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         A gallery of members' photographs from  Annual functions

1984 to 1999

We have no photographs prior to 1984. If any members have any and would like them to be added to the collection, please email or send them to me.

York 1984

Magnus and members outside of the Yorvik Centre

L-R Magnus Magnusson, Hazel Prowse, Leslie Grout,

Sheila Ramsden, ?, Rick Green (Sorry I don't know the names of the other members) Tony Dart is on the extreme right.

(If anyone can identify the members featured, could you please email me the names)

Bath 1986

Club members in Royal Crescent

L/R Sue Edwards , Lance Haward, Chris Pelly

& Patricia Keaveney

Cambridge 1988

L-R Kevin Ashman, Christine Moorcroft, Eddie Cadden,

Keith Scott, Craig Scott, Morag Knox-Crawford

L-R Andrew Scott ,Morag Knox Crawford,

Christine Moorcroft, ??, Craig Scott, Kevin Ashman

Michael Davison

Names not known. anyone help?

London 1989

Magnum Winner Peter Richardson

Members peruse Mugnum questions

L-R Kevin Ashman,Ella Thompson, Phillida Grantham, ??,

Peter Chitty,??, Margery Elliott.

L-R Mike Sullivan Christene Moorcroft , Stewart Cross,

Kevin Ashman, Keith Scott.

London 1991

L-R Eddie Cadden, Keith Scott, Helen Grayson, Craig Scott,

Kevin Ashman, Christine Moorcroft.

Kevin Ashman with The Magnam Trophy.

Oxford 1999

A Mastermind Team takes on Oxford University's finest in a special University Challenge match

L/R Trevor Montague, Kevin Ashman, Gavin Fuller &

Peter Richardson

(Sub-titled in PASS by Craig Scott as

"The Oxford Moth Catching Competition)

Ken Emond, Glenys Davies and Michael Davison in the bowels of the Bodleian Library on our tour of the institution

London 1995

Preparing for the Magnum Final....Gerald McKenzie,

Magnus Magnussan and Dee Wallis

Kevin Ashman prepares to defend the Magnum title

Magnus Magnusson, Arfor Wynn Hughes and mystery lady Name ?

The 1995 AGM

L-R Peter Chitty, Paul Henderson, Philida Grantham, Tony Dart, Craig Scott

Harrow 1997

Two pipemen Arfor Wyn Hughes and Michael Forder

Magnuss and members

Kathryn Johnson receives the Magnum Trophy from

Nancy Wilkinson the first ever Mastermind Champion

Ladies at dinner..... ?,?, Sheila Ramsden, Kathryn Johnson, ? Eleanor McNair

Tony Dart addresses the membership with guests from the Mastermind production team and Magnus Magnussom

Dublin 1998

Members gather for a city tour

Don't think the Green lady is a club member

L-R ?, ?. Dr Gerald McKenzie, ? Tony Dart, Margaret Dart,

Patricia Owen

Ray Ward, Leo Stevenson and Chris Hughes

With cards of Leo's version of the painting 

"When did you last see your father"

The painting features members of the Mastermind Club and the BBC production team
with Magnus Magnusson as the inquisitor

The contenders prepare for the Magnum final

L-R Kevin Ashman, Gavin Fuller, ?,?, Geoff Thomas,

Norman Izzett, Peter Richardson,Leslie Grout, Eleanor McNair

Magnus and team prepare for the Magnum final.
L-R Dr.Gerald McKenzie, Magnus Magnussonn, Christene Moorcroft, Victoria McKenzie
Bob Jones is In the foreground

Oxford 1999

Members at (? venue) L-R Philda Grantham, Nina Richardson,

Ken Emond, Kevin Ashman, Gavin Fuller, Peter Richardson,

Keith Scott, Marga Munniksma,  Paul Henderson

Members at the Saturday evening formal dinner

Magnum finalists Kathryn Johnson, Trevor Montague,

Kevin Ashman, Leslie Grout, & Isabelle Heward

Magnum Finalists L-R Isabelle Heward,

Peter Richardson, Gavin Fuller, Kevin Ashman, 

Kathryn Johnson, Geoff Thomas

Magnus holding the Magnum trophy,wearing his
"Ludos non nisi sanguineus" "its only a bloody game" Sweater

Kevin Ashman won the Magnum Trophy for the 6th time

Members enjoy a drink. L-R Glenys Hopkins,

Kevin Ashman (hidden)
Philip Wharmby, Jean Cross, Peter Richardson,

Gavin Fuller, Stewart Cross

Members on a "Inspector Morse" tour of Oxford
L-R Nina Richardson, Paul Henderson,

Marga Munniksma,

Keith Scott, ?, Peter Todd , Ann Miller, Peter Chitty,

Philida Grantham, Guide, Kevin Ashman, ?

More from the city tour.

L-R Keith Scott. Nina Richardson, Marga Munniksma,

Philida Grantham, ?. ? , Guide, Peter Chitty,

Gavin Fuller, ?.?

Ann Miller, Kevin Ashman

L-R Glenys Hopkins, Magnus Magnusson, Sheila Ramsden

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