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                  The Early Years - The Club Struggles

The fledgling club held its first annual function and AGM in September 1979. The venue being the BBC Television centre.

John George a 1978 contender was elected Vice-President with Bob Hesketh (1977) taking on the duties of treasurer.

Despite the enthusiasm of its beginning, the Club was already showing signs of stress. Charles Key was unable to attend, due to illness and Bill Wright was struggling against terminal illness . Charles Key died in August 1980, Bill Wright in September of the same year.

The second AGM and annual function was set for September 1980 in Bath. As only sixteen members and seven guests had booked and the clubs quorum was forty, the event was cancelled at the last minute.

An attempt to hold the 1980 AGM in November, also in Bath was scrapped, when there was insufficient interest from members

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