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The 2007 Annual reunion was held on the 20th to 22nd of April,

at The Liner Hotel, Liverpool.
Magnum Winner Kevin Ashman

Mugnum Winner Kevin Ashman

76 members and guests came to this nautically-themed hotel for a not-uneventful 2007 annual reunion, which even had ladies of the night leafletting the rooms whilst we were there! Longstanding member Philip Wharmby took an architectural tour round the city on the Saturday morning, whilst tours of Tate Liverpool and the World Museum/Walker Art Gallery were also arranged. Some members managed to wangle their way into the crypt of the Roman Catholic Cathedral, whilst Egghead Kevin managed to make a bus stop en route just so the driver could bow at his feet! Kevin achieved the unique feat so far of retaining both the Magnum and Mugnum titles, which saved him some embarrassment as he'd neglected to return them!

Mel Kinsey & Ken Emond
The Magnum Finalists
Saturday night in the Liner Bar.
Saturday Dinner in the Brittanic Suite
Pat Gibson, David Edwards and Kathryn Johnson
Leo Stevenson, Ken Emond and Ann Stevenson with one of Anthony Gormley's sculptures on Crosby Beach
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