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                              The Club Prospers

Under Tony Dart’s steady chairmanship, the Club, continued to prosper.

Phillida Grantham, a dual contender in 1981 and 1995, took over a Secretary in 1991, bringing a meticulous organising ability to the post.

In 1989, Paul Henderson (1987) was appointed Treasurer and by 1997, when the programme ended, the Club’s assets had risen to almost £10,000.

With membership standing at a record 455 in 1992, Peter Chitty was appointed as Membership Secretary, a job he carried out with great enthusiasm and pride, not forgetting his meticulous system, until his death in 2011.

With the demise of the programme from television screens in 1997 serious thought was given as to whether the Club should continue. It was decided to do so, a decision vindicated when Mastermind returned, firstly on radio, then the Discovery Channel and finally back on BBC2, enabling a steady stream of new blood to replace those lost to the grim reaper or for other reasons.

In 1999 Gavin Fuller (Mastermind’s youngest-ever winner to date, in 1993) succeeded Phillida Grantham as Secretary and discovered an organisational flair he didn’t know he had to help steer the Club into the new Millennium.

After a record 14 years as President Tony Dart stepped down in 2004, to be succeeded by Craig Scott (1981) whose term was sadly cut short by cancer, to be succeeded in his turn by founder member Alan Blackburn (1975).

Paul Henderson took the drastic step of emigrating to New Zealand in 2005 to pass on the Treasurership, and Susan Leng (1997) stepped into his shoes as an able mistress of the finances.


Alan stepped down as President in 2018, with Gavin succeeding him; Ken Emond (1992) replacing Gavin as Secretary.

Still going strong in its fifth decade, with membership currently around 310, the Club is a unique testament to one of the ultimate quizzing experience

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