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                                           Mastermind Club Quiz

                                                       Number 7

                                    Questions set by Les Morrell

1. Which horse overtook Devon Loch after its famous stumble and went on to win the 1956 Grand National?

2. Who wrote the novel "Phantom of the Opera"?

3. Who invented "Scrabble" in 1938?

4. Which 1923 event was made possible by PC George Scorey with a little equine assistance?

5. Who had their only UK no. 1 in 1965 with "Concrete and Clay"

6. Which Governor of Victoria (2001-6) broke Roger Bannister's world mile record in 1954, 6 weeks after Bannister's epic run?

7. How many Archbishops of Canterbury have there been since the Norman Conquest?

8. Which ship sunk the "Belgrano" on 2nd May 1982?

9.Who was the first Labour Chancellor of the Exchequer?

10. Which Premier League football club can trace its roots back to St Domingo's Methodist Church in 1865?

11. What controversial death overcame Mr. Krook in Dickens' Bleak House?

12. At 163.4 mph set in 2012, who holds the record for the fastest recorded tennis serve?

13. At 2.5 miles length, what is England's shortest main river?

14. Who wrote "Cold Comfort Farm"?

15. How many GP wins did Michael Schumacher achieve in his career?

16. How many sonnets did Shakespeare write?

17. Which Australian Prime Minister was reported missing presumed drowned in 1966 and was never seen again?

18. Who led the British Expeditionary Force to Belgium and Northern France in 1914?

19. Which cleric's wife penned "Once in Royal David's City" and "All things Bright and Beautiful" amongst many other hymns?

20 Which sportsman won both an FA Cup Winner's Medal and a County Cricket championship medal in the same year in the 1960s?.

                                       Mastermind Club Quiz

                                                   Number 8

                                  Questions set by Maya Davis

1/ In which role was Colin Skipp replaced by David Troughton at the start of 2014?

2/ Feral (city) pigeons have inherited their predominant eye colour from their main wild ancestor. What colour are their eyes?

3/ In which European city would you find an opera house named after a financial institution?

4/Which city is the setting for the first act of The King of Barataria?

5/ Where in the USA would you find Six Grandfathers?

6/ In a work describing a fictional night-time journey, Dyrck (or, in some versions, Dirk) and two others travel between two European cities on an important mission. What are these two cities called now?

7/ Whose middle names were Theresa Philomena Aileen Mary Josephine Agnes Elsie Trilby?

8/ Where in Rome was Julius Caesar assassinated in 44BC?

9/ Which constellation, visible only in the Southern Hemisphere, contains the nearest star to our sun?

10/ Which pinnipede shares its less-common name with an item used in ceremonial religious clothing and a fictional detective?

11/ What name was given to a large hunting horn made from elephant tusk?

12/ In what key, indicated in the nickname used by orchestral musicians, is the British national anthem usually played by professional orchestras if they are not using printed parts?

13/ Which city gives its name to an item of clothing worn by horse-riders?

14/ Which scientific discovery is supposed to have its origin in a vision or dream of the mythical ourobouros?

15/ Which European city’s Gaelic name could be translated as Blackpool?

16/ Which English literary figure wrote a treatise on the Astrolabe?

17/ Under what name is Alfred Arnold Cocozza better-known?

18/ Which city, in a state bearing the name of the reigning monarch, was eventually named after the British politician William Lamb?

19/ What font was used for the first version of the Google logo?

20/ Strega is a strong Italian spirit – but what does the word actually mean?

                                      Mastermind Club Quiz

                                                   Number 9

                                Questions set by Paul Emerson

Paul has written this quiz based his home town off Hastings

1/ The Battle of Hastings was fought on which exact date?

2/ Hastings was one of the original Cinque Ports. The others included New Romney, Dover and Sandwich. Which port is missing?

3/ In the reign of Charles II the son of a Hastings clergyman played a major part in denouncing alleged Popish plots against the king. What was his name?

4/ The novel the Ragged –Trousered Philanthropists’ was based on the author`s experience as a house painter in England. What was the author`s name?

5/ Which famous Scottish inventor lived in Hastings for a short time in the 1920`s?

6/ Born Graham McPherson in January 1961 how is this singer songwriter better known?

7. What was the name of the Hastings entrepreneur and artist manager best known for the creator of the Pop Idol franchise?

8/ What is the name of the ITV wartime drama series set in Hastings?

9/ What was the name of the long distance footpath 163 miles long stretching from Gravesend to Hastings?

10/ What is the more common name of the writer and conservationist Archibald Belaney who was born in Hastings in 1888?

11/ In which year was Hastings Castle built?

12/ Amber Rudd is the Current MP for Hastings and Rye and is Secretary State for which Department? (As at 12/10/2015)

13/ Sharing its name with a European city which shipt sunk off Hastings in 1749?

14/ Hastings was incorporated as a borough in 1588. What important event in British history took place in that year?

15/ In October in Hastings the world championships of which sport take place?

                                       Mastermind Club Quiz

                                                 Number 10

                           Questions set by Emma McCarthy

1/ In which castle was Henry VII born?

2/ In which decade is Halley’s Comet due to appear next?

3/ Which driver is the only man to complete the Triple Crown of Motorsport of the Monaco Grand Prix, the Indy 500 and the Le Mans 24 Hour race?

4/ Which British Prime Minister was born in Canada and only held office for 211 days?

5/ How many Classics did Lester Piggott win?

6/ Which writer was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1958 but declined the prize because of pressure from his government?

7/ What is the last book of the Old Testament?

8/ What does the E stand for in the actor Richard E Grant’s name?

9/ Who played Dr Richard Kimble in the original TV series of “The Fugitive”?

10/ Dangermouse has been relaunched by the BBC this year, but who played Dangermouse and Penfold in the original series?

11/ Who was the captain of HMS Beagle, whilst Charles Darwin was its science officer, surveying the Galapagos Islands?

12/ How many “Enigma Variations” did Edward Elgar write?

13/ If feline means cat, what is the term for dove-like?

14/ The UK singles chart began in 1952, in which year did the album chart begin?

15/ In which year did the Space Shuttle “Challenger” explode shortly after launch?

                                        Mastermind Club Quiz

                                                  Number 11

                                 Questions set by Les Morrell

1/ Who was executed on 3rd April 1936 for the kidnap and murder of Charles Lindbergh Junior?

2/ What is the administrative capital of British Columbia?-

3/ What was the name of King George V's horse which trampled Emily Davison to death at the 1913 Derby?

4/ Who led the Labour Party from 1932-1935, immediately before Clement Attlee?

5/ Pica Pica is the Latin name of which creature?

6/ If the elements of the periodic table are listed alphabetically in English, which two elements would be first and last?

7/ Roots Hall is the home stadium of which Football League club?

8/ Which product was the subject of the UK's first TV ad on 22/9/55?

9/Colin Ball (fictional) is the real name of which TV sitcom character?-

10/ Who in 1927 was awarded the Orteig Prize(first offered in 1919) as a result of meeting the challenge set?

11/ What is the longest river in Scotland?

12/ At which London tube station were 173 people killed in a panic on a staircase on 3rd March 1943?

13/ Who wrote "The Playboy of the Western World"?

14/ What does HTML stand for?

15/ Which UK City has a rail station called Paragon?

                                   Mastermind Club Quiz

                                               Number 12
                               Questions set by Stewart Cross

1. Which Finnish composer wrote 'Cantus Arcticus' a work that features the sound of sea-birds throughout?

2. Who painted the Piccolomini frescoes in Sienna cathedral?

3. Which U.S.state is nicknamed the Nutmeg State?

4. What is the southernmost tip of the Shetlands called?

5. King of Saxony's, MacGregor's and Count Raggi's are species of which bird?

6. The Cohen Bros. film 'O Brother, Where Art Thou' is based on which classical work?

7. Who is Scotland's only Conservative M.P.?

8. Which French court painter to Marie Antoinette, fled France after the Revolution and settled in Russis?

9. Which classic American poem featured in a Halloween special on 'The Simpsons'?

10.What is the State Capital of Baden-Wurtemberg?

11.Which character in 'Barnaby Rudge' gave her name to a type of headgear?

12. 'Cabaret' is based on which 1945 work by Christopher Isherwood?

13. Which Ian McEwan novel opens with a tragic ballooning accident?

14. Which stately home, now run by the National Trust, was owned by the Curzon family?

15. Which tennis player was no.1 in the world rankings for 6 weeks in 1998 but never won a Grand Slam?

16. Who is credited with being the first man to climb Annapurna in 1950, before eventually becoming France's Minister for Sport?

17. Which huge work by El Greco is in the Chapel of San Tome in Toledo?

18. With a new version of 'War & Peace' due shortly on the BBC, who played Pierre Bezuhov in the 1972 offering?

19. Where in Sapin is the Tower of Hercules, the only surviving (much reconstructed) Roman lighthouse?

20. According to Hilaire Belloc, who 'ran away from his nurse and was eaten by a lion'?

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