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       The Early Years - The First Committee & Function

Following the official formation of the club, officers were elected.

Naturally Charles Key was appointed as Founder-President. A baker from Dudley and contender in 1976, John Palmer Barnes was elected Vice-President with another 1976 contender, Maggie Garrett a hospital dietician as the first secretary.

A committee was formed, its members representing the eight regions of The United Kingdom into which Mastermind recordings were divided.

This committee was charged with drawing up a constitution, designing a club logo, identifying suitable charities and organising the first club reunion.

They also set a first subscription fee of £2 per annum.

The first committee meetings were held in Charles Key’s rambling, book lined house in East London

On 2nd September 1978, the fledgling club held an Inaugural dinner in the rather grand surroundings of The Café Royal on Regent Street.

The following day the Daily Telegraph reported on the event saying “the Mastermind Club is open to all those who have taken part in the ordeal and have survived with their sanity intact.”

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