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The Mastermind Club Website was launched on

Sunday 16th of October 2011.

A new version of the website was launched on the

28th of November 2016

Comments  will be very much appreciated.

Email details are listed in the "Contact us" section of the Website.


I have added to the website some more images of the Club's annual reunion in Hull. If any members have photos that they would like to share, please feel free to email them to me.

I have updated the data on the "hits" the website receives from around the world. This information is on the Website Statistics page

 QUIZ 2018

The answers to my Opera quiz

(Number 6)  are now on the website

Quiz number 7 is on Famous Albums and is available now


If you would like to submit a set of questions, please email them to me at

I have now moved all the questions from the Mastermind Club quizzes and the Weekly Quiz  to the General Question Archives

Former members.............. The committee of The Mastermind Club invite you tore-join the club. For details contact Gavin Fuller

The Mastermind Club group on Facebook has been deleted and a new group Mastermind Club 2014 created in its place. If you wish to join the group contact the administrator Mel Kinsey

Your feedback on any aspect of the site is much appreciated.


The Committee of the Mastermind Club

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