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Annual functions 2000 to 2004


The 2000 Annual reunion was held on the 14th to 16th of April, at

                               The Crown & Mitre Hotel, Carlisle.

The 2000 reunion saw the administration of the weekends taken over by new management, as new Secretary Gavin Fuller had the daunting task of stepping into Phillida Grantham's very considerable shoes. Fortunately he had a lot of help from man on the spot Stewart Cross, who found the venues and made life considerable easiet for the new boy! The Crown and Mitre was bang in the city centre, which brought its challenges in finding the way to the car park, but proved very habdy for the weekend. Saturday saw a guided tour of the cathedral by one of its incumbents, and the main dinner was in the Tullie House Museum, with the lecture theatre making a useful venue for the Magnum. Magnus Magnusson being unable to attend this year, President Tony Dart had his own daunting task of standing in, but did a good job with a set of questions that the officials had to hurriedly put together when regular setter Gerald Mackenzie found himself unable to provide them. Despite trying for a new style, Peter Richardson emerged victorious for his fifth title. Kevin Ashman wrested the Mugnum crown back, and the Sunday afternoon saw a group outing to St Martin's, Brampton to see the Burne-Jones windows there, Lanercost Priory and Bewcastle church, where Phillida successfully infiltrated the local WI gathering! With most members never having been to the city before it was a genuine weekend of discovery which most there found highly enjoyable.

                         Magnum Winner Peter Richardson

                           Mugnum Winner Kevin Ashman

                 Members meet outside the hotel for a city tour

              Carlisle Castle Kevin Asman and ? in Carlisle Castle

                                  Members at Carlisle Cathedral

After dinner, seated on the left is Peter Massey, the original producer of "Mastermind" Tony Dart, Kevin Ashman, isobel Heward

                                Jean Burke and Peter Richardson

     Chris Pelly prays that Gerald McKenzie hasn't already read it,
                                   Sonia Anderson looks on...

Jean Burke & Gavin Fuller Peter Chitty & Chris Pelly

Ken Emond, Tony Dart and Philida Grantham

Magnum Final Question Team

Kevin Ashman receives Mugnum Trophy from Gavin Fuller

Gavin Fuller gives the secretary's report at the AGM.

L-R Gavin Fuller, Paul Henderson, Tony Dart, Dr. Gerald McKenzie & Craig Scott


Magnam Winner Gavin Fuller

Mugnum Winner Howard Pizzey

Magnum winner Gavin Fuller 

       & runner up Ken Emond           

Mugnum winner Howard Pizzey receives the trophy from

Peter Chittey

"The Allsorts" Philida Grantham, Ken Emond & Paul Henderson
team winners of the "Mugnum"

Magnus triumphs over "The Hobbledehoys"

             Constance Moore, Gavin Fuller and Michael Davison

(L/R) Paul Henderson, Kevin Ashman, Keith & Marga Scott

Magnus Magnusson,  Indrani Hittiaratchi & Arfor Wyn Hughes

Before boarding "S.S. Great Britain         Members in Bristol

AGM 2001: Committee L-R Gavin Fuller, Paul Henderson,

Tony Dart, Craig Scott, Gerald McKenzie & Peter Chitty


The 2002 Annual reunion was held on the 5th to 7th of April, at The Jury's Hotel, Glasgow.

The Allsorts" Mugnum team winners.
Philida Grantham, Ken Emond & Paul Henderson

Members embrace Scotland's national dress.

(L/R) Chris Hughes, Gavin Fuller. Magnus Magnusson,

Leo Stevenson, Ken Emond & Tony Dart.

Paul Henderson is behind Magnus


The 2003 Annual reunion was held on the 28th to 30th of March,

at Le Meridien Metropole Hotel, Leeds.

With this function the Club celebrated its silver anniversary but locating a suitable venue proved rather troublesome for Gavin and it took several attempts before Leeds emerged as a viable location. Saturday saw a tour of the city, whilst the gala evening dinner in the imposing King Henry Room was provided for all Club members attending at the Club's expense as a way of celebrating 25 years of existence, and perhaps not unsurprisingly saw more attending than have done since! Leo Stevenson's purchase of a sword from the Royal Armouries proved an effective tool for the Magnum officals to keep order, with Kevin Ashman wresting the title back in a thrilling final with Geoff Thomas. Wih the programme returning to television screens that year, the Club could look forward to many more anniversaries to come.

Magnum Winner Kevin Ashman

Mugnum Winner Helen Grayson

       Kevin Ashman & friend, Leo Stevenson, Tony Dart & Leo

The Northern group of the club before the Saturday dinner

Magnus and Afor share a joke


The 2004 Annual reunion was held on the 23rd to 25th of April, at

The Queens Hotel, Portsmouth.

Magnum Winner Geoff Thomas

Mugnum Winner David Edwards

After several years of going to the reunions and due to his responsibilities not actually seeing anything of the locations, organiser Gavin Fuller came up with the cunning plan of going to his home city, as he'd seen it all over the years and wouldn't miss out on visiting local attractions as a result! What he couldn't have foreseen was just how everything came together to make this on of the best of the reunions. Spring had been pretty poor weatherwise, but for the three days the Club was there the sun shone from dawn to dusk. The Queens Hotel offered arguably the best views of any Club weekend so far, which meant those with a sea view had an idyllic location to be. Friday night saw one of the most interesting venues for a buffet meal, as it was held on the Half Deck of the Victorian battleship HMS Warrior; Gavin being the ship's voluntary archivist at the time he gave a talk afterwards to put the ship in context. Saturday saw Gavin continue in tour guide mode, with a tour of the historic parts of Old Portsmouth and Southsea aided by his local knowledge.

?, Leslie Grout and Marga Scott      Paul Emerson. a rather cool                                                               Geoff Thomas  & Kevin Ashman

Members enjoy a city tour             Marga Scott & Kevin Ashman

Friday dinner aboard HMS Warrior
Members examine Portsmouth Rock Waiting for the AGM to start
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