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 "The Magnum"

The common interest of all "Masterminders" is of course, quizzes.

So it was only natural that The Club should hold its own in-house quiz. A trophy was created and, originally being in the likeness of Magnus Magnusson, named "The Magnum" to be competed for at the Club's annual function.

The competition consists of two preliminary written rounds. These are published in PASS.

The nine top scorers present after the preliminary round then qualify for the "live" final, held after the annual dinner.

Until 2005 (with the exception of 2000) Magnus Magnusson acted as question master for the final. Then President Tony Dart stepped into the breach in 2000 and has carried out the questioning since 2006.

The questions for the final were set by Gerald MacKenzie until 2001 (except in 2000) and since then by Gavin Fuller

 "Magnum" Winners

1981   Kathryn Jones  
1982   Kathryn Jones  
1983   Phylis Hartnoll  
1984   Peter Richardson   
1985   Peter Richardson   

Kathryn Murton

(formerly Jones)

1987   Leslie Grout  
1988   Peter Richardson   
1989   Peter Richardson   
1990   Ivor Cooksey  
1991   Kevin Ashman  
1992   Kevin Ashman  
1993   Kevin Ashman  
1994   Kevin Ashman  
1995   Kathryn Johnson
(formerly Murton)
1996   Kevin Ashman  
1997   Kathryn Johnson  
1998   Geoff Thomas  
1999   Kevin Ashman  
2000   Peter Richardson  
2001   Gavin Fuller  
2002   Geoff Thomas  
2003   Kevin Ashman  
2004   Geoff Thomas  
2005   Kevin Ashman  
2006   Kevin Ashman  
2007   Kevin Ashman  
2008   David Cowan  
2009   Pat Gibson  
2010   Stewart Cross  
2011   Ann Hegerty  
2012   David Cowan  
2013   David Edwards  
2014   Ann Hegerty  
2015   David Cowan  
2016   David Taylor  
2017   David Porch  
2018   Kathryn Johnson  
2019   Isabelle Heward  
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