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What do the initials HBOS stand for? Halifax Bank of Scotland
What do the initials IMF stand for?

International Monetary Fund
In which event does the winner receive a green jacket?

The US Masters Golf
Who anointed Soloman as king? Zadok the Priest
Which town in Cornwall has set up a graffiti wall? Wadebridge
Who composed the tune for "Hark the herald angels sing"? Mendelssohn
What is a Khaki Campbell?  A Duck
What is a "Green-veined White"? A Butterfly
The song "Blue is the colour" is sung by the supporters of which football club before matches? Chelsea
What is\the job of a "sommelier"?

Serving and advising on wine in a restaurant
What do Montreal, Helsinki, Atwerp & Seoul have in common?
All have hostyed the Summer Olypic Games
What is Britain's largest wild animal? The Red Deer
What colours are the flowers of deadly nightshade?

Purple with a yellow centre
"The shot that rang round the world" - where was it fired and what did it start?   "The shot heard around the world" was fired possibly accidentally, at Lexington, and it started the American War of Independence
Name the three fundamental states of matter. Liquid, Solid & Gas
For what film did Bing Crosby win an Oscar? Going my Way
What is the Italian for red? Rosso
Which is the coldest planet? Neptune
Who was the only Polish driver in the Formula One Grand Prix Championship in 2008   Robert Kubica
Which comesttible was called "white gold" in the 18th century? Sugar
The forerunner of what did Nathan Subblefield invest in 1908?
The mobile phone
What colour is the strip of Newcastle United F.C.?
Black & White Stripes (Hense "The Magpies")
What is the origin of "para" as in Paralympics?   Parallel Olympics
From wich port did the Pilgrim Fathers first set sail ?
Southampton, some joining them from Holland
There was a riot at the first performance of which ballet in 1914 ? The Rite of Spring
St.Antony of Padua intercedes on behalf of whom ?

Those who have lost something
Which prominent person has the middle name de Pfeffel ?

Boris Johnson
Which English city has a race course called The Roodee ? Chester
Greenmantle is the sequel to which famous novel ? The 39 Steps
What is the holy colour of Islam ? Green
Scousers (Liverpool), Cork Heads (I.O.W) but where do Swampies come from ?    The Isle of Sheppy
It was The Jockey Club. What is it now ?

The Horse Racing Authority
What do Bersaglieri wear on their heads ?

Large hats adorned with black flowers
What is Scrimshaw ? Objects carved by sailors from whale tusks
What is the more common name for Norway Lobsters ?

Dublin Bay prawns
Who was the second President of the United States ? John Adams
Red Dwarf Bay is on which British island ? Anglesey
Which was the first National park in the United States ?

Name the 4 Scottish cities with a Lord Provost ?
Dundee, Aberdeen, Edinburgh & Glasgow
Gervase Phinn's books are set in which part of England ?

The Yorkshire Dales
What is the everyday expression for paramnesia ? Deja-Vu
What is the American decoration for those wounded in combat ? The Purple Heart
Which country had an Orange Revolution ? Ukraine
"I'd climb the highest mountain" is based on a work by which classical composer ?  Humoresque, Opus 101, number 7 by Dvorak
Who is Yvette Cooper's politician husband ? Ed Balls
What is the 4th sign of the zodiac ? Cancer the Crab
What is an infinity pool ?
A swimming pool which, by an optical illusion appears to blend into the sea beyond
What is the common name for calcium oxide ? Quicklime
Which American President was assasinated in 1881 ?

James Garfield
In which seaside resort is he "Golden Mile" ? Blackpool
What is the trademark colour of Yves Klien ? Blue
What does Schwarzwald mean in English ? Black Forest
What is the chemical symbol for molybdenum ? MO
In a 'bear' market, share prices (a) rise or (b) fall or (c) remain stable ? Fall
If nicknamed 'Bluey' in Australia, what characteristic would you have ? Red Hair
How many people were in Noah's Ark ? 8
Which single stayed second longest in the UK Charts at 66 weeks ?
Amazing Grace by Judy Collins
Who said (in French) "God created water but man made wine" ? Victor Hugo
When is it unlawful to sound the horn of a car in Britain ?
Between the hours of 11.30pm and 7.30 am
Which of our national monuments includes "bluestones" ? Stonehenge
Which country's sporting colours are pale blue and white stripes ? Argentina
What is your "pinkie" ? Your little finger
Name the four universities in Edinburgh ?
Queen Margaret, Heriot-Watt, Edinburgh and Napier
Mount Ararat is in which present day country Turkey
Haarlems Dagblad is the oldest what in the world ?

Daily newspaper
Which important battle in British history was fought near the village of Braxton ? Flodden
What does EDF stand for, as in the energy supplier ?

Electricite de France
Which is the only city in the UK with whte telephone boxes ? Kingston-upon-Hull
Which EC city is known as "Golden......" Prague
What is the Carduelis chloris which is visiting birddfeeders in increasing numbers ? Greenfinch
What is the colour for 5 magpies in the rhyme ? Silver
What is colloquially as The Pink "un" ? The Financial Times
Blackpool Tower is how many feet in height 518ft
How would you obey a cockney who tolde you to "open your minces" ?    Open your eyes (mince pies)
Which capital city as the largest population ? Tokyo
Alum Bay on the Isle of Wight is famous for what ?

Multicoloured Sands
Describle the flag of Yorkshire A white rose on a blue background
In the spectrum, indigo comes between which two colours ?

Blue & Violet
Name the second greatest Briton (BBC poll) born in Portsmouth on 9th April 1806     Isambard Kingdom Brunel
A 10th wedding anniversary present is made of what ? Tin
What is the northernmost town in the USA ? Barrow, Alaska
We know Barbara Ann Deeks better by what name ?

Barbara Windsor
What is the origin of the expression "to spend a penny" ?
From the first public flush toilets at the Great Exhinition of 1851. Which cost a penny to use them
Why was the East Kent Regiment known as the Buffs ?
From the colour of the facings on their uniform.
"Suffolk Pink" for painting houses was originally made from what ? Ox Blood
What is the link between Flashman, Guy Burgess, the poet Shelley and Ann Robinson ?

All were expelled from an educational establishment
Who wrote The Black Tulip ? Alexander Dumas
Lord Winston specialises in which field of medicine ? Fertility (IVF)
What colour was made fashionable and famous by Shiaparelli ? Shocking Pink
What did New Yorker Thomas Sullivan accidently invent in 1908 ? The Tea Bag
Why is the anchor Birmingham's somewhat unlikely assay mark ?
From Crown & Anchor pub where lobbyists for assay mark outside London used to meet. (Sheffield got the crown)
What is the (illegal) ractice of "phishing" ?
Trying to obtain bank details over the phone in order to empty an account
Name the jazz composition by Barney Bigard and Duke Ellington first recorded in October 1930 ? Mood Indigo
Who painted Harmony in in Grey and Green ? Whistler
What is an "arc-en-ciel" ? Rainbow
Which American actors last words were "Well I'v played everything except a harp" (1954)? Lionel Barrymore
What was the phenomenally successful first album to be released on Virgin Records?   Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield
Who in Shakespeare was the hostess of the Boar’s Head Tavern in Eastcheap?   Mistress Nell Quickly
Who wrote a noted treatise, Basilikon Doron, on the art of government, to his son Henry, Prince of Wales?

King James Vi of Scotland (James I of Rngland)
Which journalist succeeded Michael Heseltine as MP for Henley? Boris Johnson
Which was the last Period of the Palaeozoic Era? Permian
Who wrote the posthumously published History of the Worthies of Britain?     Thomas Fuller
Which city was known to the Romans as Isca Dumnoniorum? Exeter
Who was the youthful botanist who accompanied Captain Cook in his voyage in the Endeavour?    Charles Darwin
Established in 1798, which is Britain’s most northerly whisky distillery?    Highland Park Distillary in Kiirkwall , Orkney
Who composed Dido and Aeneas, the first major British opera, in 1689?     Henry Purcell
Which famous actress failed in her first appearance at Drury Lane under Garrick in 1775? Sarah Siddons
Which architect died after being struck by a Barcelona tram? Antoni Gaudi
Who wrote the poem starting “O My Luve’s like a red, red rose”? Robert Burns
Epona was a Celtic goddess of which animal? Horses
Which film featured both Ronald Reagan and Joe Louis?

This is the Army (1943)
Which is the only “Lake” in the Lake District? Bassenthwaite Lake
In Jane Austen’s works, where did the Tilneys live?

Northanger Abbey
Who produced the series of drawings entitled “Los Caprichos”? Francisco Goya
Which moon of Jupiter is the most volcanically active body in the Solar System? Io
What is dendrophobia the fear of? Trees
Which river is the longest in Scotland? The Tay (188km 117 miles)
Which pub name is derived from the coat of arms of the Neville Earls of Warwick?    Bear and Ragged Staff
Which constituency of the Westminster Parliament has, at 106,305, the largest electorate? Isle of Wight
Why is the Jaragua Gecko, discovered in 2001 on Beata Island off the Dominican Republic, a creature of note?

It is the worlds smallest reptile
Who were the parents of John the Baptist? Zecharia and Elizabeth
What is the name given to Japanese poetry of 31 syllables? Tanka
What would you have if you suffered from dyspepsia? Indigestion
Appointed in 1626, Nicholas Lanier was the first man credited with holding which office?     Master of the Kings Music
Where is the Malaysian Grand Prix held? Kuala Lumpur
How were the United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing better known? The Shakers
What astronomical unit has a length of 3.26 light years? Parsec
What is the alternative name for the Battle of Otterburn?

Chevey Chase
Which metal is obtained from the mineral galena? Lead
Why were the Waverley Novels so called?

Named after Waverley, Sir Walter Scott's first novel
Which team were the first to retain the Football League Championship after World War II? Portsmouth (1947-8 & 1948-59)
Who played the Sergeant in Carry On Sergeant? William Hartnell
Who played British television’s first Robin Hood? Richard Greene
Which actor/comic/entertainer was transferred off H.M.S. Hood shortly before her final, fatal voyage?     Jon Pertwee
Which actor’s first work of fiction was entitled The Boy Who Kicked Pigs?    Tom Baker
The actress Sandra Dickinson was formerly married to which actor? Peter Davidson
Who first found fame as Paul Merroney in The Brothers?

Colin Baker
Who played The Monocled Mutineer on television? Paul McGann
A bench honouring which actor is to be found in Whitstable?

Peter Cushing
From where do Bagad bands come? Brittany
Which naval vessel, flagship of Admiral George Tryon, sank in 1893 when accidentally rammed by the flagship of his second in-command Admiral Alfred Markham?  HMS Victoria
Who was the first Caliph, holding that title from 632 to his death in 634? Abu Bakr
Which retired jockey became Chairman of Swindon Town in December 2001?   Willie Carson
Which composer’s works include Somerset Rhapsody, Egdom Heath and Hammersmith?    Gustav Holst
Which American state’s nickname is the “Show Me State”? Missouri
Which notable English nature poet died in the Battle of Arras in 1917? Edward Thomas
We all know that Ben Nevis is the highest peak in Britain, but which peak is the second highest at 4,295ft with a name derived from the Gaelic for “hill of the black pig”?   Ben Macdui
Jim, Sharon, Caroline and Andrea are siblings in a highly successful band. Which band?   The Corrs
Who is the unsettling child star of The Sixth Sense and Artificial Intelligence?   Hayley Joel Osment
Which poet and novelist was born in Portsmouth in 1828 and died in Dorking in 1909?    George Meredith
What would you be eating if you were served Ribes grossularia? Gooseberries
Who or what do the Scots call a Clootie? A Dumpling Cloth
Nicknamed “The Lion of Panjshir”, which Afghan warrior was assassinated in September 2001? Ahmed Shah Massod
Who wrote “Poetry is more philosophical and of higher value than history”? Aristotle
Vaughan Williams’ Fantasia on Greensleeves is actually based upon two old tunes. Greensleeves, obviously, is one, which folk song is the other? "Lovely Joan"
Which Scottish castle has been home to the chiefs of the Clan Macleod since the 13th Century? Dunvegan Castle
In what way did Miss Denise Darvali contribute to the making of history in 1967?     The worlds first heart transplant donor
Who is the only man to be President and Chief Justice of the United States?   William Howard Taft
How is The Company of Captain Frans Banning Cocq and Lieutenant Willem van Ruytenburch better known?

The Night Watch
For what were Count Floris V of Holland, Patrick, 7th Earl of Dunbar, William, Count of Vesci, Robert de Pinkeney, Roger de Mandeville and King Eric II of Norway, amongst others, competing in 1291?       The throne of Scotland
Palenque and Copán were major cities of which civilization? Mayan
A squab is the young of which creature? Pigeon
Which was the first labour performed by Heracles?

Kill the Nemean Lion
The length of a Compact Disc was set at 74 minutes because it meant that a specific work of music could fit continuously on it. Which work? Beethovens 9th Symphony
Beautiful, Knowing and Pleasures are perfumes from which house? Estee Lauder
In Dombey and Son, what is the name of the son? Paul
How many times did England beat Australia at Lord’s in the 20th Century?   Once (in 1934)
Azaleas are smaller variants of which flower? Rhododendron
In Greek mythology, what were Aello, Celene and Ocypete?

The Harpies
How were the Knights of St. Mary of the Germans better known? The Tuetonic Order
Which Robert Burns poem begins “Fair fa’ your honest, sonsie face”?     "Address to a Haggis"
Son of a miner, he was the doyen of Scottish accordionists, revered in Auchtermuchty where he lived. Knighted in 1999, he died the following year. Who was he?    Sir Jimmy Shand
In the new vehicle registration system, which letter denotes cars registered in Scotland? S
The second letter of the registration denotes in which place the car is registered. Scotland has five such places, can you name them?
Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen & Inverness
In naval slang, what is helioproctosis?
A condition where people believe the sun shines from their backsideas
Founded in 1912, what was Britain’s first air force?

The Royal Flying Corps
Which Abba hit refers to Glasgow in its lyrics? Super Trouper
Which Queen owned cows called Brunette and Blanchette?

Marie Anrionette
William Shatner’s first film role was in the only Hollywood film to be made in Esperanto. What was it called? Incubus
In which country is the highest waterfall in Europe?

Austria (The Krimml Falls)
In 1848 Victor Hugo abandoned the play he was working on, Twins, due to a fellow author writing his own version of a famous historical story. Which one?    Alexander Dumas

Australian Robert Fahey made history in 2001 by becoming the first man to win back-to-back Grand Slams in which sport?

Real Tennis
In what role were Ronnie Hazelhurst, Noel Kelehan and Harry Van Hoof long-standing contributors to the Eurovision Song Contest? Conductors
Which Scottish composer was Principal of the Royal Academy of Music from 1887 to 1924? Alexander McKenzie
Whose last words were “I guess you were right Wyatt. I can’t see a damn thing”?    Morgan Earp
Which society processes behind the Cross of St Piran?

Mabion or Mebion of Kernow
According to the old ‘saw’, by which six tokens may you well know all Cornish Men?     By Tre,Ros,Car,Lan,Pol and Pen
In which Cornish dungeon was George Fox the Quaker incarcerated?   Launceston Castle
Why cannot Prince William inherit the Dukedom of Cornwall while the Queen reigns?   Because he Dukedom is reserved, solely, for the Eldest Son of the Sovereign
Why is the ancient region of Armorica now called Brittany?
Because many West Britons fled from Cornwall and West Wales in the face of Saxon pressurein the 5th Century, only to return in the half-century of peace following the Celtic victory of Mons Badonicus in 496
Born Jean Chauvin in Normandy, by which name is this great religious reformer best known? John Calvin
Who was the original eponymous chauvinist?
Nicolas Chauvin, a 19th soldier devoted to Napoleon
Where is the province of Lothringen? Lorraine, France
What was settled by the Armistice of Brest-Litovsk?
The cessation of hostilities on Germany's Eastern front in 1918
What was the Polish ‘Miracle’ of the Vistula?
The defeat of the Russian army in 1920, by the Polish army under Marshall Pilsudski
Which was the great Imperial Russian Baltic naval base? Kronstadt
Which famous old Royal Navy battleship led the attack on Narvik in 1940? HMS Warspit
Who were the Allied Commanders at the siege of Sebastopol in the Crimean War?   Omar Pasha (Turkish) General Pelisser (French) Lord Raglan (British)
Which Russian author wrote that he “found the siege of Sebastopol most acceptable and agreeable to his literary pursuits”? Leo Tolstoy
Which first Lord of the Admiralty financed with naval money the development of the first British Battle Tank? Winston Churchill
What is the name of the much filmed breakwater at Lyme Regis? The Cobb
What ceremony takes place daily at the Menin Gate? The Last Post
Who is reputed to have said “When I die, what a great actor will be lost”? Nero
From which deity did the Julian dynasty claim descent? Venus
Which English King was married in Cyprus?

Richard I to Berengaria of Navarre
Who was the Roman Governor of Cyprus at the time of St Paul’s missionary visit?   Sergius Paulus
How many domes has St Mark’s in Venice? Five
What did Napoleon call the Piazza of St Mark’s?

"The largest drawing room in Europe"
From Venice to Vienna; in which pleasure park did Orson Welles take Joseph Cotten for a ride? The Prater on the Big Wheel
Which city is substituted for Vienna in the film ‘Amadeus’? Prague
Velma Valento; in which novel was this redhead sought by Moose Malloy?    Farewell, My Lovely
Which English (London) independent school did Raymond Chandler attend?    Dulwich College
Which comedians first sang “Underneath the Arches”?

Flanagan & Allen
What instrument do you associate with Fats Waller? Piano
Name the Spice Girls.
Melanie Chisholm, Melanie Brown, Emma Bunton, Victoria Addams and Gerri Halliwell
With which songs and singers did Britain first and most recently win the Eurovision Song Contest? Puppet on a String with Sandie Shaw and Love Shine a Light with Katrina and the Waves
In a symphony orchestra, where are the harpists situated?
Between the percussion and the clarinets
What sobriquet was given to the 19th century singer Jenny Lind?
"The Swedish Nightingale"
What single medical service and advantage did James Lind render to seamen, notably the British Navy, and what sobriquet did it engender? Indroduction of lime juice to prevent scurvy - hence "Limeys"
Who was the first man to accomplish a solo circumnavigation of the globe?    Captain Joshua Slocum 1895/98
Which fliers recorded the first non-refuelled aerial circumnavigation of the world? Jean Yeager & Dick Rutan in 1995
Who was the first pilot to have been recorded breaking the sound barrier?    Capt. Chuck Yeager USAF in a Bell XS-1, in 1947
What Mach number must be exceeded for flight to become hypersonic? Mach 5
What is an astronomical unit?
It equals the mean Sun to Earth distance of 149.6 million km
Who said “Space isn’t remote at all, it is only an hour’s drive away if your car could go straight up.”? Professor Fred Hoyle
What is the ultimate reading on the Richter scale? Twelve
Which clothing was “designed for the mining man”(advert)?

Levi Strauss Jeans
Which famous 19th century General favoured the “Garden Tomb” as the last resting place of Christ on Earth? Gordon (of Khartoum)
Who is generally accepted at being Christ’s ‘Beloved Disciple’? John, son of Zebedee
What traditionally are the names of the Three Wise Men? Balthazar, Caspar & Melchior
Whom did Wagner say was “the most stupendous person in all music”? J.S.Bach
Which firm of North Eastern engineers constructed the Sydney Harbour Bridge?  Dorman Long
What  form of activity is T’ai Chi? Meditation in Motion
What do the initials I.A.E.A. stand for?

International Atomic Energy Agency
What is the date of United Nations’ Day? 24th October
What is Edson Arantas do Nascimento’s ‘nom de guerre’!? Pele
When did Rugby Union football become a professional sport? 1996
The scene of his book ‘The Outdoor Pastime of an American Hunter’ (1905), in which state is the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, by the Little Missouri? North Dakota
Of which state is Bismarck the capital? North Dakota
Of which state is Salem the capital? Oregon
Which city is the capital of Belarus? Minsk
Which is the capital city of the Yemen? Sana'a
Who was the author of “Orkney Tapestry”? George MacKay Brown
In which naval battle did the 16-year-old boy gunner, Jack Cornwall, earn a posthumous VC? Jutland
Who was the only recipient of a bar to his VC in World War II? Charles Upham NZAC
After Coventry, which was the most badly bomb-damaged cathedral in the UK? Landaff
Who was the first woman to be consecrated Bishop in the Anglican Communion?
Barbara Harris as the Episcopal Bishop of Massachusetts in 1980
Which Parisian Club is particularly associated with the Can-Can? The Moulin Rouge
Which country retained the Jules Rimet Cup after winning it three times? Brazil
Which amateur Rowing Club received a large donation from the National Lottery, conditional upon its admission of women for membership? The Leander Club
In which year was the Berlin Wall constructed? 1961
Name two animal diseases eliminated by our quarantine laws in the last century?   Glander in Horses and Rabies in Dogs, Foxes etc
Who discovered penicillin? Sir Alexander Fleming in 1928
 Who was the innovator/inventor of the thermionic diode, the development of which ultimately made television possible?

Sir Ambrose Fleming in 1904
Who was the ‘father’ of fingerprinting? Sir Edward Richard Henry
Which Member of Parliament strove for 18 years to have his Bill to Abolish Capital Punishment passed into law by Parliament just before he died, in 1964?    Sidney Silverman
Who was the first woman to be called to the English Bar?

Ivy Williams in 1922
By whom is Whitaker’s Almanack now published?

H M Stationary Office
Which broadsheet was the first to publish a nude (in an advertisement for Fisons)?    The Times in March 1971 (The model was Viv Neves)
What is the science of ophresiology? The science of smell
Projected by ‘Yellow Pages’ and ‘Walking Fingers’, which author had runaway best-sellers with ‘Fly-fishing by ……’ and ‘…… Casts Again’? "J R Hartley"
What is ‘Glass’s Guide’? The trade price of second hand cars
Easily visible from the M6 motorway passing Lancaster, what is the Baroque-style monument to the West? Ashton's Memorial
In medicine, what do the letters I.D.D.M ?
Insulin Dependendent Diabetes Melitus
What socially communicable disease is caused by the organism, Treponema Pallida?    Syphillis
Which disease was colloquially, and diagnostically (helpfully) known as ‘Spotted Fever’?    Meningococcal Meningitis
Once bitten – once kidnapped, trapped and escaped – where did  Ronald Colman return in the film “Lost Horizon”? Shangri-La
What were the names of the gunboat in the ‘Yangtze Incident’? HMS Amathyst

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