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Annual Functions 1979 to 1989


September 1979. First annual function. Held at BBC Television Centre.

BBC Television Centre


The second reunion due to be held in Bath in September 1980. Was cancelled, due to only 16 members and 7 guests booked to attend.


The 3rd annual reunion was held at BBC Television Centre in September 1981

Magnum Winner : Kathryn Jones


The 1982 reunion was held at The Grand Hotel, Birmingham.

The Grand Hotel, Birmingham

Magnum Winner : Kathryn Jones

Mugnum Winner : David Flower

Club Trivia. The Grand Hotel was the venue for the last speech made in the UK by Malcolm X, before returning to the USA and assassination.


The 1983 reunion was held at International Students House and BBC Television Centre, London.


International Students House

Magnum Winner : Phyllis Hartnoll

Mugnum Winner : Sue Jenkins


The 1984 reunion was held at The University of York.

The University of York

Magnum Winner : Peter Richardson

Mugnum Winner : John Sykes


The 1985 reunion was held at The Ladbroke Hotel, Hampstead.

Magnum Winner : Peter Richardson

Mugnum Winner : Keith Bogle

                            Ladbroke Hotel (now The Brittania)


The 1986 reunion was held at The Lansdowne Grove Hotel, Bath.

Magnum Winner Kathryn Murton (Formerly Jones)

Mugnum Winner Sue Jenkins


The 1987 reunion was held at The Froebel Institute, Roehampton.

Magnum Winner Leslie Grout

Mugnum Winner Keith Bogle


1988 Annual reunion was held on the 9th & 10th of April, at Jesus College, Cambridge.

Magnum Winner Peter Richardson

Mugnum Winner David Blackman


1989 Annual reunion was held on the 1st & 2nd of April, at the Froebel Institute, Roehampton.

Magnum Winner Peter Richardson

Mugnum Winner Kevin Ashman

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