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The Gallery ... continued

Two " Eggheads" enjoy a drink while watching "Eggheads"
The first meeting of the North East membership group

(L/R) Keith Scott, Christine Moorcroft, Magnus Magnusson, Indrani Hittiaratchi, Peter Strange,

Jim Hollingsworth.
Club stalwart Keith Scott..... portrait by club member Leo Stevenson
Never missing a Club function....Gavin's parents, Doug & Pat Fuller
Magnus and Arfor Wynn Hughes
L-R Arfor Wynn Hughes, Indrani Hittiaratchi & ???
Arfor Wynn Hughes & Magnus when smoking in public was allowed.
Annual function dinners....................can anyone provide the years ?
At SS Great Britain, Bristol 2001 L-R Michael Davidson, Leslie Grout, Gavin Fuller, Chris Hughes & Ray Ward
Arfor Hughes acts as barman in a BBC sponsored party.
Tony Dart a stalwart of the club and current editor of PASS, in "The Black Chair"
Tony Dart with "Sir Isaac Newton"

London members enjoy a drink in The Grape....September 1990
L-R Margery Elliot, Hazel Prowse, Paul Henderson, Kevin Ashman
Michael Davison, Tony Dart

Members visiting Peter Chittey's old haunts in Grimsby

L/R Philida Grantham, Stewart Cross. Kevin Ashman,

(the late) Patricia Owen, Margery Elliott, (the late) Keith Scott,

Tony Dart and (the late) Peter Chitty taking the photo.

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