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The Mastermind Club Website was launched on

Sunday 16th of October 2011.

A new version of the website was launched on the

28th of November 2016


At the 40th Anniversary dinner,  the Mastermind Club President Alan Blackburn announced his intention to stand down from the position, which he has held for 12 years. Alan was a founder member of the club and attended the very first function in 1978.


On behalf of the membership, may I thank Alan for his service to the club.


The Annual General meeting welcomed Gavin Fuller as the new President of the club after 19 years as secretary. Dr.Ken Emond will be taking over the role of Secretary. All other committee members remain in their present posts, with Kathryn Johnson joining the committee.

 QUIZ 2018

In a new inovation, I am now including the answers to the weekly quiz, at the same time I post the questions. They Q &A are still in seperate sections, so it will not spoil your enjoyment of trying to answer, without waiting for a week or more to find out the answer.

A new quiz by Mel on Famous Treaties and Agreements

has been added



If you would like to submit a set of questions, please email them to me at



I have now moved all the 2017 Questions and Answers to the General Archives

Former members.............. The committee of The Mastermind Club invite you tore-join the club. For details contact Gavin Fuller

The Mastermind Club group on Facebook has been deleted and a new group Mastermind Club 2014 created in its place. If you wish to join the group contact the administrator

Mel Kinsey

Your feedback on any aspect of the site is much appreciated.


The Committee of the Mastermind Club

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