Mastermind Club
   Mastermind Club 
The 2009 Annual reunion weekend held on the 3rd to 5th of April,

at The Imperial Hotel, Blackpool.

Magnum Winner Pat Gibson

Mugnum Winner Mel Kinsey

Finding an affordable venue for the 2009 function proved to be a tricky affair, and after several options fell through organiser Gavin Fuller finally received a viable one from Blackpool, and the Committee decided to go for it. Unfortunately the choice of location proved less popular with the membership, and only 58 members and guests descended on the town for an early April weekend, initially sharing the Imperial Hotel with the cast and crew of the Antiques Roadshow. It was another function blessed by the weather, with only one cloudy morning breaking up the sunshine, which came out just while a group were at the top of the tower. Mysteriously not many members were to be found in the Pleasure Beach though! Pat Gibson joined the elite to have won both Mastermind and the Magnum after a hard-fought contest, and Mel Kinsey scoped his first Mugnum trophy. For many it proved to be a weekend of discovery at a place they might not otherwise have made the time to explore.
Barry Simmons, Geoff Thomas and Leo Stevenson
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