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                      The Early Years - Better Days

The 1981 AGM proved to be a turning point for the Club.

A new President was elected, Lance Hayward a 1976 contender, and a new Vice President, Gerald McKenzie, from the 1974 series.

Lance was very upbeat about the Club's prospects and there was a genuine feeling that it could go forward with confidence.

The Club seemed to be over the worst. Thanks to the efforts of Margery Elliott, now confirmed as Secretary, all was positive.

A slight hiccup, when the Treasurer, went missing, but not with the funds, was overcome and Margery stepped in as acting Treasurer, until the appointment of John Witherington assisted by Tony Dart, both contenders in 1981.

In 1983, Tony Dart took over as Treasurer, a pivotal moment in the Club’s history. Over the next seven years, until he was elected as President, Tony turned around the Clubs finances and fortunes in dramatic ways.

Gerald McKenzie succeeded Lance Haward as President in 1984, and for the next six years, the Club enjoyed an unparalleled period of stability.

Membership was growing, finances were in order and the annual functions were now very well attended, and making money.

In 1986, Margery Elliott was succeeded as Secretary by John Widdowson, a 1977 contender.

When Tony Dart was elected President at the 1990 AGM in Edinburgh. Membership stood at an all time high of 319 “Masterminders” Thanks to Tony’s stewardship, the accounts showed a cash balance in excess of £3000. As the Club entered the 1990’s it was almost unrecognisable from the ailing organisation it had been at the start of the decade.

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