thornton play the President of the United States? Love Actually 

Which band with a militaristic name had a top 10 hit on both sides of the Atlantic with the song 'Snoopy vs The Red Baron'? The Royal Guardsmen

The three largest ocean liners in the world in 1940 were the RMS Queen Elizabeth, RMS Queen Mary were two, which was the third.? SS Normandie

The name of which Southeast Asian country means 'east east'?

East Timor (The Malay word Timur means east)

In Norse mythology there are nine worlds. In which world is Odin's hall Valhalla located?


According to Winston Churchill, which potent concoction saved "more Englishmen's lives, and minds, than all the doctors in the Empire"?. Gin and Tonic

According to the book title, the covert character named Alec Leamas came from where?

"The Cold" (From the novel "The Spy Who Came in From The Cold)

On March 4th 1918, the first known case of which pandemic was observed at Fort Riley, Kansas, USA? Spanish Flu

Which Academy Award winner for best actress is the only Oscar winner with an Oscar winning mother and father?

Liza Minnelli (Her parents were Judy Garland and Vincente Minnelli)

Scottish keyboardist Ian Andrew Robert Stewart was a co-founder of which band?

The Rolling Stones

What is the name of the smallest constellation in the night sky?

The Southern Cross (Crux Australi)

The name of which popular British television series is found in William Shakespeare's Sonnet 18? "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day.... The Darling Buds of May

Who Were Arrietty, Pod and Homily? The Borrowers

What are the main ingredients of the cocktail a Horse?s Neck? Brandy and Ginger

If the most common name for a street in Britain is High Street, what is the second most common name for a street? Station Road

Of which English city is Saint Frideswide the patron saint? Oxford

In January 1970, which African state that claimed independence in May 1967, capitulated to the Nigerian government? Biafra

Who was the first man named John to win a Best Actor Oscar?

John Wayne( for "True Grit" in 1970)

Who was found guilty of thirteen murders at the Old Bailey in May 1981?

Peter Sutcliffe (The Yorkshire Ripper)

What is the correct name for a red blood cell? Eyrthrocyte

Which Indian state is at the eastern end of the Himalayas? Assam

The following are all members of a bronze medal winning team at the 1904 Olympic games in St. Louis. Which sport might it be ? Spotted Tail, Lightfoot, Red Jacket, Rain in Face, Man Afraid Soap, Blackhawk, Black Eagle, Almighty Voice, Flat Iron, Halfmoon and Snake Eater. Lacrosse

John Spilsbury is credited with putting together which baffling invention in the 1760s? The Jig-saw puzzle

Who in 1997, became the then youngest Taoiseach when he was appointed to the role? Bertie Ahearn

Which fish, measured as the fastest fish on the planet, has the ability to change its colouring being known to turn itself light blue when excited? The Sail Fish

Which Irish Monk and Bishop, founded the monastery at Lindisfarne which formed the centre of his work in Northern England? St.Aiden

In the 2003 film "Sylvia" in which Daniel Craig plays Ted Hughes, which actress plays Sylvia Plath? Gwyneth Paltrow

In Chess, the pattern of development known as a Fianchetto relates to which playing piece? The Bishop

What two word name is given to the second parliament of James I due to the fact that it failed to pass a single piece of legislation? The Addled Parliament

Samson Agonistes was the last poem by which poet? John Milton

What was the name of the short lived ITV soap opera in the 1980’s, focussing on the daily on goings of a Manchester market? Albion Market

Due to the familial relationship between them what collective term is given to the Roman Emperors Nerva, Trajan, Hadrian, Antionas Pius and Marcus Aurelius?

The Adoptive Emporers

Other than London in 2012, in which other city did Queen Elizabeth II officially open the Summer Olympics? Montreal in 1976

What theory did Aleksander Freidman and George Le Maitre devise in the 1920’s

The Big Bang Theory

Starring Celia Johnson and Trevor Howard, the David Lean film version of ‘Brief Encounter’ is based on which Noel Coward play? Still Life

What type of creature is a Basilisk? A Lizard

Who are the two Irishman to win the BBC Sports Personality of the Year?

Barry McGuigan and A.J.McCoy

In 2013 who became the first female General Secretary of the Trade union Congress?

Frances O'Grady

Which team won the first ever Superbowl in 1967? The Green Bay Packers

In which country did the “Purple Rain Protest” occur in 1989? South Africa

What nickname is given to Haydn’s Symphony No.45 due to the fact that towards the end of the final movement members of the orchestra leave in succession, resulting in two violinists playing alone? "The Farewell"

Who was the first US President to be photographed whilst in office? James K.Polk

Following the death of Lucian Freud in 2012, which artist took his place as one of the 24 artists as members of the Order of Merit? David Hockney

Who is the only female author to date to win two Man Booker prizes? Hilary Mantel

What is the highest mountain in Canada? Mt.Logan

Which Italian painter is famous for portraits where the heads of the subjects are usually made from fruit, vegetables and flowers, among other items? Giuseppi Arcimboldo

Where is the highest known mountain in the solar system located? Mars (Olympus Mons)

At the Mexico City Olympics in 1968, who was the first man to break the ten second barrier in the 100 metres? Jim Hines of the USA

The Panama Canal was originally planned to take route through which country until the eruption of Mount Pelee on Martinique caused a rethink? Nicaragua

The Battle of Bad Axe was the last battle of which American war?

The Black Hawk War of 1832

Who was the father of Edward the Confessor? Ethelred the Undready

In which Charles Dickens novel does Lizzie Hexham appear? "Our Mutual Friend"

According to his autobiography which jockey was born lucky? John Francome

Which cape is at the northernmost tip of Australia in Queensland? Cape York

With which partner did John McEnroe win 4 Wimbledon and 3 US Open men’s doubles titles? Peter Fleming

Which political leader was executed alongside his wife on Christmas Day 1989?

Nicholae Ceausescu (and his wife Elana)

What is the well-known Arabic word for 'The Island' or 'The Peninsula'? Al-Jazeera

Alec Guinness, Robert Carlyle, Anthony Hopkins and Ian McKellen have all played which 20th century historical figure? Adolph Hitler

In which South American country was the singer Chris De Burgh born? Argentina

What is the name of the exotic fruit that takes the shape of a five pointed star when cut across the middle? Carambola

The name of which American rock band was also the term used by Allied pilots in WW II to describe UFO's? The Foo Fighters

Which word (or warning) meaning 'unstable' stems from the Latin for "to fly"? Volatile

Spats Columbo is the bad guy in which classic black and white film? Some Like It Hot

The rule of thumb or principle telling us that the simplest explanation is more likely the correct one is known as Occam's what? Occam's Razor

What kind of orange is used to flavour Earl Grey tea? Bergamont

Which famous English abolitionist, whose name is now an eponym, created the famous anti slavery medallion "Am I Not A Man And A Brother"? Josiah Wedgewood

Where were the US Open tennis championships held between 1924 and 1977?

Forest Hills

According to the Art Loss Register works from which two artists have been stolen the most? Picasso and Matisse

What was the name of the Burmese UN Secretary General between 1962 and 1971?

U Thant

In office from 1801 to 1835, John Marshall was the longest serving holder of which post?

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of The United States

"What'll you do when you get lonely, And nobody's waiting by your side? You've been running and hiding much too long. You know it's just your foolish pride, are the opening lines to which classic song? Layla (by Derek and The Domino's)

Based on daily average temperatures, which Asian city is regarded as the coldest capital city in the world? Ulan Bator (Mongolia)

In office between 16th February 1742 and 2nd July 1743, who was the second Prime Minister of the United Kingdom?

The Right Honorable Spencer Compton, First Earl of Wilmington KG,KB,PC

Which actor was born Alphonso d’Abruzzo? Alan Alda (or his father Robert Alda)

Which British submarine sank the Argentinian cruiser General Belgrano, during the Falklands conflict? HMS Conqueror

The “Famous Player Film Company” established in 1912, was the original name for which film distribution company? Paramount

In which annual Rugby Union fixture, played since 1878, do teams compete for the Babcock Trophy? Army vs Navy

James Brunot is credited with inventing what popular board game? Scrabble

Which Saint sacrificed himself to protect the Christian Cleric Amphilbolus? St.Alban

What was the name of the gang of girls in the movie Grease? The Pink Ladies

The Metical is the currency of which African country? Mozambique

Which Mexican revolutionary was assassinated on his ranch in Parral in June 1923?

Pancho Villa

In Physics, what is measured using the weber unit? Magnetic Flux

The words pillion and slogan originate from which language? Gaelic

"Analects" is the most famous work of which philosopher? Confucius

“Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed” which English poet wrote these words? Alexander Pope

Who succeeded Leonid Brezhnev as leader of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union?

Yuri Andropov

The Kakapo is the only flightless member of which family of birds ? Parrots

Which actor replaced John Nettles in the lead role in Midsomer Murders? Neil Dudgeon

What nationality is the film maker Jafar Pahani? Iranian

Who was the first Vice President of the United States to resign? John C.Calhoun in 1832

Ganymede was the Greek god of what? Water

What is the subject of Renoir's painting Les Parapules Umberellas

According to the US postal service and Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee, what kind of person shall not be honoured on a US postal stamp? A Living Person

Which former ward attendant in a psychiatric hospital wrote "One flew over the cuckoo's nest"? Ken Kesey

Which South American city was shaped by Oscar Niemeier? Brasilia

For what product is the London shop Paxton and Whitfield famous? Cheese

Which city in northern Spain is the scene of an annual pilgrimage in honour of St.James?

Santiago de Compostela

The treaty of Adrianople was signed in 1829, it ended the war between Russia and which country? Turkey (The Ottoman Empire)

Bujumbura is the capital of which country? Burundi

The George Bernard Shaw play “Arms and the Man” is set in which country? Bulgaria

Which perfume house produces the perfume “Obsession” Calvin Klein

Which Golf Championship was won by Ernie Els in 1994, 1995 1996 and again in 2002,2003 & 2004? World Matchplay Championship

Which common bird is alternatively known as a tinnock? Blue tit

In the US TV series “McMillan and Wife” Rock Hudson played Commissioner Stewart McMillan, who played his wife? Susan Saint James

The battle of Le Mans , in which the French under Chanzy were completely routed, took place during which war? Franco-Prussian War

Which cocktail consists of 4 parts Gin, 1 part Vermouth and served with a cocktail onion?

A Gibson

In which English cathedral would you find Wastell’s Tower? Canterbury

Who coined the term Surrealism in 1922? Andre Breton

Whose last film was “The Harder They Fall” in 1956? Humphrey Bogart

"Die my dear doctor, that’s the last thing I shall do? were the last words of which politician? Viscount Palmerston

“A Village Romeo & Juliet” is an opera by which English composer? Frederick Delius

What is the collective noun for a group of lapwings? A deceit

“In sooth, I know not why I am so sad” is the first line of which Shakespeare play?

The Merchant of Venice

Born in Scarborough, who is known as “The Father of Aeronautics”? Sir George Cayley

Until 2003 the US Secret Service came under which branch of the Government?

The Treasury

St. Edward’s crown was made for the coronation of which king? Charles II

Julian Bream, Zoltan Katona & Philip Selby were all famous for playing which instrument?


The US uses a ZIP code as part of an address, what does ZIP stand for?

Zone Improvement Plan

Which DJ was nicknamed “Fluff”? Alan Freeman

The Strait of Otranto links which two seas? Adriatic and Ionian

Aesculus hippocastanum is the Latin name for which tree? Horse Chestnut

Sue Robinson was the first woman editor of which magazine? Radio Times

Mike Potts, David Gates, James Griffin, Larry Knechtel and Rob Royer were the original members of which group? Bread

Quechua was the language spoken by which people? The Incas

Which Scottish poet wrote of London “ London, thou art the flower of cities all”?

William Dunbar

Which German city was the target of the first ‘1000 Bomber raid”?

Cologne (30th May 1942)

Oberto, Conte di San Bonifacio first performed in 1839 was which composers first opera?

Giuseppe Verdi

Who was the great American orator who spoke at Gettysburg immediately before Lincoln gave his famous address? Edward Everett

In which US state is Gettysburg? Pennsylvania

What is scotopic vision? Seeing in the dark (night vision)

Which island famous for its knitting, is situated midway between Orkney & Shetland?

Fair Isle

Who were ‘the great Twin Brothers to whom all Dorians pray’?

Castor & Polydeuces (or Pollux)

Who wrote many of the plays known as ‘The Aldwych Farces’ such as Rookery Nook in the 1920’s ? Ben Travers

What 20th-century war did the Treaty of Portsmouth end?

Russo- Japanese War of 1904-05

Who was Alexander the Great’s general who took over the government of Egypt when Alexander died? Ptolemy I Soter

Hector Hugh Munro (1870-1916) Writer od satirical short stories and novels, used what pen name? Saki

What does a phillumenist collect? Matchbox Labels

Which British tree, often planted on river banks to help prevent erosion, is suitable for charcoal making, was once used for making clogs? Alder

In 2005, who created an installation of 100 cast iron naked men, on Crosby beach on Merseyside? Anthony Gormley

Under what name did the naval version of the Spitfire enter service with the Fleet Air Arm in June 1942? Supermarine ) Seafire Mk1

For most of his professional Basketball career Michael Jordan played for which team?

Chicago Bulls

Which present day Welsh county incorporates the area once known as the county of Radnorshire? Powys

In 1696 Sir Isaac Newton left Cambridge after thirty-five years to become warden of which organisation? The Royal Mint

What unusual death befalls the eccentric scrap dealer Mr.Krook in Bleak House?

Spontaneous Combustion

Under what surname did the Bronte sisters publish a volume of poems in 1845? Bell

Which writer was played by Toby Jones in the film Infamous and in an Oscar-winning performance by Philip Seymour Hoffman? Truman Capote

Which wine is whisked to a froth with egg-yolks and sugar in the Italian dessert zabaglione? Marsala

To what di the Reverend Sydney Smith refer when he said, ‘It is as though St. Paul’s had gone down to the sea and pupped’? The Royal Pavilion in Brighton

What is the first sign of the zodiac? Aries

What is the name of the bell traditionally used by Lloyd’s of London to ring for news of important announcements? Lutine Bell

The Man of Property is the first book in which literary trilogy? The Forsyte Saga

Where did the United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference convene in July 1944?

Bretton Woods

Which company manufactures the programs Acrobat and Photoshop? Adobe

Who, with four tries, was top try scorer in the 2015 Six Nations tournament?

Jonathan Joseph

Messier numbers would most likely be used by people of which occupation? Astronomers

In August 2015, Gabriele Finaldi will take over as Director of which institution?

National Gallery

Thick as a Brick, Heavy Horses and Crest of a Knave are among the albums released by which rock band? Jethro Tull

The electron, negative muon and tau-minus particle are all types of which fundamental particle? Lepton

Which English blue cheese takes its name from the spelling of Stiton in the Domesday Book, as it is not allowed to be called by that name? Stichelton

Which television detective series, based on the novels of Andrea Camilleri, is set in the Sicilian town of Vigàta? Inspector Montalbano

In which European city does the Damrak run between the Central Station and the Royal Palace? Amsterdam

Who was the father of the Norse god Thor? Odin

Who is the director of the 2015 live-action version of Cinderella? Kenneth Branagh

But which film director observed: “If I made Cinderella, people would be looking for the body in the coach”? Alfred Hitchcock

The Protecting Veil was a work for strings and cello composed by whom after a request from Steven Isserlis? John Tavener

In the eighteenth century Tilly Kettle was the first major westerner of which profession to go to India? Artist

Who played the title character in the ITV sitcom Shelley? Hywel Bennett

Montauk Point lies at the eastern extremity of which American island? Long Island

Which English castle was described by monastic chronicler Matthew Paris as the key to the kingdom? Dover

Which gas has the chemical formula N2O4? Dinitrogen tetroxide

The Vaquita is a small and rare species of which mammal? Porpoise

Those like me who had the last major partial eclipse across Britain this month obscured by cloud have to wait until August of which year for the next chance to catch a major partial eclipse in this county? 2026

In which country is the less-than-attractive sounding wine region of the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area? Australia

Who, as Chancellor of the Exchequer, introduced Premium Bonds in 1956?

Harold Macmillan

Which artist was portrayed by Charlton Heston in The Agony and the Ecstasy?

Michelangelo (Buonarotti)

Of which animal are Eohippus and Mesohippus ancient ancestors?


What is the name of the eponymous warden in Trollope’s novel?

Septimus Harding

How many squares are there on a standard Scrabble board? 225

Which national daily newspaper is produced by Associated Newspapers Ltd?

Daily Mail

Bari and Brindisi are provinces of which region of Italy? Puglia (Apulia)

What sort of song is a Brindisi? Drinking song

The fairy is the smallest, and the emperor the largest species of which bird? Penguin

Van Diemen’s Land is a former name for where? Tasmania

How many stripes are there on the Greek flag? Nine

Which Greek goddess of pathways and crossroads traversed at night subsequently became associated with witches and witchcraft? Hecate

Which London store was a prime sponsor of Art Nouveau in England? Liberty

Published in 1955, the autobiographical work Surprised by Joy was written by which author? C. S. Lewis

The Peace of Westphalia ended which war? Thirty Years’ War

From what sort of tree do dates come? Palm (the Date Palm to be precise)

Christian Horner is the Team Principal of which Formula One team?

(Infiniti) Red Bull (Racing)

In what year was the planet Neptune discoveredy? 1846

With which two Steves did Roland Wayne co-found Apple?

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak

Which city’s postcode area covers the Isle of Wight? Portsmouth

In which Benjamin Britten opera do the nursery rhyme tunes of Tom, Tom, the Piper’s Son and Lavender’s Blue appear? The Turn of the Screw

Which Irish folk-rock band of the 1970s produced albums inspired by the legends of the Cattle Raid of Cooley and the Book of Invasions? Horslips

What value is 1,000 guineas in decimal currency? £1,050

From which country does the dance the Mazurka come? Poland

Which canal links Lake Erie and Lake Ontario? Welland (Ship) Canal

Alexander Nevsky and The Battleship Potemkin were historical films directed by who?

Sergei Eisenstein

Which player, born in Bournemouth, comes fourth to Martina Navratilova, Chris Evert and Steffi Graf in the all-time list of wins on the WTA world tour with a total of 839 wins?

Virginia Wade

What was the name of the rogue trader whose actions brought down Baring’s Bank?

Nick Leeson

In Roseanne, which actor played the title character’s husband Dan? John Goodman

What is an epistaxis? A Nosebleed

In the Grand National course at Aintree, what name is given to fence 8? Canal Turn

In which film did Biggus Dickus, husband of Incontinentia Buttox, appear?

Monty Python’s The Life of Brian

In a Noel Coward song, who did he advise not to put her daughter on the stage?

Mrs Worthington

What is the highest point in England outside of the Lake District? Cross Fell

If nocturnal refers to a creature who tends to be out and about at night, what term refers to one out and about in daytime? Diurnal

Who was Mayor of the Californian town of Carmel-by-the-Sea from 1986 to 1988?

Clint Eastwood

In the Babar the Elephant stories, what was the name of his cousin and wife? Celeste

In the Latin version of Gospel according to St John, to whom did the risen Christ say “Noli me tangere”? Mary Magdalene

Which Emeritus Professor of Bioengineering at Brunel University is best remembered for his appearances on The Great Egg Race? Heinz Wolff

Which Kingston Press Championship rugby league side are nicknamed the Rams?


Which 80s pop duo comprised Alison Moyet and Vince Clarke? Yazoo

Off which island would you find Casquets lighthouse? Alderney

In which opera does the Duke of Mantua sing La Donna è Mobile? Rigoletto

Which actor is married to former pop starlet and actress Billie Piper? Laurence Fox

Groundnut and Earthnut are alternative names for which nut? Peanut

What nickname was given to American prisoner Robert Franklin Stroud due to his hobby whilst incarcerated? The Birdman of Alcatraz

To which genius of plants do Snapdragons belong? Antirrhinum

Which notable 20th century poem ends “Shantih Shantih Shantih”?

The Waste Land (by T. S. Eliot)

Which 19th century American statesman was nicknamed “The Great Emancipator”?

Abraham Lincoln

Which country sits on the turn of the Gulf of Guinea, with Nigeria on one side of its coastline and Equatorial Guinea on the other? Cameroon

How is Felix Mendelssohn’s Hebrides Overture, opus 26, also known? Fingal’s Cave

On a ship, which mast comes above the topmast? Topgallant mast

Which of British flat horse racing five classic races is the first to be staged each year?

2,000 Guineas

Jeremy Irons won an Academy Award for his portrayal of Claus von Bulow in which 1990 film? Reversal of Fortune

Gulf Air is the national airline of which country? Bahrain

Of which stage work was it said that it “made Gay rich and Rich gay”?

The Beggar’s Opera

What is the sum of the internal angles of a Nonagon? 1260º

Which comedian stood against Nigel Farage for South Thanet at the 2015 General Election, for his Free United Kingdom Party? Al Murray

According to the saying ascribed to Desiderius Erasmus, who is king in the county of the blind? The one-eyed man

Which Asian country is the second-largest exporter of coffee in the world, after Brazil?


In Thunderbirds and Thunderbirds are Go! what is the surname of Lady Penelope?


Horton Smith in 1934 was the first winner of which major sporting event?

US Masters Golf

What is the southernmost capital city in the world? Wellington

Which disease, most common in the UK among children, is caused by Group A beta-haemolytic streptococci, an erythrogenic toxin-producing strain of Streptococcus pyogenes? Scarlet Fever

The Veuve Cliquot Gold Cup is a major tournament in which sport? Polo

Which school has the address Elgin, Moray, IV30 5RF? Gordonstoun

The word marmalade derives from the Portuguese word for which fruit, from which it was originally made? Quince

The destruction of which ancient city is foretold by the prophet Nahum in the Old Testament book of that name? Ninevah

Mike Scott is the lead singer, songwriter and guiding light behind which British band, who have recorded on and off since 1983? Waterboys

Named after its official State fruit, the Peach State is the nickname of which of the United States of America? Georgia

Which home textiles and soft furnishing retail chain was founded by Bill and Jean Adderley in Leicester in 1979, and now operates over 140 stores across the UK?

Dunelm Mill

What is the name of the Dane whose adventures comprise a medieval English mythological poetic romance? Havelok

According to Oxford English Dictionaries, who examined the entries in the Concise OED, what is the least-used letter in the English language? Q

In which county is the Prime Minister’s country residence of Chequers?


Of whom it was said “cupid’s darts do not feel,” who were the first two Presidents of the Association of Headmistresses? Frances Buss and Dorothea Beale

Which composer had the nickname “The Red Priest”? Antonio Vivaldi

In the Old Testament, who was the mother of King Solomon? Bathsheba

Edinburgh police Inspector John Rebus is the creation of which writer? Ian Rankin

In which work of art can you find the words “I pressed the fire control … and ahead of me rockets blazed through the sky…”? Whaam! (by Roy Lichtenstein)

What colour are the flowers of both Broom and Laburnum? Yellow

Who topped the UK charts in the 1970s with Can the Can and Devil Gate Drive?

Suzi Quatro

Which member of the Carry On team played one of Alec Guinness’ gang in The Lavender Hill Mob? Sid James

Which planet of the Solar System has the shortest day, at 9 hours, 50 minutes and 30 seconds? Jupiter

In which city did Harold Macmillan make his famous “wind of change” speech?Cape Town

Who is the wicketkeeper and captain of the West Indies cricket tea, whose dismissal in the First Test in Antigua made Jimmy Anderson England’s all-time record wicket taker?

Dinesh Ramdin

14/ Which novelist collaborated with Eric Crozier on the libretto to the Benjamin Britten opera Billy Budd? E. M. Forster

Which dystopic BBC children’s drama of 1975 was adapted from a trilogy of books by Peter Dickinson? The Changes

What is the name given to the class 390 tilting trains used on the West Coast Main Line?


In biology, for what is RNA an abbreviation? Ribonucleic Acid

Which ancient Greek city led the Delian League when it was established in 478BC?


In which county is Tissington, where legend had it well dressing originated after the Black Death? Derbyshire

In which European country is a new President appointed annually? Switzerland

Who posed in a bath as the title subject of the Millais painting Ophelia?

Elizabeth (or Lizzie) Siddall

How many wings do the majority of earwigs have? Four

Which actor’s directorial debut was the 1993 film A Bronx Tale? Robert de Niro

In which 18th century work of literature do we encounter Squire Booby, who becomes the brother-in-law of the title character? Joseph Andrews (by Henry Fielding)

What are musophobes afraid of? Mice

Henri IV was the first King of France of which dynasty? Bourbon

What is the second largest island in the Scilly Isles? Tresco

How many players are there in a netball team? Seven

John Constable made several paintings of which English cathedral? Salisbury

How is Beethoven’s Piano Sonata Number 14 in C sharp minor better known?

Moonlight Sonata

C6H6 is the formula for which petrochemical? Benzene

Which writer’s first published adult novel, Jumping the Queue, came out in 1983 when the author was herself 71? Mary Wesley

Which horror actor was the star of both the 1953 film House of Wax and the 1960 film House of Usher? Vincent Price

In which city is Nick Clegg’s parliamentary constituency? Sheffield

Which fruit is used in the dish Sole Véronique? Grapes

Which shipping forecast area is bounded by German Bight to the south and South Utsire to the north Fisher

In economics, for what does PSBR stand? Public Sector Borrowing Requirement

What was the name of the spin doctor played by Peter Capaldi in the television series

The Thick of It? Malcolm Tucker

Which Cheshire town was immortalised in literature by Mrs Gaskell as Cranford?


What is the most populous city in Canada? Toronto

Most successful in the seventies, the bands Focus, Golden Earring and Pussycat were of what nationality? Dutch

Which American writer’s works include Gravity’s Rainbow and Mason & Dixon?

Thomas Pynchon

Which chemical element takes its name from the Greek for stench? Bromine

What breed of dog are President Obama’s pets Bo and Sunny? Portuguese Water Dog

In the UK, what is awarded when 600,000 singles or 300,000 albums are sold?

A platinum record

Heddlu is the Welsh name for what? The Police

Of what type of hill are there 221 of in Scotland? Corbett

Which is the northernmost whiskey distillery on the island of Ireland? (Old) Bushmills

Of the three major English composers to die in 1934, who was the youngest?

Gustav Holst (aged 59, Delius was 72 and Elgar 76)

What is the art of training and cutting plants into ornamental shapes called? Topiary

Who is to date the only woman to have won two Nobel Prizes?

Marie Curie (Physics in 1903 and Chemistry in 1911)

Who was the father of Richard II? Edward the Black prince

Who was the Roman equivalent of the Greek goddess Demeter? Ceres

For which Premiership rugby team does England captain Chris Robshaw play?


The Witch’s Curse is the alternative title for which Gilbert & Sullivan operetta?


The third holiest site in Islam, in which city can you find the al-Aqsa Mosque? Jerusalem

The main diet of the silkworm is the leaves of which tree? Mulberry

With which bird did Fleetwood Mac have a 1969 hit? Albatross

Which composer was the first to employ the Dodecaphonic Scale? Arnold Schoenburg

Buttercups belong to which genus of flowers? Ranuculus

What meat is at the base of the British meat loaf Haslet? Pork

Diekirch and Grevenmacher are two of the three districts of which European country, the third sharing its name with the county itself? Luxembourg

General Sir Ian Hamilton was the original Commander-in-Chief of Allied troops for which campaign for World War I? Galipolli

Which is the only of the Chronicles of Barsetshire to have a person’s name as the title?

Doctor Thorne

Who was the President of the Royal Academy who made a notorious attack on modern art at the Academy’s annual dinner in 1949? HRH The Princess Elizabeth

Where in the human body can you find Betz Cells? The Brain

Which hairstyle, where the hair is pulled back tight and tied in a bun or ponytail at the back, is named derogatorily after a London Borough? "A Croyden Facelift"

Which long distance path runs for 212 miles between Portpatrick and Cockburnspath?

Southern Upland Way

Which national daily newspaper is owned by twins David and Frederick Barclay?

Daily Telegraph

“Don’t you ever tell anybody anything. If you do, you start missing everybody” is the last line of which famous novel, first published in 1951? Catcher in the Rye<< New text box >>

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