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                          The Early Years - Crisis

The club was now in dire straits. The committee did not meet between September 1980 and July 1981.

The clubs administration was creaking badly. New members were not being issued with membership cards, or receipts for their subscriptions. Members not renewing were still receiving copies of PASS, which had shrunk to ten pages.

In June 1981, John George as Acting President called a special committee meeting to try to get things back on an even keel.

Sheila Ramsden (1977) agreed to take on the editorship of PASS. Treasurer Bob Hesketh reported on the clubs accounts, which had never been audited and were in a perilous state.

The annual subscription was raised from £2 to £5 to help keep the club afloat

Club Secretary Maggie Garrett was unable to attend. Margery Elliott, a 1973 semi-finalist, taking over as Acting Secretary.

Margery took on the task of sorting out the membership records and correspondence, got the membership list in order and persuaded dozens of lapsed members to re-join.

All now depended on the 1981 AGM and annual function, to be held at Television Centre in September.

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