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Mastermind Club Annual reunions 2005 to 2009


The 2005 Annual reunion was held on the 1st to 3rd of April, at
The Swallow Hotel, Gateshead.

The Great Magnus Magnusson, Christine Moorcroft

and Gavin Fuller, prepare for The Magnum Final

Magnum Winner Kevin Ashman

Mugnum Winner Robert Jones

                      Nina Richardson & Margaret Dart


The 2006 Annual reunion was held on the

 31st of March to 2nd of April, at

Maid's Head Hotel, Norwich.


Magnum Winner Kevin Ashman

Mugnum Winner Kevin Ashman

71 Members and guests attended in the historic Maid's Head Hotel for what would prove to be the last time our patron Magnus Magnusson attended the reunion. For a change he could sit back and enjoy proceedings on the Saturday night; Vice-President Tony Dart having been nominated to compere the Magnum quiz and finding the presence of the Master rather intimidating! To distinguish the post-Magnus Magnum Gavin had elected to play around with the format and introduced an audio-visual element which generally went down well, although Kathryn Johnson took a long time to forgive him for Emerson, Lake & Palmer's take on Janacek he inflicted on her! The new format didn't phase Kevin Ashman though, who sailed serenely on to yet another victory and the new trophy, a Quaich. Prior to that a guided tour had been arranged around the city on the Saturday morning, and a cathedral tour in the afternoon which proved so popular there needed to be two groups. With the weather generally fine it proved to be another enjoyable weekend for those present.

Kevin Ashman with the Magnum trophy

Two great pipe-smokers enjoy an after dinner puff...

Arfor Wyn Hughes and Magnus.


The 2007 Annual reunion was held on the

20th to 22nd of April,

at The Liner Hotel, Liverpool.

                      Magnum Winner Kevin Ashman

                      Mugnum Winner Kevin Ashman

76 members and guests came to this nautically-themed hotel for a not-uneventful 2007 annual reunion, which even had ladies of the night leafletting the rooms whilst we were there! Longstanding member Philip Wharmby took an architectural tour round the city on the Saturday morning, whilst tours of Tate Liverpool and the World Museum/Walker Art Gallery were also arranged. Some members managed to wangle their way into the crypt of the Roman Catholic Cathedral, whilst Egghead Kevin managed to make a bus stop en route just so the driver could bow at his feet! Kevin achieved the unique feat so far of retaining both the Magnum and Mugnum titles, which saved him some embarrassment as he'd neglected to return them!


Mel Kinsey & Ken Emond

The Magnum Finalists

Saturday night in the Liner Bar.

Saturday Dinner in the Brittanic Suite

Pat Gibson, David Edwards and Kathryn Johnson

Leo Stevenson, Ken Emond and Ann Stevenson with one of Anthony Gormley's sculptures on Crosby Beach


The 2008 Annual reunion was held on the 

4th to 6th of April, at

The Holiday Inn, Cardiff.

Magnum Winner David Cowen


Mugnum Winner Sonia Anderson


72 Members and guests were present for the Club's return to the capital of Wales, 16 years on. The city had changed somewhat in that time, thus rewarding a visit, and although the hotel that served as base of the weekend was the same, that had even undergone a name change! Whilst much of England shivered under snow, the weekend was generally blessed with good weather, with those on the fascinating Saturday afternoon tour of the Millennium Stadium more in danger of sunburn than anything else! To celebrate the Club's 30th birthday Friday night saw the Club descend upon Cardiff Castle for a rather eccentric Welsh banquet, with the Club Secretary being called upon to impersonate a bear during the retelling of a "folk tale", whilst Club pens were given away to those attending the Saturday dinner.

Members enjoy a medieval dinner, Cardiff Castle.

A hard-fought Magnum competition saw a Welsh winner as David Cowan upset Geoff Thomas by a single point in a thrilling final, and Sonia Anderson won her firth Mugnum title. Certainly a far from dull weekend was had.

Patricia Cowley, Wendy Forrester & Mary Gibson


The 2009 Annual reunion weekend was held on the 

3rd to 5th of April,

at The Imperial Hotel, Blackpool.

                           Magnum Winner Pat Gibson

                           Mugnum Winner Mel Kinsey

Finding an affordable venue for the 2009 function proved to be a tricky affair, and after several options fell through organiser Gavin Fuller finally received a viable one from Blackpool, and the Committee decided to go for it. Unfortunately the choice of location proved less popular with the membership, and only 58 members and guests descended on the town for an early April weekend, initially sharing the Imperial Hotel with the cast and crew of the Antiques Roadshow. It was another function blessed by the weather, with only one cloudy morning breaking up the sunshine, which came out just while a group were at the top of the tower. Mysteriously not many members were to be found in the Pleasure Beach though! Pat Gibson joined the elite to have won both Mastermind and the Magnum after a hard-fought contest, and Mel Kinsey scoped his first Mugnum trophy. For many it proved to be a weekend of discovery at a place they might not otherwise have made the time to explore.

Barry Simmons, Geoff Thomas and Leo Stevenson

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