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The 2012 reunion was held at The Dolphin Hotel. Southampton from 13th to 15th Apr
Magnum Winner: David Cowan

Mugnum Winner: Kevin Ashman

As Southampton was celebrating the centenary of the sinking of RMS Titanic over a weekend which coincided with a Club weekend, it seemed a good choice as a venue, and so it proved. The Dolphin Hotel's historical connections were of interest to many members, and Club functions were indeed held in the same room as Jane Austen's 18th birthday party; its not often you can get quite that sense of history! The hotel did the Club proud, with the staff's friendliness and and quality of food being particularly noticeable. A Titanic-themed tour was laid on on the Saturday morning, with one for the Janeites on the afternoon; both proved enjoyable and helpfully covered different areas of the city. The Magnum turned into a thrilling and enjoyable competition, with David Cowan much to his delight notching a second victory pipping Kathryn Johnson in the final. Kevin Ashman's astonishing 31 out of 40 in a Mugnum which many thought was far too hard was another noticeable performance. The weather may have not been quite as good as recent events, but the weekend was a hugely enjoyable event for all who attended.
Dinner in the Jane Austen Suite, Saturday night
Mel Kinsey presents the Mugum Trophy to Kevin Ashman
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